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This is a fan fiction in the S inc. comics universe. The characters in this series are all original characters. This issue is rated T for teens. If you have not read any Malcolm Stone’s before, go here http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/s-inc-comics-malcolm-stone-cold-fear-part-one/709453/#3.

Malcolm Stone #3

Chicago City Hall, 1942

“Mr. Hayfield, Hello, Mr. Hayfield,” a council member said anxiously to Mr. Hayfield in an attempt to wake him from his daze. Mr. Hayfield sat in his leather chair. He was deep in thought. He had a guilty conscience; he knew that Malcolm would find out somehow. He really liked Malcolm, thought that he was a good guy. Malcolm might have drank too much, but deep down he had a good heart.

“Mr. Hayfield. Mr. Hayfield wake up.” The now furious council member yelled.

“Sorry sir, it will not happen again,” Baxter Hayfield replied.

“Well, then what is your idea on the matter?” the councilman asked.

“Well I believe CP-1, should be should not be built under a rackets court,” Baxter replied.

“Meeting adjourned,” said the mayor.

Baxter exited the room and met Malcolm in the hallway.

“I need to see where your wife died.” Malcolm stated.

Baxter Hayfield’s House, 1942

It was hard to call Mr. Hayfield’s house a house. It was about 350,000 square feet. The land around it was about an acre. It was surrounded a tennis court, a fountain, and stables in the backyard. The house was also about 20 out of town and away from anything else really.

While the exterior was grand, the interior was absolutely marvelous. The marble floors beautifully reflected the light from the chandelier. Two spiral staircases spawned off of either side of the entrance.

“Right this way Sir,” Baxter said to Malcolm motioning him with his arms, to the left staircase.

Malcolm followed and soon the two were at the door of the guest bedroom.

“I haven’t gone into there since, her passing.” Mr. Hayfield told Malcolm.

“I understand, have the coppers already taken a look around in there?” Malcolm asked.

“Yes, it happened three months ago.” Mr. Hayfield replied.

“A little late to call me then,” Malcolm stated.

As soon as the men entered, Malcolm’s eyes glazed over and he collapsed. He soon then shook violently. Baxter out of the room shut the door and locked it from the outside.

It was going to be along night.

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