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All Characters used belong to Marvel Comics. Rated T for Violence and Themes. OP stands for off-panel. CAP stands for Caption, and SFX stands for sound effects.

Page 1:


Panel 1:

 (Flashback to Bob drinking the serum that gave him his abilities)

 CAP: Robert Reynolds was a man born of two worlds.


Panel 2:

(Flashback to the Sentry fighting the Absorbing Man in Civil War: the Return)

 CAP: He was the Sentry. The Golden Guardian of Good. A hero for all time.


Panel 3:

(Flashback to the events of Siege where the Void is battling the Marvel Heroes)


CAP: He was the Void. The face of oblivion incarnate. The end of all things.


 Panel 4:

(Flashback to Thor striking down the Void during Siege)


CAP: He was feared. Respected. Loved. And Hated.


Page 2: Splash page.


Panel 1:

(The Sentry’s funeral, as shown in Fallen Sun, with the gathered Marvel Heroes paying their respects)


CAP: And he was mourned.


Page 3:


Panel 1:

(Over the shoulder view of Reed Richards working in his laboratory. He is studying a dimensional aperture that he is controlling inside of a blue, spherical forcefield. The aperture looks like a miniature black hole, only square-shaped, rather than circular. He is typing away on a computerised tablet; think IPad, without the pointlessness.)


CAP: Baxter Building


OP:  Reed! It’s getting late, it’s time to read Franklin his bed-time story.


REED: Just a minute, Sue! I’m on the verge of discovering something amazing; a self-aware Universe that exists so long as it believes it does. It brings the Descartes philosophy to a whole new level of philosophical and scientific enquiry. It is possible that this sentient Universe is actually the point from which all things began; that each time it asserts its own existence; it creates another Universe in a kind of mitosis. Astounding!


Panel 2:

(Front-on view as Reed continues to stare at and type on his tablet)


OP: It’s also possible that I’ll divorce you if you don’t get in here and read to your son!


Panel 3:

(Reed stares forward, eyes wide open; a look of shock on his face).   


Panel 4:

(View remains the same. Reed is in the distance; running from his laboratory.)


REED: Coming, dearest!


Page 5:


Panel 1:


(View up to the artist’s discretion. Reed is closing the door to Franklin’s room as Sue is waiting).


CAP: An hour later.


SUE: So, what did you read this time?


REED: Um, Winnie the Pooh. I never understood the appeal of a bear that was capable of speech only using its intellectual abilities to spout vague nonsense and eat honey; but the boy seems to enjoy it. So I endure.


Panel 2:

(Same layout. Artist can feel free to alter character poses as they wish.)


SUE: Yes, well reading ‘’A Brief History of Time’’ to a boy that creates pocket Universes does seem a little fruitless.


REED: Very true. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get back to my lab.


Panel 3:

(Reed is walking out of the room. Sue has her hand across her face in an exasperated expression.)


Panel 4:

(Reed stops suddenly, Sue looks up)


REED: Franklin did say something strange though. He said that if I was Winnie, Tony was Tigger, Stephen was Owl and Hank was Piglet; why hadn’t Eeyore come back yet? I asked who he meant, and he told me that he meant ‘’the sad one’’.   You don’t think he meant...-


SUE: - Definitely not. I don’t think Franklin would even know who he was. He wasn’t really aware of what happened the last time, and he wasn’t born when he was first around.  


Panel 5:

(Back view of Sue as Reed exits view)


SUE: Thinking about old friends long gone does make you realise what’s important though, doesn’t it Reed?

REED (Virtually off-panel): Yes, yes it does.


Page 6:


Panel 1:

(Reed is seated in his laboratory, staring at the mysterious Universe before him.)


CAP: ‘’Why hasn’t Eeyore come back yet? He should be here soon.’’


REED (Whispers): What’s important...


Panel 2:

(Reed stands up. View from behind the forcefield. We can see the Square-shaped black hole in the foreground as Reed is standing in the background. )


REED: The secret of Creation will still be there tomorrow.


Panel 3:

(Zoom into black hole.)


Panel 4:

(Total blackness)


CAP: Hello again, old friend.


Panel 5:

(Zoom out to reveal that the blackness is a pupil.)


CAP: Where am I?


Panel 6:

(Zoom out further to show the startled face of a man, with short, blonde hair.)


CAP: You’re where you’ve always been, Bob...


Page 7: Splash


Panel 1:


(The Sentry is flying in the middle of open space. There is nothing else around; only the Void, who is standing before him. A humanoid figure as seen in Sentry Volume 2, without the hat, and large tentacles reminiscent of his appearance in Siege.)


VOID: You’re in the centre of the Multiverse.  


Page 8:


Panel 1:

(Void punches the Sentry in the stomach. The Sentry keels over.)


