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According to Ezekiel, it would take a few weeks to track down Psycho. That meant he had plenty of time to reflect on the past. He walked over to a mirror, next to his closet. What he saw was a stronger, more capable man than what he had been years ago. He closed his eyes, and remembered:

The boy had started out as the illegitimate son of megalomaniac Lex Luthor.It was around this time that there had been rumors of Luthor having several mistresses, but most were dismissed as nothing more than scandal. Then Sean was born.Luthor was having a hard enough time keeping his more diabolical secrets, the last thing he needed was to be taking care of a child. Luthor abandoned the baby, who was later adopted by Metropolis Police Department Chief, RichardBrackens. Richard and his wife had just left the hospital, his wife had just had a miscarriage. A faint crying sound was heard in an alleyway. "What the hell..." exclaimed Richard. He exited the vehicle to see a trash bag, a strong wiggling inside it. As he opened it, he saw that inside was a baby boy.Richard's wife Catherine, exited the vehicle as well, opening her mouth in shock when she saw the baby. He was disturbingly thin, he must have been here for over a day. "Rick", Catherine cried. "Everything in this world happens for a reason...Do you think?" The two looked at each other, tears in their eyes, a strange fusion of joy and sadness. The boy's name would by Sean. Sean Brackens.

Sean grew up to be a rather intelligent boy. His family later moved to Gotham, Richard felt the city required his assistance more than Metropolis. Sean was as loyal a son can be, all he wanted was to be on the force like his dad. In his father's eyes, he was the perfect son.Not a doubt in his mind he would make a damn good policeman. It was everybody else who gave Sean trouble. Sean was an exceptionally intelligent boy, and very kind. Maybe too kind for some. Sean had an enormous fascination for nature. Plants, animals, and of course his fellow homo sapiens. This made him an easy target for bullies. He'd often go home with a black eye, but his father would always reassure him."Sean, there are plenty of ways you deal with people like that. Same concept I apply to criminals. The best thing I do is to lock them up safe and sound, just as the best thing you can do is talk to your teacher. And then there are the ones who can't be changed...I pray to God I never have to teach you that lesson. I really do."Sean never understood that last part. Until his senior year of High School...

To be continued...

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His abandonment as a child and being raised by a cop is a good explanation as to why he is so unlike his father. I'm not really sure if the move to Gotham was necessary for the plot, but you can connect more of the dots in the next three chapters.

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Thanks. :-)