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New Year's Eve was on it's way....

But first was Christmas.

Santa, Mother Nature, Sandman, Father Time, Uncle Sam, Baby New Years, Santa Hamster, Rudolph, all of the other Reindeer, Santa's elves, Mother Nature's gnomes, Jack-O'-Lantern, Cupid, Paul Bunyan, some Jackalopes, The Headless Horseman, Tom the Turkey, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and even sleepy old Rip Van Winkle got together at the North Pole for their annual Xmas party.

"Ho, ho, yo!" said Jim the Elf, the DJ. "This song was requested by Jack-O'-Lantern. And, no, it is NOT the Monster Mash. Here is Walking In A Winter Wonder Land."

"Oh! I love this song!" said Mother Nature, creating a snow storm.

"She always does that when she hears this song...." complained one of her loyal gnomes.

"I literally LOVE this song!" said Cupid, starting to dance badly.

Then, it was time to open presents.

That's when Santa Hamster realized it....

He had gotten everyone a present besides Baby New Years.


Right when Uncle Sam started opening his gift from Tooth Fairy (his old girlfriend, which is the reason he was suspecting a gag gift), Santa Hamster gathered the Jackalopes, the Easter Bunny, Tom the Turkey, Rudolph, and all of the other Reindeer to once again form THE LEGENDARY ANIMAL SQUADRON!

It was an emegrency.

They needed to get Baby New Years a gift before they finished opening presents!

But what do you get for the baby that has.... everyday?

"Squeak squeak!" ordered S.H.

"But that's crazy, we'll never find a store that's still open!" said Rudolph.

"Squeak squeak, squeaky, squeak-squeak squeak!" shouted S.H.

"No, no, that will never work!" yelled Prancer.

"But maybe we can get one store open....." said Dancer.

Easter Bunny, silent but cuddly, and Rudolph sneaked back into the party.

"Psssst!" whispered Rudolph. "Jim!"

Jim the DJ/Elf/Pub-Storage place-gym owner turned around and saw Rudolph.

"What up, home-boy?" asked Jim in his dorky DJ voice.

"Jim, shut up." replied Rudolph. "You know how 'round the holidays your pub/storage place/gym becomes a pub/storage place/gym/gift shop?"

"Yeah..." mumbled Jim.

"Well, can you pass your job onto somebody else so you can open up the shop so Santa Hamster can by a gift for Baby New Years?" replied Rudolph.

Jim glanced over Tim, Mother Nature's loyal gnome/hotel-yoga place-pawn shop owner.

Then he glanced back at Rudolph.

"I see!" said Jim. "Tim put you up to this! He wants to take over my DJ job while I'm gone? Don't he?"

"No!" answered Rudolph. "Me and E.B. will!"

"E.B. will get eggs all over my DJ stuff!" said Jim.

"He can't help that he randomly lays easter eggs!" said Rudolph.

Just then, Rudolph noticed he was knee-deep in easter eggs.

"Ew....." mumbled Rudolph. "You got into Santa's prune candy canes, didn't ya, E.B.?"

Easter Bunny looked up at Rudolph and slowly took a step back.

"Okay, fine...." growled Jim, walking through the wall of easter eggs. "Ew...."


"Well, here it is, but I don't think New Years would be interested in this crappy crap-crap." said Jim, flicking on the lights and revealing his crappy crap-crap gift shop.

"GOBBLE GOBBLE!" gobbled Tom.

"I know, I know, it's crappy! GEEZ, WE ALREADY ESTABLISHED THAT!!!!" yelled Jim.

The Jackalopes sniffed around the room.

"This is crappy...." chuckled Donner.

"I GET IT!" yelled Jim.

Santa Hamster grabbed a teddy bear.

"Kay." said Dasher. "Let's roll. S.H. already made his pick."


Then came the moment of truth,

Would B.N.Y. like the gift?

Would he not like the gift?


Suddenly, Baby New Years ripped open the gift.

"Yeah-uh!" said New Years. "Thanks, Santa Hamsta! Ya really know me, man!"

Baby New Years hugged his Teddy Bear.

"I'll name him Gutslasher!" said Baby New Years. "Cuz anybody who ticks 'im off will get their guts slashed!"

"How... cute...." said Paul Bunyan.

"Yeah..." said Rudolph. "Cute."


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