VOID: Isn’t that right? The whole world revolves around you. You have to save everyone. You have to kill everyone. You’re not a hero; you’re a selfish brat. A neurotic little boy with the powers of a god treating humanity like toys!


Panel 2:

(The Sentry grabs the Void by one of its tentacles)


SENTRY: NO! I’m a hero! I help people; you kill them!


Panel 3:

(The Sentry punches the Void in the face, but his fist merely goes through. The Void is unfazed)


VOID: A hero chooses to help people because it’s something they know is right. Robert Reynolds never helped people. He never wanted to. The people wanted a saviour, so you gave them one. You gave them the Sentry because you’re too self-centred to have ever bothered helping them yourself!


Panel 4:

(The Void begins to choke the Sentry).


SENTRY: That’s not true. I want to make the world a better place. I want to help everyone.


Panel 5:

(The Void, still choking Sentry, begins to punch Bob in the face with his tenctacles)


VOID: You’re the most powerful telepath on the planet! Did you really think the thoughts of six billion people wouldn’t affect you?!


Page 9: Splash


Panel 1:

(The Sentry is dangling in the Void’s grasp.)


VOID: They wanted a saviour! Someone to make their lives easier! So you, having heard all their thoughts, every day of your life since the Serum; gave them one. But because your subconscious knew they didn’t deserve this saviour, that humanity really only wants tragedy, you decided to teach them a lesson; YOU GAVE THEM ME!


Page 10:


Panel 1:

(Close up on the Void. A hideous grin spread across its face. )  


VOID: You didn’t create me, Sentry. They created me. You were just the artist commissioned to present the final product. And now that I’m done with you; I’m going home: to each and every one of them. Tell me Sentry, how does it feel, in your last moments of life, to know that you’re a lie?


Panel 2:

(Close up on the Sentry’s face. His eyes rolling back.)


SENTRY (Whispers): Just don’t hurt anyone. Please.


Panel 3:

(Void is laughing)


VOID: Enough! No one care hear you. You don’t have to pretend like you care anymore. Your friends hated you. Your wife was afraid of you. Bullseye killing her was probably the best day of her life. So stop acting like you care! People hate you, you hate people. It’s natural, so just deal with it and die.


Panel 4:

(The Sentry’s face is blank; his eyes closed.)  


SENTRY (Whispers): Bullseye..?


Panel 5:

(Side-on view of the Void’s and the Sentry’s faces. The Void is laughing again.)


VOID: Don’t act like you didn’t know. He killed her, on Osborn’s orders. How dumb are you? She may have been terrified of you; but she still wasn’t going to kill herself to get away.


Panel 6:

(Close up on the Sentry’s face. His eyes are open; glowing bright yellow.)


VOID (OP): Damn.


Page 11: Splash


Panel 1:

(The Sentry bursts with power, the Void flies off him.)


Page 12:


Panel 1:

(The Sentry is holding the Void by the top of its head. He is brimming with energy.)


VOID: Come on, Bob, you don’t want to kill me. You’re a hero.


Panel 2:

(The Sentry grabs the Void’s shoulder with his free hand)


SENTRY: The Sentry is the hero. And as you’ve made it perfectly clear...


Panel 3:

(The Sentry tears the Void’s head from its shoulders.)




Page 13:


Panel 1:

(The Sentry is floating in the open space, holding the Void’s still living head before him)


SENTRY: My name is Robert Reynolds. I created you. Whether the idea was mine or not, you exist because of me. It’s time that I accepted responsibility for all that you’ve done. For all that I’ve done.


Panel 2:

(Close up on the Void’s head, in the Sentry’s palm)


SENTRY: It’s time for me to make my own choices.


Panel 3:

(Sentry makes a fist, crushing the Void’s head in his palm)


SENTRY: Goodbye.


Panel 4:

(The Sentry begins flying toward the unseen Earth)


Page 14:

(Baxter Building, exterior)


CAP: Baxter Building.


Panel 1:

(Side on view of Reed Richards altering his body in the shape of a heart for his wife, Sue. He is serenading her.)


REED: ‘’Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should,
Maybe I didn't love you quite as often as I could

Little things I should've said and done, I never took the time’’


Panel 2:

 (Close up on an overjoyed Sue)


REED (OP): ‘’You were always on my mind, you were always on my mind’’




Panel 3:

(Reed transforms back to normal, and pulls out a computer device)


REED: That’s the atmosphere alarm, something is approaching Earth. Very quickly.


Panel 4:

(A surprised Sue is tapping Reed on the shoulder)


SUE: What is it?


REED: I’m not sure, but if it keeps its current trajectory, it will be here in 30 minutes, and I know where it’s headed.


SUE: Where?


Page 15:


Panel 1:

(Topographic view of the Raft prison.)

