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All Characters used belong to Marvel Comics. Rated T for Violence and Themes.


Sentry #2: the Void in All of Us


NOTE: The Sentry in this series is slightly younger than his previous appearances; his Rebirth in Issue 1 has returned him to a slimmer physique and shorter haircut, as seen in his first series, and has de-aged him to around 28 years old.


Page 1:


Panel 1/


(Right hand side view of a man in a black coat, standing before a headstone with a bouquet of flowers in his right hand. It’s raining heavily, and the day is very overcast.)

CAP: It is said that the true measure of a man’s worth is the company he keeps.

Panel 2/

(Closer, but still same angle shot of the man now kneeling before the headstone and laying the bouquet down in front of it.)

CAP: So if a man keeps no company...

Panel 3/

(Zoomed forward further, man leans forward and kisses the headstone.)

Panel 4/

(Side on view of a blurred image of the man soaring toward the sky.)

CAP: ... Is he by definition...

Panel 5/

(Front-on view of the headstone. “LINDY LEE; the Devil Himself Could Not Corrupt This Angel” is written on it.)

CAP: ...Worthless?


Page 2:

Panel 1/

(Reed Richards, adorned in an all-black variation of his standard FF outfit, is surveying the Lab. A shadow should be covering most of his head, with just his mouth visible.)

CAP: Baxter Building. Headquarters of the Future Foundation, formerly known as the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards’ Laboratory.

REED: How very strange. I was pulled into this place, and now...nothing. There seems to be nothing of particular merit here either way. And yet, for some reason; everything is different.

Panel 2/

(Sue enters the Lab as Reed is continuing to look around. The perspective is from behind Sue.)

SUE: Reed, honey, I need you in the living ro- Why are you dressed like that?

Panel 3/

(Reed turns around to look directly at Sue. For the first time, we see him properly; “Reed’s” eyes lack pupils, and his hair lacks Reed’s tradition white/silver stripe.)


Panel 4/

(Focus on Sue. She has a concerned expression on her face, and her hands are each encased in a telekinetic bubble. )

SUE: Reed..? What’s wrong with you?

REED: Hello, Susan. Care to help me with something?


Page 3:

Panel 1/

(Reed is lunging toward with his arms outstretched Sue who fires a telekinetic burst toward him.)

Panel 2/

(Reed’s body expands around the blast as he grabs Sue around the neck.)

REED: Come on, Sue. That hardly seems fair. The first chance I get to finally do something with my life, and you try to ruin it!

Panel 3/

(Reed contorts himself in a variety of positions to dodge Sue’s blasts)

Panel 4/

(The fight continues, though Reed is almost on top of Sue.)

Panel 5/

(Reed completely wraps himself around Sue in a tight-fitting formation.)

REED: Just calm down, stop breathing, and go to sleep.

SUE: Mmph!


Page 4/


(Sue creates a barrier extending from her and pushes “Reed” off of her. But the perspective shows that despite “Reed” no longer remaining in physical contact with her, he’s remained in a tight spherical formation with himself. There is no light entering the “sphere” so Sue should only be visible in terms of creating a scene.)

SUE: How could you stay intact after that?

REED: I’m not like your husband, Sue. I don’t use energy, I don’t have limits. I just am. Do you know what it’s like to be a prisoner in your own body? To watch your hands move despite telling them to do something else!?


Page 5:

Panel 1/

(Sue collapses to the ground, unconscious, as Reed returns to his normal state.)

REED: It’s Hell, Sue. I’m married to a woman I’ve never truly met. I have children I know nothing about. I hear them speak, and I see them move, but I know that it’s not what’s really going through their minds. It’s Hell.

Panel 2/

(Front on shot as “Reed” is carrying Sue in his arms)

REED: I’m tired of it Susan, and once I find out what pulled me here. I’m going to bring my world with me, and we can live for the first time.

Panel 3/

(Side view as “Reed” lays Sue down on a table and kisses her.)

REED: It only feels right that I get to kiss the woman I’ve lived with for decades.

Panel 4/

(Back shot of “Reed” leaving the Lab)

REED: “Always on my mind...mmm, mmm, always on myyyyy mind...”


Page 6:

Panel 1/

(A clearly deranged man is holding a child hostage in a restaurant, pointing the gun at the kid’s head. The child is crying.)

CAP: 12:42 PM, Mike’s Deli, Brooklyn.

THUG: Say goodbye, son, but don’t worry, I’m saving you from a terrible world.

Panel 2/

(Close up on the Thug’s finger squeezing the trigger.)

CAP: 12:43:15 PM.

Panel 3/

 (Thug’s finger is bent around on itself. The gun’s barrel is twisted to a right angle.)

