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Disclaimer: I do not own any DC characters or locations. All rights belong to DC Comics. I do, however, retain the rights to all characters and locations of my own creation, which include: Rebecca Chavez, Holly Sanders, Apathy/Ruby, Sophie, Jeremiah Belmont, Michelle Blanchett, Isaiah Slaton, Michael Kubrick, Zaria (as well as her Celarian race), Shao Shen, Trance, Police Chief Gerald Palmer, Officer Stevens, Officer Harrow, Emilia Marconi, Francis Baldoni, Arnold Pavoni, Senator Thomas Greene, Agent Croft, as well as Silverstone City and all its interior locations of my own creation.

Rating: T+

Note: An exciting turning point awaits Rose in the final chapters of her story. Come witness how her adventures end!

Side Note: It's been a long, long time since I started this fic. Well, I guess that's a relative term. It's only been about a third of a year, but it feels like a lot longer, probably since I've been spitting out a chapter a day since then. But it's been enjoyable, too. I've loved writing this story, I've loved writing these characters, and I'm thrilled that I've finally completed something I can be proud of. I'm only a little sad that it's over, but then all good things must come to an end. To be honest, I could probably write another twenty story arcs at least if I wanted to, but it just made sense for me to end it here. I don't want to burn out and then start writing crap, and I felt the characters of the story could use some real, solid closure. In a sense, it just felt right. So, without further ado, I give you the conclusion to the Rose Wilson series.

All Chapters:

Chapter #107

Ext. Whitmore Cemetery – Day

Four people. Such a small number to show up at a funeral. Of course, it’s not like anyone would have expected more than that to come pay respects to a man like Slade Wilson. His funeral hadn't even been publicly announced, anyway. Besides, in all likelihood, Slade probably would have preferred a small funeral, wouldn’t want too many people making a fuss over nothing. They didn’t have a service for him, just a burial. A small, quiet burial.

As Rose stands there, hands shoved in her pockets and gaze locked onto the headstone, she isn’t sure what emotion is strongest. A great deal of grief burns in her chest, but so does anger. Sadness, too. She doesn’t cry, though, no. She’d already shed her tears for this man, and she’d come to peace with the fact that he was gone. The lack of tears, however, do nothing to soothe the hollowness in her heart.

Breathing in deeply, she glances briefly over her shoulder. Lillian and Joseph await nearby, already having paid their respects. A soft, disbelieving breath surges past her lips, as she turns back to the gravestone yet again. The irony is practically mocking her.

Leave it to me to have the hardest time letting go. Me, the one who should hate you most of all…

A gentle touch graces her shoulder. Rose looks to her left, and Becky offers a comforting smile. She tries to return the same in kind, but her lips refuse to contort properly. Instead, she utters a deep sigh and bows her head.

Becky: You alright?

Rose: I… yeah, I’ll be fine. Guess I just never really thought I’d find myself here, like this. He was a b*stard, sure, but… he always seemed sort of invincible to me, you know? No matter what situation he got himself into, no matter how many times even I tried to kill him, he always got away… like a psychotic cockroach or something. Almost funny that it took sacrifice to put him down for good.

Becky: A sacrifice for family. A sacrifice for you.

Rose: Yeah… for me.

A small, amused laugh bursts from her throat, as she crosses her arms across her chest. She pauses briefly, shaking her head.

Becky: What is it?

Rose: My dad was probably the best person in the world at getting people to hate him. Especially his family. Yet in spite of all of that… he was also pretty good at getting people to forgive him.

Bringing her own gaze to the headstone, Becky’s arm slips around Rose’s shoulder, holding her closely.

Becky: So you really forgive him, ah?

Rose: He gave his life for ours… he gave me my mother back. In the end, he finally started acting like a father, in his own weird way. I… that’s all I ever wanted from him. Don’t get me wrong, though. I still hate the things he did to me, and I hate how he screwed my life up in the first place, and god knows the rest of the world won’t forgive the things he’s done. But… yeah, I do forgive him.

Becky: Well, then so do I.

As Rose’s lips curl into a subtle smile, she turns and leans in to Becky, giving a tender kiss to the woman’s cheek.

Rose: You know how much I love you, right?

Becky: About as much as I love you, I imagine.

Becky smirks, initiating her own kiss this time. She brings their lips together for several moments, before finally pulling away and taking hold of Rose’s hand. She squeezes tightly, interlocking their fingers.

Becky: Now and always. That’s a promise.

Widening her smile, Rose leans her head against Becky’s shoulder and inhales a deep, slow breath.

