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Life is pointless. Life is meaningless. I looked at the walls of the asylum earlier today and came to this realization. My name is not important, not yet. I was sent to this hellhole by my teachers, they said I had an extreme panic attack persuaded my parents to put me here. They let me rot in this place for the next ten years, if I remember correctly(I loose track of time). All this nonsense changed later on today.

"Patient 9001, please step out of your room" said the nurse. I walk out and followed her to the place we call the "room". Normally the room is used on extreme patient cases, they test them with military technology. They strapped me in a chair and placed random tubes all around me. Next thing I know this black substance is around my body and then I blacked out.

My eyes open, everybody in the room is dead. I look at the small mirror on the wall. I look Spiderman when he had that black costume! It was at this point that I realized my life was not worthless. I finally have a purpose. My purpose is to punish the wicked. I am the Sinister Spiderman!

I punched a hole through the wall and swung through it. The city of New York was underneath me. It was like a childhood dream come true. I jumped onto a building and stuck to it. It was the greatest thing ever! It took me a couple hours to get used to my powers. It took a few more to find my first victims. These victims were gang members of a minor gang. They were robbing the Welsher Bank. To my eyes it looked like they killed a man. Let the show begin.

I jump through the window closest to the one who killed the banker. Bullets flew in every direction. I jumped onto the young killer. The fear in his eyes gave me a rush of enjoyment. I reached my hand around his neck. My hand went up and his head came clean off. The other three punks stopped shooting and were frozen with fear. I rushes to the one on the far right. I swung my fist toward him and it went straight through his body. Blood ran down his his body. My arm was stained a crimson red.

I used my webbing to pull the one on the left towards me. He flew straight into my grasp. I grab his shoulders and began to pull. He screams, slowly getting louder with each pull. I pulled one last time and he was ripped in two. Organs and blood ran all across the floor. The last one stood in place and began to beg. "Spare me man! I got a wife and kid" he said . I began to walk closer and closer. He grabbed out his wallet. He pulled out a picture."See this is my wife and my three year old daughter Joan" he said in voice that made it sound like he was crying. Once I got up to him, he began to cry. "Please I was only doing it to help them" he said.

I decided to show him mercy. I snapped his neck. It was not as brutal as the other three, I consider that mercy. "Citizens you may go back to your bank needs" I said. They all remained on the floor and looked at me with horror. They might not like my methods, but I saved their lives. I swung my way out of the bank, basking in the sunlight. Life just got better.

Meanwhile in Washington DC. A military general watched a television screen. "As you can see our Venom symbiote clone was a great success" he said. "Yes this man might prove useful to us in the future" said a shadowy figure.

I do not own any of this. Each character and location belong to their respective owners.

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@joeagentofhand1 said:

Life is pointless. Life is meaningless. I looked at the walls of the asylum earlier today and came to this realization.

Excellent opening lines. Very good. My only question/critique is would he call himself the Sinister Spider-Man? I get when Peter calls himself Amazing or Spectacular but Sinister? It's still very good and you should write some more

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@batkevin74:Thanks, but this isn't Peter this is some new guy. His identity will be shown sometime after this current story arc(so after the fourth issue) and his backstory involves Peter. I am about to post issue two(I honestly think it is way better than issue 1 by miles).

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@joeagentofhand1: Oh I got that it was a new guy and not Peter parker, but was just questioning whether he would call himself the Sinister Spider-Man? Sure the title of the book is Sinister, he may do sinister things but would he call himself that, was my question?

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@batkevin74: Oh sorry about that. He knows killing is a sin and knows he is going to hell, but as long as he makes the world around him better he is fine with it.

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@joeagentofhand1: No worries. It's a cool idea with the US military taking the Venom symbiote to the next level, integrated into a useful tool with military applications but starting him off as a vigilante. Good work