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Rated T for Teen

Appropriate for readers 12 and over. May contain mild violence, language, and/or suggestive themes.

Check out these tales of terror and read if you dare. And there will be more chills to come.

Note- These scary tales will not have an ending but to let readers think what's going to happen next.

The Woods

Tim: Hey John, what's up?

John: Oh nothin much.

Tim: ok, why are you alone in this woods?

John: well, remember those people who got killed in this very spot.

Tim: You mean the campers?

John: Yeah, I feel sorry for them.

Tim: yeah, me too.

John: The police haven't found out who the real killer is.

Tim: Yeah, I wish they would catch him right now.

John: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Tim: I bet you anything the killer could be in this woods.

John: Yeah, he could be anywhere. It'll be hard to find him.

Tim: hmmmmm, you know what?

John: What?

Tim: We'll go and find this killer.

John: ok

Tim: Yeah, so we can get our reward. I heard it was $10,000.

John: Yeah, but they don't know who it is. How we will know if someone is the real killer?

Tim: Well if that someone is trying to attack us, we'll think of something to catch him.

John: Hmmmm, I see where you are going at this.

Tim: Yeah, once we catch him, then report to the police and then, Bang! we'll get the reward.

John: Sweet man.

Tim: yeah

John: ok then lets go.

Tim: ok

John: Look, there's a house over there.

Tim: Hmmmm, the killer must be in there. Let's go and check.

John: ok

Tim: Man, this place gives me the creeps.

John: yeah, spooky.

Tim: Hey! Look at this axe. Its covered in dried blood.

John: I see.

Tim: I wonder who could use this kind of axe.

John: Well, it could be anyone. It could be me.

Tim: What?

John: It's true, buddy. I used that axe.

The Hitchhiker

Husband: Huh! what a night. I could use some coffee. Don't you think?

Wife: yeah. Its a long way home.

Husband: Wait! I think I can see someone.

Wife: who honey?

Husband: I don't know. It must be some hitchhiker.

Wife: Honey, you are not thinking what I am thinking.

Husband: Come on honey, its a lonely man wandering outside. Besides you know how alone he is.

Wife: well yeah, I understand but......

Husband: Look, we pick him up and drop him somewhere ok. I think there's a gas station nearby.

Wife: ok honey, just this once.

Husband: Hi stranger, need a lift?

Hitchhiker: yeah sure. Thanks!

Husband: No problem, hop in.

Hitchhiker: Man, its so cold out here.

Husband: yeah I know.

Hitchhiker: This must be your wife. I guess.

Husband: yeah.

Wife: Hi, how are you?

Hitchhiker: oh I'm fine.

Husband: so what's your name?

Hitchhiker: It's Bradley. Just call me Brad.

Husband: ok, Brad. Where you are planning to stay?

Hitchhiker: Well, I was thinking of staying near the gas station.

Wife: ok, what are you planning to do next?

Hitchhiker: I'll think of something. yeah.

Husband: Oh crap! I think the cop saw us.

Wife: oh great, you went over the speed limit.

Husband: Is there a problem, officer?

Cop: yeah, I just want to know where you folks heading to at this time of night.

Wife: oh, we were just heading home.

Husband: yeah, we found this hitchhiker who's at the back now. So we are going to drop him off near the gas station first.

Cop: Hitchhiker at the backseat?

Husband: yeah

Cop: Well, I don't see any hitchhiker in the backseat.

Wife: What? but officer, we found him standing on the highway.

Cop: Look folks, you better get home ok. Besides there's no hitchhiker at this time of night.

Husband: ok

5 minutes later

Wife: Honey, we just saw a guy and the cop didn't believe us.

Husband: I don't what to believe. I'm sure that we haven't drank too much wine back at that greek restaurant.

Wife: yeah

Husband: Huh! some night.

Wife: yeah

Husband: Honey, I think saw a man standing on the highway.

Wife: oh no its.... Brad..... again?

