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I walked beside my father down the lonely road he walked fast and kept looking forward, almost as if I wasn't there.  

"You're gonna have to train if you plan on fighting Logan." he said quietly. 

"Yeah right I would of killed you if you hadn't told me everything." I said smiling broadly. 

He chuckled and said, "you got lucky, caught me off guard, it would happen to anyone."  

"Yeah okay.." I said sarcastically. 

Just then without warning he shoved his long finger nails into my gut, I coughed blood and he pulled my hair back roughly before slamming my head down on the wet asphalt. I felt my nose break and he let go of my hair stood up straight before stomping on my back heavily, and it was blatantly obvious he wasn't holding back. I let out a low moan, and he laughed before kicking me and making me roll over twice before landing on my side. He walked up to me and pushed my head with his foot toying with me, I tried to slap his foot away, but he grabbed my arm and snapped it easily. the rest of my body had almost if not already healed, which put extra emphasis on the already fierce pain in my fore arm. I rolled over on my back and grabbed my broken arm trying to pop it back in place so it would heal, when my father stomped ferociously down on my face breaking my nose for the second time in the last ten minutes. 

"What do you got to say now runt!" He roared wildly.

 "I get the point," I spit out almost whispering.  

He laughed before running his tongue over his teeth. He pulled me up by my hair, put his arm around me and threw me back down before walking away slowly. Momentarily forgetting about my broken arm I tried to catch myself worsening my torn arm. That’s how it basically was for the next few weeks any lesson my father tried to teach me consisted of him beating it into me. Regardless it worked I had never fealt so good in my life I could actually fight now not only go by rage and instinct. After about two months I felt like I was ready to face Logan, so me and my father made a plan I would head back to the mansion and he would use one of his telepathic friends to keep in touch with me. I went to the mansion the morning after the plan was set and as expected everyone was excited to see me.

Jean opened the door when I knocked and even though I knew she had used her powers to sense that I was on the other side, wich reminded me that i would have to keep my mind clear of the plan. 

"Hey Joe your back!" she said as she threw her arms around me. 

Kurt popped out next and shook my hands as he led me inside, the tall guy with long black hair that I had nearly killed last time I was here was standing just inside of the door.

"Did you find him?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yeah, but lets no talk about that now. I also just realized that I never apologized." I said taking a step forward.

"No, its okay you were angry i understand."

"No, its not okay i might have been pissed but thats not an excuse for what I did. I should have thought I mean you were in the mansion for a reason, but i let my emotions get the best of me."

"Well in that case, I except you apology" he said finally talking like a normal person.

"Hey so umm what is your name?"

"Dan, my name is Dan"

I started to get some small talk going when i caught a familiar sent in the air. I turned towards the living room and saw Laura standing there I took a step to her, and she ran at me and hugged me hard. For a few seconds surrounded by all my friends i almost didn't want to do what I was sent here to do , then just as Laura's sent a new one flew into the room. I let her go and took an angry step towards Logan, but caught myself before I made it obvious.  

"So how did it go?" Logan asked.

"I couldnt do it."

"Its okay, your mom didnt raise you that way."

"No, I mean i couldn't do it, i wanted to but I couldn't, he was to strong to fast, he was to much."

Everyone but Laura left the room i guess they could tell that is was getting pretty deep. I looked at Logan i wanted to rip his guts out and beat him to death and to be honest i think I would have tried if Laura wasn't there. Regardless I didn't know how long i was going to be able to hold out.


Woot woot! finally done... I mean with this chapter... obviously, tell me what you think. :)

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Nice chapter. Good dialogue and plenty of emotion.

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Awesomestic, great chapter!

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What ever happened to this..???

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@Project_Worm: Where's chapter 1?

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@sentryssj4: I gave up on it... Was lame an really badly thought out.

@batkevin74: Honestly reading this would be a waste of time... But if you still want it... Here ya go!