CAP: 12:43:16.

Panel 4/

(Front on shot of a young girl, approximately 17 years old, standing on the edge of a building, she has tears in her eyes.)

Panel 5/

(Same shot of the girl, only rather than standing on the edge of the building, she’s standing in front of it, on the sidewalk. She has a look of shock on her face.)


Page 7:

Panel 1/

(Show Robert walking down the street, he’s wearing a white shirt, with a yellow jacket over the top, and blue jeans.  He is visible amongst the crowd. Bob’s physique is slender, but muscular, as in his first appearance. He should always look unassuming.)

CAP: My name is Robert Reynolds. For the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable saying that.

Panel 2/

(Side shot of Robert walking past an alley where a man in being assaulted by a thug with a crowbar.)

CAP: A lot has changed in my life. The Void is gone.

Panel 3/

(The victim’s perspective of a thug’s armed being grabbed by a hand in a yellow sleeve, implying Robert has donned his Sentry outfit.)

Panel 4/

(Show thug’s horrified expression, his face is bathed in a bright light).

Panel 5/

(Side on view of the thug flying into the wall.)

Panel 6/

(Victim’s perspective as Robert’s glowing hand is extended in his direction)

ROBERT: Come on, you’re safe now.


Page 8:


(Side on view of Robert, in his civilian attire is shaking the man’s hand. The unconscious thug is visible in the background).

VICTIM: Thank you so much. I thought he was going to kill me.

ROBERT: It’s nothing, really. Just lucky I was around.

CAP: I have no interest in being a superhero. I just want to help people. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you don’t need tights and a cape to help people.


Page 9:

Panel 1/

(Robert is flying through the sky.)

CAP: Still, before I can really move forward, there’s someone I need to talk to.

Panel 2/

(Exterior shot of Utopia)

CAP: Utopia; Mutant Nation.

Panel 3/

(Front angular view of Rogue standing on the beach and looking out at the water, Magneto is walking toward her from the background.)

MAGNETO: Rogue, I feel we should talk.

ROGUE: Not now, Erik.

Panel 4/

(Rogue and Magneto are visible in the distance; their backs are directed at the audience. A pair of shoes are visibly hovering in the air, from which the shot is taken.)

MAGNETO: We will have to discuss it some time, my dear.

ROGUE: Ah said not now, Erik. And don’t call me “your dear”. It sounds wei- wait...”

 Panel 5/

(Magneto and Rogue spin around quickly to see Bob approaching them, a warm smile on his face.)

MAGNETO: Who are you?


Page 10:

Panel 1/

(Magneto is threatening Robert, holding his hands out toward him. Classic scary-pose Magneto stuff. Rogue just has a curious look on her face.)

MAGNETO: I asked you a question. Who are you, and how did you get to Utopia?

ROBERT: I apologise for interrupting, but I’d like to speak to Rogue for a moment.

Panel 2/

(Magneto and Robert are facing each other closely. Magneto has a stern expression on his face, while Robert has kept his jovial and innocent grin.

MAGNETO: Rogue, do you know this man, or should I tear him to pieces.  

ROGUE: No, Erik, it’s OK... Bob?

Panel 3/

(Headshot of a smiling Robert is scratching the back of his head).

ROBERT: I’m actually going by Robert now. Osborn used to call me Bob, the name... Well, it lacks much of its appeal now. I thought we could talk about everything, if that’s OK with you.

Panel 4/

(Close up of a worried, but also curious Rogue.)

ROGUE: That depends... You’re not here to kill me are you? Because my powers may not work on you, but Erik’s and every other mutant’s on Utopia do.

Panel 5/

(Side view of Robert offering a bow to Rogue and Magneto)

ROBERT: I assure you, Rogue, I don’t want to hurt anyone. And I highly advise against attacking me, I’m quite strong these days, you’d be surprised what a handicap self-doubt is. On that note, I hear you’re controlling your powers now too. Terrific news!

Panel 6/

(Magneto Over the shoulder view of Rogue taking Robert’s hand and leading him along the beach.)

ROGUE: We’ll be OK, Erik, but maybe tell Scott that the Sentry’s on Utopia.

Page 11

Panel 1/

(Front angled shot of Robert and Rogue talking as Magneto flies away in the distance.)

ROGUE: So, being sane, that must be nice.

ROBERT: It has its ups and downs. I no longer enjoy Will Ferrell movies. But yeah; it’s good. I’m not totally out of the woods, but the Void is gone, and that’s the main thing.

Panel 2/

(Robert stops walking as Rogue, a few steps ahead, stops and turns around.)

ROBERT: I’m sorry, Rogue. You were young, and confused, and I should have known better.

