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I thought "Sky Games" fit my story better than the title "Ambition". So here it is, feel free to comment on what you liked and didn't. This is an original super hero story based on my OC Claire. This is the complete episode 1. She will get super powers eventually.

“Confrontation” (episode 1)

Claire was early for her appointment, indeed she was always at least 20 minutes early for all appointments. But this appointment was no ordinary one, although it was to be held at an ordinary place. Recently her life had taken a dip, like someone had ran up and punched her out of the blue. She had a job two days ago, working as an accountant for a car dealership. That all changed when her boss showed her video footage of her consuming alcohol in the break room. The only problem was...Claire was not in the break room. She had gone to her favorite restaurant for lunch. Why anyone, let alone a drop dead look-alike would frame her was incomprehensible. But she was dead set on finding out.

Earlier she had learned from her boss that her look-alike actually said something rather telling while she was there, “Tell Claire that if she wants to talk, meet me at the Hilton Hotel. Saturday at 3pm. You got that? Write it down and hand it to her for me please?” she told the clerk.

The clerk thought she was merely joking, and gave an odd stare as 'Claire' went straight to the break room holding the bottle.

So now the real Claire was walking in the parking lot, and not alone either. Flanking her on both sides was her tall brother on one side, and her father on the other. She had no reason to trust whoever she was going to meet, so she brought protection. Inside the hotel lobby they sat down on a plush sofa. Only 5 minutes to go. They were all dressed in business attire; she wore a sky blue shirt with a grey suit and pants. Her hair was shoulder length and light blond naturally; the envy of many women. She was pretty by society standards and more than a few men had tried to date her. However she was too busy to ever get involved with anyone for long. Her parents made sure of that, last thing they wanted was for her to get a baby before she could support herself. In so doing, they created a girl who became skilled in various ways by the time she was 19. By then she had her pilot's license and could play the violin like a pro, as well as dance ballet. Getting another job was a concern, but not something she was especially worried about; she could always fall back on her office skills if nothing else.

The reason she showed up was more a matter of principle. No one had the right to impersonate her, no one had the right to humiliate her, who does that mess anyway? How dare they!

The time was up. Exactly at 3pm and no one had showed. Whoever it was...being punctual was not one of their strong points. A few seconds later a familiar figure walked up to the entrance of the lobby...it was her look-alike! She wore a yellow business suit, an odd choice for Claire. The look-alike walked up straight to the cashier, not even noticing Claire as she began booking a room. Immediately Claire and her family got up and approached her from behind.

The clerk's eyebrows perked up, “Uh, miss, you might want to look behind you.”

The look-alike turned about to see Claire, her tall brother, and her muscular but older father. Her face went red, “I uh...didn't expect you to be here.”

Claire's anger turned to curiosity, this was certainly going to be something she could tell her grandchildren about if she ever had any. “Two questions.” she said pointing at her, “Who are you? And why? Why did you impersonate me?”

There was a pause of silence as the twin's eyes moved back and forth, “I---I will tell you, just let me finish here.” With that she turned about to face the clerk once more.

Claire turned her neck, looking at her father curiously, “Dad?”

He was perplexed, “You were the only girl I ever had, this...this is just incredible.”

Her brother smirked, “Wish I had a twin...under different circumstances of course, not like yours of course.” he said apologetically.

The look-alike turned round again and was smiling this time, “Come with me to the tables over there, we'll talk.” her hands beckoned toward the restaurant area in the hotel. She glanced at Claire as the four of them walked together, “How did you find me?”

“You told me to meet you here...why are you impersonating me?”

The twin's face reddened again, “I did no such thing, I've only been her for...oh you wouldn't understand anyway.” she said with a frown. She reached into her purse for something and stopped.

“Who are you?” said Claire.

