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Anti Sharpshot's Penthouse, Several hours after the last issue...

"You need to explain yourself Davis!" Batman said as he stood outside the apartment's window.

"Look... he's an alternate version of me... he can't go home so I thought I'd-" Anti Sharpshot started to say.

"No. You thought wrong. You should've told us about him. Now he's out there ruining what the public thinks of us! Gunning down super villains! Crippling Tactic! It's because of HIM that the rest of C.O.D got away!"

"Now that doesn't really seem fa-"

"What are you going to do about him?!"

"...I don't know."

Batman frowned (If that was even possible) as he walked over to the Penthouse's balcony.

"Whatever you do Callum... I hope you make the right choice..."

Batman jumped off the side of the building before quickly firing his grapple hook into the side of another building and zooming off. Anti Sharpshot sighed before sitting down.

"I hope so too..."


The Batcave

"You know... this isn't the first time I've been in the cave."


"Yeah. See... in my world my version of Superman was an evil dictator who kidnapped Orphan children and had Batman train them in the Batcave to infiltrate and destroy rebel forces."

"...I'm sorry who are you?"

"My name's Sharpshot. You?"


"Really? I think you died in my dimension. Either that or you joined the rebels who've probably been wiped out by now."


"Pretzel?" Sharpshot asked as he offered his bowl of pretzels over.

"No thanks."

"Hey I was wondering if you were doing anything this Friday?"

"...you do know I'm lesbian right?"

"...That explains the clothing!"

"What the hell does that mean?!"


Sharpshot and Batwoman both looked up towards the Cave Entrance to see Batman returning.

"You're free to go."

"Awesome!" Sharpshot said as he stood up and walked past Batman. "Thanks boss!"

Batman quickly turned and grabbed Sharpshot by the scruff of his costume.

"I want you to know something. WHEN you mess up badly and I do mean WHEN. I'll be ready for you..."

Batman let Sharpshot go, followed by a quick salute before Sharpshot turned to leave.

"Awesome! Peace later!"

Batman sighed and walked down the staircase into the cave. Batwoman sat uncomfortably in her chair.

"That guy's got issues..." She muttered.


Back at the Penthouse...


"...you just answered your own question..." Anti Sharpshot muttered. "It only lasted one season. However it got a feature movie made about it and a few dozen graphic novels. Why? Are you saying in your dimension it's still going on?"

"Yep! It lasted about 5 seasons before Whedon got that whole Superhero gig thing."

"...How did it last that long?"

"Whedon signed with Paramount."

"Oh. What about Dollhouse?"

"What's Dollhouse?"

"...I know what we're doing!"


"This show is awesome!" Sharpshot yelled. "...why does every show Whedon make get cancelled?"

"Because Fox are idiots." Anti yelled from the kitchen.

"Probably. Wanna talk about it?"

Anti Sharpshot casually walked over. His hands were hidden behind his back.

"No. All I want to talk about... is how sorry I am."

"For what?"

Anti Sharpshot quickly pulled his hands from behind his back revealing a pistol in his hands. He quickly put it right into Sharpshot's face.

"For killing you. That's why I'm sorry."

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Awesome job...Didn't know Batwoman was lesbian...Always thought that Typhoid Mary would be a great love interest for Sharpshot, if ever a crossover were possible.

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