Rose: Remind me never to let you go.

Becky: Ha, I don’t think that needs reminding.

Rose: Hmh. I think you’re right.

They stand there for several moments longer in silence, until finally turning away from the headstone to leave. They walk hand in hand, fingers interlaced tightly and lovingly. They don’t make it very far, however, before Rose stops suddenly, staring forward. Becky sees it, too, pausing briefly before letting go of Rose’s hand.

Becky: Give you a minute?

Rose: Uh… yeah. I’ll catch up with you.

When Becky leaves, Rose shoves her hands back into her pockets and focuses on the approaching man, a familiar face that she never would have expected to see here.

Rose: What are you doing here?

Dick: You said today was the funeral, right? Guess I’m a little late.

Rose: I mean, why did you come? You and my dad were like… worst enemies.

Dick: I’m not here to shed a tear for the man, if that’s what you mean. He was one of my worst enemies, and he hurt a lot of people close to me.

Rose: Then why?

Dick: I’m here for you, Rose. Not for him. In spite of who he was, you still lost your father.

Exhaling deeply, Rose looks away. Her gaze finds a stray clump of clover in the grass and locks on, not turning back.

Rose: Yeah, well… I’m fine. Really.

Dick: Look, you told me what he did for you. I can respect him for that, but only for that. Everything else he did… well, I don’t think I need to explain. But I know you still loved him, and I’m sorry. I really am, Rose.

Rose: It’s a nice sentiment, Dick, but let’s be serious here. You’re as glad he’s gone as the rest of the heroes he crossed paths with over the years. But hey, it’s not like I can blame you for it. He did a lot of horrible things. Hell, if not for how he redeemed himself in the end, I’d be glad he was gone, too. You don’t need to pretend you’re sorry.

Dick: Rose…

Rose: So is that the only reason you came by, to offer your sympathies?

He pauses for a moment, bowing his head and sighing.

Dick: No, it’s not the only reason I came.

Rose: Well go on, then.

Dick: It’s the JLA. We’re looking to… expand membership.

Rose: Alright, and you’re telling me this, because…?

Dick: Because we want you to join, Rose. It wasn’t exactly a unanimous decision, but you got a majority vote.

For a very long moment, Rose doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, doesn’t even blink. She just stares straight forward at him, almost completely motionless.

Dick: Uh… Rose?

Rose: Just a second…

Breathing in deeply again, she takes a brief moment to compose herself before speaking again.

Rose: Let me get this straight. You want… me -- me? -- on the Justice League?

Dick: That’s what I said, yeah.

She can’t help it. Holding her arms over her chest, she lets her head fall back and bursts out in a loud, thoroughly amused laugh.

Rose: Hahaha! …oh god… oh my… are you out of your damn mind?

Dick: I don’t… really see what’s so funny.

Rose: Oh come on! I’m like… the worst possible choice to join any team, let alone the freakin’ Justice League! God, I couldn’t even get along with the Titans, remember?

Dick: Well, we just thought… I mean, you’ve grown a lot since… are you saying no?

Rose: Really, Dick, did you actually think that would be a good idea? I mean, sure, I appreciate the offer and everything, but let’s be honest… I’m not Justice League material. Never will be. That’s better suited for the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman/Flash types, not me. I work better small time.

Shifting his stance slightly, Dick blinks a couple times and straightens himself, trying not to look too surprised.

Dick: I, uh, right, of course. What was I thinking?

Rose: I don’t think you were, that’s the problem.

Dick: Well, then… this is awkward.

Forming her lips into a pleasant smile, Rose takes a step forward and gently holds a hand to Dick’s shoulder.

Rose: But seriously… thanks. And I don’t mean for the invite, I mean for… for everything. For being my friend, for giving me a chance when no one else would… thank you.

He returns the smile, giving her a subtle, but firm nod.

Dick: It’s been my pleasure.

Rose: Anyway, I should get going… Gotta pick up Holly, and then we’re all going out for brunch. You, uh… you’re welcome to come along, if you want.

Dick: Thanks, but I really need to head back myself. I don’t really trust Damian alone for too long with just Alfred to look after him.

Rose: Hmh, good call. So… see you around, then.

As she pushes past him to rejoin the others, she pauses briefly and glances back over her shoulder.

Rose: And hey, I know I don’t want to join or anything… but if you guys ever really need my help with something, just give me a call.

Folding his arms back across his chest, Dick nods again.

Dick: You got it.

Ext. Silverstone City – Night

Six weeks later...