The Call

rnnnnnng rnnnnnnnnnng

Sally: hello?

Bob: hey honey, how are you?

Sally: Bob, what is it this time?

Bob: oh nothing, I just wanna talk.

Sally: yeah, we have been over this. Besides its over between you and me.

Bob: Look, I know things didn't work out for us. But I wanna talk, that's all.

Sally: Bob, I found someone. ok

Bob: I know you told me. But I just wanna be friends, that's all.

Sally: ok, what is it you want?

Bob: well, if its ok with you that I can come over.

Sally: I don't know. I'm about to sleep. Besides, its late.

Bob: I know. But you see I don't need to come. right?

Sally: What do you mean?

Bob: oh honey, I'm right behind you.

Dead Man Walking

Gravedigger 1: Have you ever wonder if corpses will come back alive at this very moment?

Gravedigger 2: Why do you think that?

Gravedigger 1: Oh, I heard there was a person who came back from the dead.

Gravedigger 2: Really?

Gravedigger 1: yeah, have you heard of Lazarus?

Gravedigger 2: yeah, Lazarus was brought back from the dead by Jesus.

Gravedigger 1: yeah, that's right.

Gravedigger 2: Are you talkin' about Lazarus? The one you heard of?

Gravedigger 1: no

Gravedigger 2: then, whom are you talkin about?

Gravedigger 1: Me

Gravedigger 2: You? What?

Gravedigger 1: yeah, I'm already dead buddy.


Teacher: It's a fine day, isn't it?

Student: yeah, I guess it is.

Teacher: You sure know trouble, kid.

Student: Mister, how long this detention will take?

Teacher: As much as you behave, young man.

Student: Bummer!

Teacher: How about a game? Since it's only you and me. To pass the time.

Student: ok.

Teacher: ok, let's play hangman!

Student: sure.

Teacher: I just put 15 letter words in a sentence on the board and you have to guess it. If you get this right, you can go.

Student: ok

Teacher: Do your best.

Student: ok, sure

Teacher: Take your time, young man.

15 minutes later

Student: Hmmmm, it's You Will Be Hanged?

Teacher: That's right. You got it.

One hour later

Police: What actually happened here?

Teacher: I just don't know. I.... I.... just put him to detention so that..... that...... he can behave. I'm so sorry. I was in the washroom and.... and.....

Police: ok, calm down. Everything will be fine. You just relax. ok.

Teacher: ok

Police: So what do you think, detective?

Detective: I would definitely say it's a suicide.

Police: Man, I feel sorry for his parents.

Detective: yeah, me too.

One week later.

Student 2: Mister, how long will this detention take?

Teacher: As much as you behave, young man.

Student 2: Bummer!

Teacher: How about a game? Since it's only you and me. To pass the time.

Student 2: ok.

Teacher: ok, let's play crossword puzzle!

The Ward

Patient: Please! Help me! Someone! They're here! Help!

Doctor: Nurse, have you noticed any reaction that this patient made before?

Nurse: No, doctor. I never seen him anything like this.

Doctor: Well, I have to say his delusions may affect his family. It's much worse than we've expected.

Nurse 2: Doctor, his wife is waiting for him.

Doctor: ok, I'll be back to check the patient.

Wife: Doctor, Is everything ok with him?

Doctor: I'm sorry to say this but he's having hallucinations lately.

Wife: What?

Doctor: It seems to me that ever since he lost his job, he stressed out. So I guess his delusions could have to do something with it. Plus, he's getting sick.

Wife: oh dear. But what he is seeing that is not there?

Doctor: He claims to be seeing demons or monsters as you would say. But don't worry we'll treat him well.

Wife: ok, I just hope he's all right. Just tell my husband that I'll be seeing him in a week or so. Doctor, thank you for everything.

Doctor: Your welcome, Miss. Anytime, bye.

Wife: bye.

Doctor: Well nurse, how is the patient?

