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I was sleeping when I heard a voice "hey Joey can you wake up please." 
I opened my eyes and saw a young girl, with brown hair tied back in a pony tail looking down at me "hello" I said feeling very weird. 
"Mr. Logan told me to wake you up were about to eat." 
"Umm okay thanks." I said getting out of bed, and standing up. 
"He told me to bring you this" she said pointing at a duffel bag sitting on a chair by my desk. 
I walked towards the bag and she walked right through my wall and into the hallway, I opened the bag and she stuck her head back in my room, "oh yeah I forgot to tell you my names Kitty." she then walked back out not giving me enough time to say anything. In the bag there has a white t-shirt, it was nice it had a large blue X on the front and back that went from the shoulders to the bottom of the shirt. i took off my shirt and pulled this one on. there were also some matching workout pants and sneakers in the bag that i didnt bother put on. I went to my bath room and wet my hair and face I looked at my dark hair it was long and had grown to about three inches below my ears. I used my wet hand to push it back and went to go get my piercings they were always a pain to put on since i always healed over night. I put on the ear ones easy enough but the one on my lip made me bleed bad, I walked back into the restroom and rinsed my face one last time before walking out of my room. i headed to the back door witch was wide open i saw Logan by a grill and was about to walk to him when a guy and a girl walked to me the guy was a very clean and preppy looking guy he was wearing these dark red sunglasses. The girl was really pretty she had long red hair and looked very happy.  
"Hey sleeping beauty nice to have you join us," said the guy. 
I looked at him confused, "umm do I know you man." 
"Oh my bad my name is Scott, Scott Summers." 
"Nice to meet you Scott.. and your name is," I said turning to look at the girl. 
"My name is Jean Gray nice to meet you Joey," she said 
She and Scott walked away, I headed to Logan, "whats going on Logan." 
He turned to look at me, "you like the shirt kid." 
"It's okay, but its not really my style." 
"Did you have any nightmares." he said in a serious tone. 
"not really, it was mostly like I was just watching a very graphic show on discovery channel."
"Good, thats good," he said. 
"Um what are you making" I said looking at the grill. 
"It's steak, what you've never had steak." 
"Umm no I've actually never eaten meat," I told him kinda embarrassed. 
"Well then you're in for a treat" he said.  
I spotted Laura she was sitting under a tree, I wondered why she wasn't sitting with everyone else by the large pick nett table. "So Logan whats up with Laura." 
"Don't take it personal kid, you just remind us of some one we used to know." 
"Wow he must have been a real bad dude if it makes here dislike me so much.. but then again he couldnt have been to bad since he doesnt seem to bother you." 
"Ha you'd be surprised Joe, now go to the table I'm just about done here." 
I walked to the table where every one was sitting, I sat down by Evan and Kurt and saw Logan signal Laura and they both came to the table. Logan passed the steaks around, I couldn't believe how good it tasted but after the second bite there was a sharp pain in my mouth it went away after a second, afterwards though eating the steak was alot easier. I must have eaten have eaten four before Jean and gray said that they would meet all of us in the Danger room in two hours.  

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Good job, once again. As usual, your post is a shining light in the fanfic forum.  
Try adding more punctuation to your sentences, it would make them easier to read and would add a lot of dimension to the writing.  
But I like the exchanges between Logan, Laura, and Joe, Laura's burning dislike of him and Logan's almost paternal nuances. Well done capturing that aspect of him.  
btw, my 9th chapter just went up if you're interested. 

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@Project_Worm: (Same old gripe about grammar...meh) Nice little filler, character build up this chapter, a getting to know you. And there's Laura with her grudge...big reveal on the horizon