Lillian Worth walks hand in hand with her granddaughter down the quiet city sidewalk. Holly retains a big smile on her face, licking eagerly at her ice cream cone and humming quietly to herself. It had been a good night for some quality bonding time with the two.

Lillian: So, did you like the movie?

Holly: Yeah, was pretty awesome. I mean, how can you not love ninja assassins?

Chuckling quietly, Lillian brings a small smile to her face

Lillian: Yes, indeed.

Holly: But I still say we should have gone out with Mom and Becky for dinner first. I mean, popcorn and ice cream are great and all, but I'm starving.

Lillian: It's their anniversary, dear. A time for them to be alone and enjoy each other.

Holly: Ha, yeah... 'be alone and enjoy each other.' I know what that means.

Lillian: Oh do you, now?

Snorting out a knowing laugh, the girl shrugs her shoulders and smirks confidently.

Holly: Duh, I'm not stupid. What, am I supposed to think they just hold hands or something in their bedroom? I am twelve years old, you know.

Lillian: Hmm... so you are.

Holly: But it's cool and all. They're in love and that's what people who love each other do. Someday, when I'm in love with somebody, I'll do that, too. But that won't be for a long, long time.

Glancing down at her granddaughter, Lillian smiles. In the short amount of time that they've known each other, Holly has proven to be a very smart, very mature girl, especially for one so young.

Lillian: Well, that's good to hear. I take it there's no crushes on any of the boys at school, in that case?

Holly: Ew, no. Boys are gross.

Lillian: Oh, is that right?

Holly: Totally. Girls are way cooler.

Lillian: Ha, so we are.

As the pair round the corner of the sidewalk, their surroundings begin to change. Leaving the busier street behind, they come to a more secluded area, with narrower streets and a multitude of back alleyways. Lillian pauses momentarily, taking a careful look around.

Lillian: I think we've taken a wrong turn... still not used to this city, yet, I suppose.

Holly: Uh, yeah I think we were supposed to take a left back on Levitt Street.

Lillian: Right, well I'll let you lead the way in that case. Goodness knows I'll just get us lost again.

As they turn back around, however, several figures quickly move out of the adjacent alley; four men total, each garbed in ragged hoodies. One of the men practically skips up on front of them, blocking their path. He glances over at his buddies briefly, before turning his attention to Lillian.

Mugger: Money, lady.

Lillian: Ah, and here's one of the things I didn't miss about big cities.

Mugger: Come on, lady, let's see the money.

Lillian: You really don't want to do this, boy.

Mugger: The f*ck I don't. Now are you deaf or what? Give me the money and no one needs to get hurt.

Lillian: Was that a threat? Are you seriously going to stand there, big tough guy that you are, and threaten a middle aged woman and a young girl? My, you are intimidating, aren't you?

Mugger: Look, lady, geez. My buddies over there, they got guns. Ya hear me?

Pulling his hand out of his pocket, the mugger flips open a switchblade and points it at her.

Mugger: And I got this. Now quit talking and give us the money.

Lillian: So, your friends have guns, but all they gave you was that little pig sticker? Oh, you poor thing.

Her comment actually elicits several stifled laughs from the other guys. All three of them hold their hands over their mouths, chuckling under their breaths.

Mugger: Wh- no, shut up! Just give us the money, b*tch!

The man makes a move forward, pointing the knife closer. Unfortunately, he doesn't keep his eyes on Holly, who suddenly lurches forward and grabs his arm, striking the bottom of his wrist with the points of her fingers. The sudden impact forces his hand open, dropping the knife.

Mugger: Hey, wait a-

Holly's palm then whips into the bottom of his chin, sending his head snapping backwards. She follows up with a kick to the side of the knee, a jab to the groin, and then, for good measure, a chop to the throat. The mugger falls, collapsing to the ground and twitching with pain. He coughs, barely able to breathe, let alone move. The brief moment that his buddies stare, dumbfounded that their friend just got his ass handed to him by a twelve year old girl, allows Lillian to make her own move. She whirls around, lunging between the three men and delivering a series of lightning fast, vicious blows. In seconds, all three men topple to the ground, moaning in agony. With a flip of her hair, Lillian casually walks back over to Holly.

Lillian: Well, they shouldn't be bothering anyone else tonight.

Holly: Whoa... you totally destroyed them. How'd you do that?

Lillian: Please, dear, I may be a grandmother, but I'm no helpless old woman. Who do you think trained your mother?

Smirking pleasantly, Holly quickens her pace to catch up with Lillian, as she leads them back towards the main street.

Holly: Man, this family kicks so much ass!