Nurse: He's still not well.

Doctor: I see. Well I guess we have to do something about that.

Nurse: ok. What about the other patients?

Doctor: Don't worry, we need these patients to keep us alive.

Death Cycle

Dave: John, Johhhnnnnnn!

John: Huh? Dave? Is that you? I must be dreaming.

Dave: Johhhnnn! Please help meeeeeee!

John: Wait, Dave. I.... I'll come out.

Dave: Bro. You have to help me.

John: This can't be true. You're dead. You.....

Dave: I know it's hard to explain. But you got to help me. He's after me.

John: Hold on. Who's after you?

Dave: Look, I was killed by some guy who was riding his bicycle. He rode me over.

John: What? He rode you over?

Dave: Yes, now he's riding me over and over again. Please help me, bro.

John: Dave. I......

Dave: Watch out! He's here! He's behind you!

Ring! Ring! Rinnnnnng!

John: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Two months later

John: Christie! Chrissssstie!

Christie: Huh! John? Is that you?

John: Christie. Please help us. Chrisssstie!

Knock Knock

Jack: Knock Knock!

Jane: Who's there?

Jack: It's Jack!

Jane: Jack who?

Jack: Jack The Ripper!

Jane: Jack, come on. I'm getting tired of this game. Besides, it's getting too old for me.

Jack: I think you're scared of this game.

Jane: First of all, it's not a game. It's a joke. Come on. Let's play something else.

Jack: ok, sure.

The next day......

Knock Knock!

Jane: Jack! Not again. Didn't I tell you not to....... Ahhhhhhhh!

50 years later.

Janet: Excuse me, old man. This is my house you're standing at.

Jack: Oh. Uh sorry. I just want to stand here with my friend.

Janet: Your friend?

Jack: yeah. She was killed here at this very spot. I used to play with her.

Janet: Look here, old man. This is no time for spookiness. I have to go. Would you please leave?

Jack: oh ok. Cough. Cough. She was a fine young girl. I tell you.

Janet: yeah whatever. Beat it.

Two hours later

Knock Knock!

Janet: Who's there?

It's Jack!


Luke: Hello! Helllooooo! Anyone here!

Clank! Thud!

James: Hey, you there!

Luke: Oh finally, I found someone. I have been looking for everyone.

James: yeah me too.

Luke: By the way, where is everyone? What's happened here?

James: Are you from another planet or something?

Luke: Actually, I think I was in a coma for one year.

James: Whoah there. One year! You missed everything what's happened here, pal.

Luke: Look, what just happened here? I want to know.

James: Well, there was a nuclear fallout. Must have wiped out everything in its path.

Luke: I see. Man, that's bad.

James: Your'e telling me.

Luke: We have to find the other survivors. They must be still alive.

James: I dunno pal. But it sure looks to me that no one will be there or anywhere for that matter.

Luke: Come on, let's find them. What's your name?

James: Name's James.

Luke: ok, James. I'm Luke. Let's go.

James: I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for days.

Luke: Don't worry pal. There must be a store nearby. We can find food there.

James: Oh man. I'm so hungry.

Luke: Calm down, ok. We'll go to the store to find some food.

James: No, I have to eat now. I want to eat......

Luke: ok! ok! What is it you want to eat?


Phantom Car

Nick: Hey, have you heard of a story called the Phantom Car?

Steve: Oh that. That was a legend.

Nick: yeah, I bet the car will come to this road. Grandpa told me.

Steve: I'm sure he told you a lot of stories. A ghost driving a car. Yeah, sure.

Nick: Oh come on. Don't you believe me?

Steve: well, I have to see it to believe it.

Nick: You know what your problem is? You just don't want to.......

Beep! Beep! Beeeeep!


Nick: Ahhhhhhh! eh? what?

Steve: What the heck just happened? That car just passed us.

Nick: That was a phantom car. Awesome!