CAP: The Raft. Prison for super-powered criminals.


Panel 2:

(Front view of Norman Osborn sitting in his cell reading a book. His bars are visible.)


CAP: Norman Osborn. Alias; the Green Goblin. Imprisoned for various Crimes Against Humanity.


OSBORN: I’ll be out of here soon enough. As soon as the worthless plebeians that make up this country realise that I’m the man they need.


Panel 3:

(Reverse shot of Osborn showing his back and the prison bars and hallway from his point of view. Flasing red lights cover the cell and the rest of the prison.)




Panel 4:

(Osborn is standing, with a frustrated look on his face)


Osborn: What the hell is that?


Page 16:


Panel 1:  

(Reed and Sue are in Reed’s Laboratory, Reed is examining the Black Hole)


SUE: Reed, what’s wrong?


REED: I’m not sure... The dimensional aperture appears to be responding to a fluctuation caused by the incoming object. Wait...


Panel 2:

(Reed reaches across the room and begins typing on another computer)


REED: Of course! This isn’t a new Universe. It’s our Universe, one moment behind in time.


SUE: So it’s a time issue?


REED: Not exactly. It exists with our Universe along the same timeline, except that the events that unfold in the other Universe have already occurred in our Universe. It’s a shadow of our Universe, but the energy that it builds, simply by existing; is transferred to another source. If I punch the air, I’m using energy, but the me in the shadow Universe doesn’t. He still punches the air, but I’ve used the energy; which means the energy that should be used by his punch, isn’t.  


Panel 3:

(Reed is stretched in a variety of positions across his entire lab)


SUE: So it’s not a sentient Universe?


REED: Yes, it is, but only because it holds the collective Sentience of our Universe. See, no one in that Universe thinks, because we think for them, but they’re still generating and using energy as we would. The output of that energy has nowhere to go though, because the laws of physics only exist here. So it’s coming here, and culminating in a single object. The object that’s approaching us.


Panel 4:

(Sue has her left arm crossed and her right arm across her forehead in an exasperated pose)


SUE: So, what’re the nuts and bolts of it, Reed? Is this thing dangerous?


REED: I’m not sure, but it seems to be generating an extreme amount of solar energy. Hold on... Computer; what’s the status of Case 20104?


Panel 5:

(Close up on Reed’s worried face.)


COM: Case 20104; the Sentry. Status; Deceased.


REED: Oh, thank goodness.


COM: Location; Unknown.   


Panel 6:

(Close up on both Reed and Sue, who each have a horrified expression on their face.)

REED: We need to get to the Raft.


Page 17:


Panel 1:

(Topographic view of the Raft. There are numerous (at least 8) SHIELD helicopters surrounding it from every angle.)


CAP: The Raft. One Minute Before Impact.


Panel 2:

(Norman Osborn is looking unimpressed as he stands up against the bars of his cell.)


OSBORN: Oh, who’s attacking us now? The girl scouts?


Panel 3:

(Osborn has a look of complete terror on his face)


LOUDSPEAKER: Reed Richards has warned us that the Sentry is approaching the Raft. All prisoners are urged to remain calm and in their cells.


Panel 4:

(Osborn is looking up.)




CAP: Impact.


Page 18: Splash


(The Sentry is holding Osborn by the throat, lifting him off the ground. Osborn’s cell is torn apart, as Robert has just torn through it.)


OSBORN (Whispers): Bob, good to see you again.

Page 19:


Panel 1:

(The Sentry slams Osborn into the wall, leaving a huge dent.)  


SENTRY: Tell me, Osborn, what do you deserve? You manipulated me. You caused me to hurt those that I love. You made me into a monster. But I forgive you for that. It wasn’t your fault. You manipulated me, but I let you. I hurt those people. I was the monster. But what are you?


Panel 2:

(Close up on Osborn’s face)


OSBORN: I just wanted to help you, Bob. I’m a hero. I wanted to save the world!


Panel 3:

(Sentry tightens his grasp around Osborn’s neck)


SENTRY: No, Osborn. You’re psychotic. You’re a villain. You killed Lindy because you’re a monster. And I didn’t stop you because I was one too.


Panel 4:

(Reed Richards rushes through the Raft screaming for the Sentry)


REED: Bob! It’s me! Reed! Can we talk? Please?


Page 20:


Panel 1:

(Reed arrives to see the Sentry still holding Osborn’s throat, pressing him against the wall.)


OSBORN: Just kill me already. I’m getting bored.


REED: Bob, don’t. I can help you.


Panel 2:

(Same poste, only Bob is smiling calmly. He is looking at Reed.)


SENTRY: I’m OK, Reed. Thank you. You’ve always been a good friend. I hope we can one day be friends again.