ROGUE: We were both confused, Robert. I don’t think about it that much, to be honest.

ROBERT: Still... If there’s anything I can do.

ROGUE: Ah’m a big girl, Robert. And I don’t need anything from you. Just take care of yourself, OK?

Panel 3/

(Side on view of Rogue and Robert. Robert is holding Rogue’s left hand.)

ROBERT: I will. It’s good seeing you again, Rogue. I’m glad things are working out for you.

ROGUE: Thanks, Robert.

Panel 4/

(Robert is hovering in the air, and turns to face Rogue who is smiling.)

ROBERT: For the record, you know I could take you all, right?

ROGUE: Yes, Robert, Ah’m sure you could.

ROBERT: Good. After all, you’re a pretty girl; I kind of have to brag in front of you.


Page 12:

Panel 1/

(Headshot of Robert staring intently at something.)

Panel 2/

(Image of Utopia at a great distance)

Panel 3/

(Zoom in closer)

Panel 4/

(Zoom in closer, until the separate areas of the Nation are easily visible.)

Panel 5/

(Rogue and Magneto are standing on the beach.)

MAGNETO: We will have to discuss it some time, my dear.

ROGUE: Ah said not now, Erik. And don’t call me “your dear”. It sounds wei- wait...”

Panel 6/

(Rogue spins around to see nothing behind her.)

ROGUE: Oh... I guess it was nothing.

Panel 7/

(Front shot of a clearly disappointed Robert. He is flying in the middle of nowhere.)

ROBERT: I’m sorry, Rogue. I just can’t talk to you yet.

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Nice work sir.  
I'm curious about the Rogue/Sentry thing. I know it was only mentioned in the Sentry funeral story. But, was it ever mentioned when it took place in Marvel history?
#2 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jake Fury: Nah, it wasn't, but I assumed it occurred before he married Lindy.
#3 Posted by Jake Fury (21296 posts) - - Show Bio
Gotcha. I always see the Sentry trade at my comic shop. One of these days I'm going to get it.
#4 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jake Fury: It really is a great read. Paul Jenkins is a ludicrously underrated writer.
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Enjoyed that a lot ~
Nice work love :D 

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@rogue_mar1e: Thanks, love ^_^
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That. Was. F**king. Awesome. 
Loved it. You need to make more. Like--seriously.

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@InnerVenom123: That's mate, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
What do you think of "Shadow" Reed as the first villain?
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No problem. You made Bo-- Robert a very likeable character. And I love it when Sentry does the "save multiple people at a time in a matter of seconds" thing like in "Vengeance Of The Moon Knight" ^_^ 
I liked it a lot. Very creepy. Makes me want more shadow-villains.
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@InnerVenom123: Thanks, one of the things that I wanted to show was just how powerful Robert is. Take the Superman concept to its most extreme, how it feels to make every other hero superfluous in terms of physical power, that sort of thing. Shadow Reed does provide an interesting confrontation though =] 
Sweet, I'm glad. I was worried it wouldn't work, but as I started writing him, I felt it came together well.
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@FadeToBlackBolt: I like that. Keep it up! 
It certainly did. :3
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Nice read, my good man.

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YES :D I'm gonna have to pick up some FTBB-approved Sentry stuff, now.

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@The Dark Huntress: (Tenses fingers) Excellent. Glad you enjoyed it =]
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This is awesome! I wish it was an actual book, I'd totally buy it.   
I love the dialogue (it's mostly dialogue. . . ) but it's amazing dialogue nonetheless! Robert is great, I love his sweet, carefree demeanor, he really is a likeable guy here. well done!

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@TypingKira: Thanks ^_^ I'm really happy people seem to be enjoying it. 
It is mostly dialogue as you say, but I do plan to introduce some more action elements into it :D.  Robert vs Shadow-Reed is next issue, and then I can introduce my next villain. 
I'm really glad you're liking Robert, the series is mostly a character study after all, so it's much better when people actually enjoy the character lol
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I have to thank you for the Rogue interlude at the end. Outside of my stubborn belief it was only a hug, this would be a great way to if not explain, at least broach it because having Rogue run off in tears after sharing something so intimate with two X-Men like Scott and Bobby on the ride over to the funeral just....just....


I would have preferred Magneto be presented as a sniveling loser (heh heh) to make this perfect, but I accept what you did here. I enjoyed all of it but I kinda found myself laughing out loud here:

ROGUE: So, being sane, that must be nice.

ROBERT: It has its ups and downs. I no longer enjoy Will Ferrell movies.

Don't know if not enjoying Will Ferrell movies is the up of the down. Off to read this rest of this. Excellent job.