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Santa Hamster's Buddy, Rudolph! in: THE CHRISTMAS CAPER

Rudolph's War Journal

Christmas Eve, 2012....

Theres been several mysterious killing in the North Pole. Presumably the work of Blitzen, the Fallen Reindeer.

Santa Hamster's already take on off to substitute for Santa, so its just me.

"Where is he?" yelled Rudolph

"Who?" asked the Christmas Owl

"The Killer!"


"RRRRG!!!! You say that one more time and---"


Rudolph attacked the owl. It was a brutal fight. Rudolph flashed a big, red light in the owls eye via his nose.

The owl went blind

"Who's there?" asked the owl

"ME!" yelled Rudolph, punching and knocking out the owl.

Suddenly, a scream was heard. Rudolph ran to see what it was.

"Whats happening?" asked Rudolph.

He arrived a minute too late. And the killer was NOT Blitzen, but the victim was...

Rudolph's War Journal

Christmas, 2012....

Santa Hamster returns today. Hopefully he can help. But if it wasn't Blitzen.... who was it?


"Santa!" yelled Rudolph, running over to Santa Claus "I think I know who the murderer was?"

"Who?" asked Santa

"Oh, not you too..."


"Nothing, Santa. I think it might be Jim The Elf!"

"The guy who owns the gym/storage place/local pub?"


Santa doubted Rudolph

"What would his motive be?" asked Santa

"Think of it, so far the victims were all local criminals: first Stacy The Elf, who was wanted for burglary, the Jackson The Elf, wanted for attempted murder, and now Blitzen The Fallen Reindeer! He's the biggest threat to the North Pole! Well, was, anyway" explained Rudolph

"So Jim's trying to protect the North Pole from criminals" said Santa "And he's keeping it secret so he doesn't get in trouble!"

"See?" asked Rudolph "I'll get Jim."


"What? I didn't do it!" yelled Jim

"Me and Sunny here know you did! Right, Sunny The Elf?" asked Rudolph

"Well" said Sunny The Elf, pulling out a gun....


"Your the killer?" asked Rudolph

"No, but I'm working WITH the killer!" yelled Sunny "Guess who it is?"

Rudolph looked around him, and was attacked by a bunch of yeti-ninjas

"Yeti ninjas?" asked Jim "AAAAH!!! I've owned this place for 4 years, I would've noticed THEM hiding here!"

The yeti ninjas, led by a mysterious masked man, attacked Rudolph and Jim, who were fighting for there life.

"Take that! HAHAHA!" Sunny started shooting at Jim and Rudolph, who managed to keep dodging the bullets "RRRG!!! I SAID DIE!"

They continued to dodge and fight, and found a small air vent. They crawled into it and escaped out the back.

"AAAAH!" They heard an elf scream

"That sounds like Tasha The Liar!" said Jim

"She's the only living person on the most wanted list!" yelled Rudolph.

They ran over, only to see something horrible....

They were too late to save a life, but more horrible was who was REALLY responsible for the killings....

"HO HO HO!!!" laughed a demonic Santa, writing 'merry christmas' on a wall... WITH BLOOD!

"S-S-S-Santa?" muttered Jim

"Thats not Santa" said Rudolph "Somethings wrong with the jolly giant!"

Santa charged at them, laughing.

"AAAAH!" Jim ducked

"Santa, STOP!" yelled Rudolph.

Santa laughed some more.

Suddenly, Sunny jumped out the window with his gun

"FREEZE!" Sunny shouted at the two

"Ho ho HA!!!" Santa picked up Sunny

"W-W-W-What're ya doin', boss?" Sunny muttered "AAAH!"

Santa threw him into a random window.

Unfortunately, Sunny landed in the fire place.

"AAAAH!" screamed Rudolph and Jim

"HAHAHA!" Santa was about to attack them, but collapsed.

"Santa?" Rudolph woke him up

"Huh?" asked Santa

"YOUR THE KILLER!" shouted Jim

"I'm not a killer" said Santa "I mean I am, but that wasn't me! I was cursed by Anna The Witch or whatever Elf! I fired her and she cursed me to turn evil every night and kill the most dangerous criminals in town. She said once there all dead, I'll be normal me again!"

"So... you just got the last criminal?" asked Jim

"Your curse was lifted!" shouted Rudolph, happier then ever.

"YES!" Santa shouted "Its normal again!"

They all jumped into the air cheering, like those freeze-frames at the end of those crappy movies.


Coming soon to the Santa Hamster universe....


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Special thanks to for doing the "How To Write A Mystery" article! It really helped me while making the story.

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@GR2Blackout: yay! I helped!