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It wasn't easy being the son of a megalomaniac like Lex Luthor. Worse still was that he was abandoned at the age of 7. Worse still, his girlfriend was murdered by a clown faced psychopath. What did his loving father do? Nothing. Still, in the 23 years of his life he'd been through far worse. He'd seen things that religious men would cower in fear at, and that men of science could never possibly imagine. Sean was both a man of science and religion. And both were necessary to control the thing inside him...The Doomhound. Sean was a biologist at LexCorp, fitting because he had such a passion for all nature and life. Be it plants, animals or the occasional good person. Innocent life, that is. Of which he didn't consider himself as. Rare to find these days.

At this moment, Sean was creeping, very quietly, to the Containment Cell. Everybody at LexCorp knew that the Containment Cell contained a rather rare and powerful specimen...The titanic monster known as Doomsday. Sean had never looked back at letting out the Doomhound, until yesterday. Apparently, an eco-terrorist by the name of "Psycho", had broken into Arkham and captured several inmates. After hearing the news, Sean felt a monumentous feeling of hope. Maybe he had found someone who could help him, someone willing to fight for all life but without the featherbrained rules of Batman. The day before, he had been practicing. Yes, he had perfected his control of the Doomhound. It required many hours and a very long, angry argument with his estranged father for missing work, but he finally gained control. Further still, Sean didn't just want control. He wanmted even more power. The power of Doomsday.

Sean, dressed in a black hoodie, as always, and sunglasses, typed the security code into the door of the Containment Cell. "SAPIEN". Sean didn't have to be a half-demon or Luthor son to know the code. As the door opened, he snuck in very quietly. Doomsday was sleeping. This process would require Luthor to transform into the Doomhound. It was all a rather noisy process, but Sean did it as quietly as possible. He entered a bathroom, just in case there were any security guards he hadn't counted. Suddenly, a silvery, metallic substance started to grow from the center of his body. It began to spread to the his neck, and legs. A horned skull insignia was now visible on his chest. When it reached his hands, his finger grew to long claws, like that of a bear. When it reached his face, it began to morph into a skull-like shape, enormous bug-eyes jutting from his face. When the process was over, he had grown a full 7 feet. Sean, know the Doomhound, sighed. "Let's get down to business", he whispered. He managed to sneak into the cell, a needle in his hand. Doomsday, luckily, was vast asleep. "Wonder how many tranqs it took to put this beast down" thought Doomhound. Very slowly, he injected the needle into the leg of Doomsday, gathering the blood, and thus the DNA, necessary to enhance his already terrifying powers. He had no more business here, as he quickly turned back into human form, in a cloud of dust, and exited the building.

* * *

Doomhound had been studying these thugs for a long time. Well, one in particular. A filthy fat pig by the name of Wilford. Three time sex-offender. Raped his girlfriend on her birthday party. Bringing true fear to this animal would be the perfect way for The Doomhound to make his debut. He sat outside listening to what was going outside. Couldn't be too sure. Wilford was laughing with a few other thugs, "Isn''t Metropolis great? Superman is too soft to give us real justice, and we can forget about the cops. And don't even get me started on the lawyers". It was the voice of a monster. And now Wilford would see the face of a real monster. Doomhound roared loudly. The thugs, terrified, pulled out their firearms. "Donny, check outside!" yelled Wilford. Donny, beyond frightened, slowly walked outside, an AK in hand. Doomhound knew about Donny as well. Child molester, and had even shot up an entire mallonce. He shut the door behind him, slowly circling the weapon around, like some kind of dance of terror. Suddenly, he saw the Doomhound. A scream was heard as well as a piercing, slashing sound, and a chilling roar. Then, there was silence. Out of nowhere, the corpse of one of the thugs was thrown through the window, landing on the floor with a thud. The terrified thugs let out a burst of gunfire, firing blindly.

Then, they saw it. Standing in front of them was something that looked like it came from the deepest levels of hell. It was 7-feet of pure muscle and horror, covered in sharp spikes, like Doomsdays, with grey, metallic skin. It's face resembled a skull, apart from several horn like spikes, and it's eyes. It's terrible, orange, fly eyes. It charged one of the thugs, lunging towards it, and slamming it into the ground with a powerful fist. As another one pointed a firearm at the Doomhound, it unsheathed it's chitin claws, slashing the thug, and knocking him into a wall. Finally Doomhound stared at Wilford. Wilford cowered in fear, dropping the weapon. He tried to say something, but nothing came out but a few whimpers. Doomhound grabbed Wilford by the neck. As they made eye contact, Doomhound felt a great amount of energy pulse through him. It was the energy of the fearful, what he fed off of. With that, he whispered a single word, but to Wilford, it was the loudest word in the world "Dinner" Doomhound said, as he began to devour Wilford. There was a great amount of noise, but it all ended in a matter of minutes.

After finishing his meal, Doomhound looked into the sky. This was only child's play compared to what he had in mind.

"Know," thought Sean, "To find the Judges."

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So...Could someone please post?

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: A few errors with grammar, but it was still a decent opening chapter. What's the time gap between Psycho 1 and Doomhound 1?

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Doomhound goes a lot slower than Psycho. Most of the new ones will be before he joins up with the Judges.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Wow you got the creative writing working for ya. Keep up the good work.