Steve: That..... That..... was? It can't be.

Nick: See, I told you.

Steve: ok! ok! what do we do now?

Nick: Well, since I have a camera. We can just wait for it's next arrival. Grandpa says the car keeps coming through this road in the night.

Steve: How can you be sure?

Nick: Haven't you heard the news lately? This road has been closed down for construction. No cars are coming here. At first, I thought that was a real car there. Phew! What was I thinking?

Steve: Huh, you and your wild theories.

Nick: It's not a theory anymore, Steve. You've just seen it.

Steve: ok, take the camera. Let's just capture it and get back home.

NIck: ok, here it comes.


Two hours later....

Police Officer 1: Mister, are you ok?

Driver: Huh? What? Where am I?

Police Officer 1: You're in the road for construction, mister. Didn't you hear the news?

Driver: Uh? what news?

Police Officer 2: It looks like he's drunk.

Police Officer 1: yeah, you're telling me. Wait till we get him to jail, we'll tell him what just happened here.

Police Officer 2: yeah. Man, these kids. I feel sorry for their parents. I just wish the kids would listen to news these days.

Police Officer 1: yeah, you're right about that.


2012 A.D.

Businessman: Miss, have you checked the entire security of this corporation?

Secretary: Yes, I did what you asked

Businessman: Good, this world needs a better man. You know that.

Secretary: Yes, I know sir.

Businessman: It's sad to see the entire world in chaos. Everything is in ruins. But we'll fix that.

Secretary: yeah, these times are getting bad.

Businessman: Who would ever predicted the end of the world? I guess you would say he's right.

Secretary: Who's right?

Businessman: My friend. He's a Christian. He knew the day would happen for all of us.

Secretary: You mean this year.

Businessman: Yes, this year. But according to his theory, a mysterious man have arrived this year. My friend claimed that he's Antichrist.

Secretary: Antichrist?

Businessman: Yes, a pure evil being of death and destruction.

Secretary: You mean this Antichrist caused all this?

Businessman: You could say that.

Secretary: Sorry, sir. It's just that I'm not that religious and believe in all these things.

Businessman: Oh yes, you will. In time.

Secretary: So where's your friend?

Businessman: He's dead.

Secretary: Dead? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?

Businessman: Well, the Antichrist killed him.

Secretary: But sir? How would you know?

Businessman: Because I was there.

Secretary: You were there?

Businessman: Yes, I'm the one who.......


Businessman: What's that?

Secretary: Oh no. That must be the terrorists who are attacking this building. They have bombs. We must do something about it.

Businessman: Don't worry, miss. I'll take care of them. Besides, I'm the most powerful man than anyone could imagine.

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cool man these were kinda creepy they would be better if they had endings though

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Thanks. These scary stories were meant for readers to wonder what will happen next. That's why I didn't include endings.
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Nice really nice. The first and the last were a bit predictable but I truly enjoyed the read please Pm if you ever right more.

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@The Impersonator:  
oh well there were good anyways :^D
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really liked the last one, you should have somebody make these into comics.

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@Dr_Columbo: Thanks for the read. I'll be updating more stories. Check them out any time.
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is it wrong that a laughed at most of these....I'M SORRY I THOUGHT THE ENDINGS WERE FUNNY YET CREEPY!

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@primepower53:  Yeah, you could say it's funny though besides being creepy.  But if you think about it, it's actually scary and you want to know what's going to happen next. It's like if I knew and was involved in that situation, I'll have goosebumps. A scary thought. 
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@The Impersonator said: 
@primepower53:  Yeah, you could say it's funny though besides being creepy.  But if you think about it, it's actually scary and you want to know what's going to happen next. It's like if I knew and was involved in that situation, I'll have goosebumps. A scary thought. 
This has been true since the beginning of days... :o)
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Wow that was scary! Warn me next time ;)

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@badazz said:

Wow that was scary! Warn me next time ;)

Thanks. I will. :)