The twin produced a shiny marble size ball from her purse and said “That is none of your concern.” In a swift motion she flung it to the floor, which caused a big puff of white smoke. Claire's eyes and nose felt a burning sensation. She quickly got away from the smoke and spotted her twin making her way for the entrance. She was trying her best to get away, which is quite a feat when one is wearing high heels. She slowed to remove her shoes, and then reached in her purse as Claire's brother rushed towards her.

“Get back! I'm warning you, this one is not gas, it's a lot worse.” she held up another shiny ball pellet, looking at them all.

Unbeknown to her, Claire's father was an ex-soldier. He drew a gun he had concealed in his jacket, “Back off Jack.” he told his son, who was surprised to see a gun pointed in his direction. Jack did so, leaving his dad to face the mysterious evil twin. The twin immediately ran through the doors, barefoot and sprinting across the parking lot.

Claire's face was reddened and her eyes were welling up. She grabbed her cell phone and began dialing 911 while her brother gazed outside. The father kept his gun trained on the entrance, not wanting whoever the twin was to harm his family.

Claire looked to be having considerable difficulty with her phone, “Damn it! Give me your phone please Jack, this won't work.” He passed her his phone and she tried dialing again...it didn't work.

At that moment a loud booming sound roared across the parking lot. “What in the world was that?!” cried Claire.

From Jack's vantage point he could see smoke emanating from the parking lot, something was on fire, a car likely. “I think a car blew up...this is crazy Claire, down right crazy.”

“Get away from the door!” cried the father, “Quick, go take cover, we don't know what's out there.”

“What about you?”

“Don't worry about me. I'll catch up, worry about your sister.”

Jack grabbed his sister by the arm and took shelter behind a corner wall, exposed just enough to watch his father in the lobby. The clerk was behind the counter attempting to call the police, to no avail.

The situation was more than Jack could've imagined. When Claire had told him about the look-alike he thought she was joking.

The father was backing away slowly from the lobby when the floor started to shake. Was it an earthquake? Claire and her family could only hope for such...it wasn't.

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Not bad! There were a couple of errors but the language overall ran smoothly. One critique that I have is that I think you might have ended this chapter too soon. It would have been nice if Claire got some clue as to where to go next, rather than just cutting off at the most exciting moment. There's been a lot of improvement with your organization in this chapter. Despite a few flaws, I think it's the best work you've published so far for this story.

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Yep, I plan to only post after I complete an episode. They won't be long because let's face it, who likes to read long stuff nowadays?

For those of you who don't know, aliens are involved in the storyline. Superheroes and aliens do tend to go together I think, given how they both are fiction. Also there are reasons why characters act like they do, it has to do with their personalities and what their objectives are.

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This is an ongoing story, feel free to comment on what you liked and what you did not. I love criticism. It only makes me a better writer LOL.

Episode Two: Motives Pt 1

The twin reached her car finally, getting inside and turning the keys. She sighed in relief as the car started up, and was about to shift out of park when she heard movement behind her. Instinctively she turned her head and saw her...it was another twin. She had a sly grin and was pointing a gun at her, while she wore a pullover gray sweater and jeans.

“ Hands up” the twin promptly raised her arms “ah, you must be Zan. Tell me...who hired you?

The twin's eyes widened in fear, “Am I under arrest?”

The casual dressed one laughed and said matter of factly, “Yes you are, but that will ALL change if you answer my questions sweetie.”

“Ok..” Zan nervously held back the urge to run and said “Loren, seed 67 of the Orson tree.”

The casual twin's eyes sparked with a wild excitement as soon as she heard the name. “Really? Well this is just..awesome. Freaking awesome.” She began to giggle even as she took a small remote device from her jean pocket. She pressed it and a loud booming explosion occurred in the parking lot.

“What was that?” said Zan.

“Claire's car. I'm pretty good at this aren't I?”

“Your not an officer.”

“Right. I'm taking over though, you can A: Join me, or B: Stay here...your choice. What do you say Zan?”

The thought of being stuck on an alien planet was more frightening than taking her chances with a rogue. At least they were of the same species.

To be continued...