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It's amazing how in a city like Gotham, places like this were so under the radar. The Razor's Edge was a club where vigilantes could meet in secret. Study Batman's tactics, practice martial arts. Same old, same old. Most of these guys were Batman wannabes, half of them would be dead in a week. Luthor shook his head as he surveyed the club. It was amazing how few of them understood that if you're willing to die (And sometimes kill) for one form of life, humans, you had to be willing to do the same for all kinds. Plants, animals...Hell, with all he'd been through he was positive there was some kind of alien life out there, and if he encountered it, he'd consider it worth protecting. He was only here for one man. Ezekiel Hopkins a.k.a Primal.

Ezekiel sat in a corner of the club. He had dark skin, and a small goatee on his chin. He wasn't wearing his signature skull-helmet, but he was wearing the rest of his costume. He wore an armored suit, yellow and black with an odd looking symbol on the chest. Complete with arm blades, shoulder guns and bulky repulsor gloves, Ezekiel was not one to mess around. He was an incredibly intelligent man, smarter than anybody Sean knew, but he did admit that he did seem a bit crazy sometimes. He often ranted about his membership of some group called the Sinestro Corps, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean. Still, he was smart, trustworthy, had a strong sense of justice, and arguably struck more fear in criminals than Batman. Sean walked up to Ezekiel, tossing a photo on his lap.

"Stole this from my dad", Luthor said "Seems like this guy knows what he's doing. You've got pretty damn good tracking skills, so I figured you could help me find the guy". Ezekiel examined the photo, a small smile emerging on his face. He handed the photo back and laughed heartily. "This guy's just another Bat lover. He'll get himself killed just like the rest of them. Looks like a must have for the Halloween party this year though." Luthor pulled a chair next to Ezekiel. He may not have seemed to optimistic at the moment, but he felt winning him over was not only possible, but likely. "Heard the news talk about him the other day. This wasn't some minimum security penitentiary he broke in to. This was Arkham. He was armed with some heavy firepower too, and clearly knew how to use it. Killed a guard, and left 4 others in the hospital. Freed 4 inmates. This might be my only chance at redemption. To PROVE something to myself...That I'm not weak. That I'm not afraid to act." Ezekiel looked up at Luthor. "How do you know this guy isn't some psychotic radical? Pretty sure he didn't hire those inmates for a school field trip if you know what I mean." Sean almost never knew what Ezekiel meant, but he was almost always really right or really wrong.

"Psychotic? He's not the one rambling about a group of aliens who use fear to try and rule the universe." Ezekiel stood up and slammed the table. He was no longer in a joking mood anymore. "I thought I told you never to call me that!" he growled. Sean shook his head. For once he knew about someone who could help him make a difference in the city, and his best friend's trying to tell him he's a phony. He walked away, pushing away a delusional costumed "hero" in his way. As he opened the door, he heard a loud "Wait!" from Ezekiel. He turned around, doubtingly. Ezekiel walked up to Sean until he was inches away from his face. "Fine. You win. You wanna get yourself involved with a psychotic, I'll play along. But only because I don't want you getting killed. And I don't to hear your phony apologies when you find out just how nuts this guy is". Sean nodded. Maybe Ezekiel was right. Maybe this guy was a few apples short of a pie. It didn't matter anyway. This was a risk worth taking, and he couldn;t help the smile creeping up his mouth as he quietly spoke the next words. "So", he said. "How long do you think it'll take to track this guy?"

To be continued...