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We got to the school about thirty minutes later it was way different than i had imagined, it hardly even looked like a school it was just a huge mansion. Laura was the first off the jet then Ororo I stood up and saw Evan walk toward me.  
"Hey Joe I'm Evan" he said and stuck his hand out shook it and he laughed. 
I think he was gonna say something but then Logan came and said, "hey Evan how bout you go show Joey his room." 
I looked at Logan I had never been called Joey before. 
Evan nudged me with his elbow and said "come on man lets go." 
I Followed Evan into the mansion there was a sign by the door that said Xavier's school for gifted students. I smiled when Evan opened the door it was amazing the place looked so fancy I walked in the walls were painted a light brown it made the place feel warm and the light fixtures on the wall added an almost medieval fell to the place. The house was quiet but it made sense it was the middle of the night after all. I walked towards the steps then there was a small cloud of smoke and out of no where popped this blue elf looking guy, I swung at him and he easily dodged it. 
He walked back up to me and said "sorry to startle you friend.. my name is Kurt Wagner but you can call me Nightcrawler."
"Umm Nightcrawler like the worm, uh well nice to meet you man," I said confused. 
"Yes like the worm" he said with a huge smile on his face. 
"Oh cool well my name is Joe," i said confused of why he would want to be called that. 
"okay but what is your mutant name." 
"Im afraid i don't have one of those Kurt." i still felt kinda weird of calling him Nightcrawler even though he seemed to like it. 
"Oh how about.." he started talking then Evan interrupted "hey man how about we let Joey get to his room hes gonna need the rest for tomorrow. 
"Oh yea" he said than  disappeared.  
Evan and I headed off to my room the i asked "wait whats going on tomorrow." 
"Thats a surprise man," he said grinning  
We got to my room and I asked Evan "wait so whats your mutant name." 
"Syphon" he said than he pushed me into my room, "now get to sleep man." 
I closed the door and looked around my room was clean real clean, the walls where dark the where covered in fancy wood and there was a lamp at the corner of the room it was bright enough to light my room but it still looked dim. I saw that there was a door near the foot of my bed I opened it and behind was a bathroom, i turned on the sink and rinsed my mouth with the water. I walked towards my bed i took my lip and two ear piercings off and placed them on my night stand. I layed down the bed was the most comfortable thing I had ever been on. Within seconds i was out. 
For all you fans of X-Men Evolution yes I changed Evans powers and name I figured there was enough people with pointy body parts in my story, plus i thought they would be better since he is storms nephew.

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LOL! Pointy body parts. . . . Well done!

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@Project_Worm: Asides from the grammatical errors (lack of commas & punctuation) this is progressing along fine