Panel 3:

(Close up on Sentry’s and Osborn’s faces)


SENTRY: As for you, Osborn. Don’t ever leave this place, or I will find you. But I’m not going to kill you. Heroes don’t kill.


Panel 4:

(Sentry flies through the roof of Osborn’s cell. We are given an over the shoulder shot from Reed’s point of view of the Sentry leaving.)


SENTRY: And I’m going to be a hero.


Page 20:


Panel 1:

(Sue approaches Reed as Osborn is bound by several Raft Guards)


SUE: He seemed...Better.


REED: Yes, yes he did.


Panel 2:

(Reed and Sue are walking the halls of the Raft. Various super-criminals are visible.)


SUE: I hope he finds the peace he’s looking for.


Panel 3:

(Reed and Sue are departing the Raft in the Fantasticar)


REED: Something tells me...


Page 21: Splash

(The Sentry is soaring through the skies, with a smile on his face.)


REED (OP): He already has.


Page 22:


Panel 1:

(Baxter Building, exterior)


Panel 2:

(Reed’s Laboratory)


Panel 3:

(Close up on the Black Hole)


Panel 4:

(A black hand is shown coming from it.)


Panel 5:

(The hand then expands, and a black lined suit, with a ‘4’ on the chest, is visible.)


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Damn, that was pretty good

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@spiderbat87: Thank you! =D
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @spiderbat87: Thank you! =D "
Are you going to do a #2?
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@spiderbat87: If the response to this one is positive :)
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Have you read Age of the Sentry? I see it at my comic shop all the time and I'm tempted to purchase it.
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@Jake Fury: I've read some of it, I wasn't that fond it to, tbh. It's just Silver Age stories of him in an anthology format. One or two issues would have sufficed, rather than the half-dozen or so that was actually used.
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @Jake Fury: I've read some of it, I wasn't that fond it to, tbh. It's just Silver Age stories of him in an anthology format. One or two issues would have sufficed, rather than the half-dozen or so that was actually used. "
I am tempted to get it just so I have more stuff to read where The Sentry is still considered good
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Awesome! Must... resist...Urge

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" @spiderbat87: If the response to this one is positive :) "
I believe that this :D is a positive response. MOAR!

Lol, jkjk, this is great! 

Sentry seems very popular with the fanfic community these days. 
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@InnerVenom123:@The Dark Huntress:@thegreatfour: THANK YOU :D I'm so glad you all liked it ^_^

Haha, thank you very much.

I'd imagine it's because of how poorly his death was handled in the mainstream MU. He's also still a relatively new character, so there's not too much continuity to be bogged down with. I'm going to try and include all his continuity in this though, which is hard, because of how much I hated Bendis' work on him lol
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Wow, that was great.

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Much better than Bendis. This is could definitely become a comic. With Bendis's the dialogue could of just consisted of herpa derp and I would still be at the same level of annoyance. This makes me like the Sentry again :D
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awesome!!!! you made sentry seem awesome again  :D
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cool i would buy that comic

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Great, now i just have to decide to buy it or not,

Reasons for not buying:reading this

Reasons for buying: its awsome. and would be better to have art added to it.

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@Loki9876:@Theworldbreaker: Haha, thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it =D

A foolish dream of mine would be to have Jerome Opena do the art. I always felt his work was terribly underrated.
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@superboyrocks13: Thank you! I'm thrilled people seem to think I did the character justice :)
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This was really entertaining!
Make a #2, or I will find you. But I won't kill you, because heroes don't kill.
I will only beat you up so long until you finally make a second part.
I'm serious.

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@Enzeru: Haha, thanks. I will get around to a #2 at some point. Probably in the next few days, I keep forgetting to write one :P
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
@Enzeru: Haha, thanks. I will get around to a #2 at some point. Probably in the next few days, I keep forgetting to write one :P
I'm really looking forward to read it!
What do you think about the idea that Sentry returns and Rogue awaits him; he wants to greet her and sees that she is pregnant with his son! O_O
The baby comes, she is afraid to touch it, because she doesn't want to hurt it and Sentry has from time to time nightmares where the Void terrorizes the child and maybe even is a part of it, oh noeeeeeez! D:
Dunno what to think about it. To see them as a happy family would be weird, but also seeing more then just Sentry and his phobias would also be entertaining.
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@FadeToBlackBolt: That last guy has a point. DO MOOOOARRRRR!!!!! :P
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The only time I liked Sentry haha xD

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Oh wow that was good!! You've inspired to go dig up my old Sentry fics....thank you Fade!

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Wow! Good work

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So very amazing, Sentry finally gets that fight he deserves with the Void.

Loved all of this, (you should link the other parts to this as well) and now I get the humming from the other part...very clever.

Thank you for writing this -- Sentry has some justice, finally. :)