Int. Rose's Penthouse Suite – Night

The hour is well past midnight when Rose and Becky finally come stumbling into the apartment, all smiles and laughing with each other. As they push into the hallway, Rose loses her balance and staggers against the wall, just barely catching herself. Becky slouches forward, holding a hand to her mouth and stifling further snickers.

Becky: Easy there, don't wanna hurt yourself.

Rose: I'm fine, I'm fine... just got dizzy for a second.

Becky: Quite a night, ah? A good, good night.

Rose: You can say that again... very good. And it's not... not over yet.

A small grin spreads its way across Becky's face, as she helps Rose along farther into the penthouse.

Becky: Si, plenty more to do in the bedroom.

Rose: Don't know if I'm gonna make it that far.

Becky: Oh Dios, I know you're not that drunk, girl.

Rose: No, no... I'm not. But I was thinking, since Holly's out with my mother, let's do... let's do something special.

Stumbling forward, Rose leans against the counter in the kitchen. She motions for Becky to follow, giving a playful, seductive smile.

Rose: Let's do it right here in the kitchen.

Becky: Ah, now you are the adventurous sort... I like it.

Rose: Then come here already.

Holding her hands out, Rose grabs Becky by the wrists and pulls her forward. The two come together in a warm embrace, lips locking and arms wrapping around each other. Within seconds, clothes are flying, hands clawing at each other with loving yet carnal intent. Knees going weak, the two tumble down to the floor, lost to the tingling passion consuming their bodies.

Several hours later...

Rose leans back against the kitchen counter, sitting on the kitchen floor. She holds a coffee mug in one hand, with her other arm wrapped around Becky's shoulders. Becky lies against her, hugging her midsection and taking in deep, steady breaths. Nearby, two empty bottles of whipped cream lay scattered across the floor.

Becky: Mmm... that was... muy bueno.

Smirking pleasantly, Rose lifts the coffee mug to her lips and takes a long sip of the warm, relaxing liquid.

Rose: Oh yes... muy beuno, indeed.

Becky: Hard to believe we've only been together for one year, ah? Seems like... so much longer.

Rose: Well, we have been through a lot... more than most couples, I suppose.

Becky: Si, I even died somewhere in there... not something I intend to have happen again for a long, long time, by the way.

Turning her head, Rose gives her girlfriend a tender, gentle kiss.

Rose: Well I would certainly hope not.

Becky: So, I did good then, ah? Planning tonight, I mean. Dinner, dancing... you even seemed to enjoy the Fuego Lounge.

Rose: It was the drinks I enjoyed. They have... good drinks. Can't believe I let you talk me into it, though.

Becky: Come on, admit it, you liked it. Helps when your girlfriend can pull strings to get us a private room for our anniversary, too, right?

Rose: I... plead the fifth.

A wide grin spreads its way across Becky's face. She leans forward, pressing her lips briefly against Rose's.

Becky: That's what I thought.

Rose: Though, if I recall, you were late. Kept me waiting at the restaurant for forty-five minutes.

Becky: Si, I remember, I was there. You've also brought it up no less than six times tonight.

Rose: What, I can't tease my normally punctual girlfriend for losing track of time?

Becky: Ha, of course you can. But you wouldn't be, if you knew why I was late.

Lifting her eyebrows, Rose tilts her head lazily to the side and gives the woman a curious look.

Rose: And what would that be?

Becky: I had to pick something up, if you must know.

Rose: Oh, of course, it makes perfect sense now. You had to pick up something important moments before our anniversary date! My, how silly of me for not realizing.

Becky: Keep it up and maybe I won't give it to you.

Rose pauses, demeanor instantly shifting. Her gaze grows more curious, as she straightens herself against the cabinets behind her.

Rose: Hey, I thought we said no gifts?

Becky: We did. I got you one anyway.

Rose: Well, I guess that's one way to upstage me... so what is it?

Becky: Close your eyes. And no peaking!

Exhaling a long breath through her nose, Rose hesitates briefly before obediently closing her eyes. She squints them shut tightly, having no intention of peaking and ruining the surprise.

Rose: Alright, get on with it.

Becky: Just a second, I have to get it... was in my pants pocket. Uh... where are my pants, again?

Rose: I think you kicked them off into the hallway.

Rose waits patiently, tapping her fingers against her arms as she listens to Becky march across the apartment to find her pants. Becky returns a short moment later, lowering herself back down to the floor in front of Rose.

Becky: Okay, now, uh... you know I love you, right?

Rose: Right...

Becky: And you love me.

Rose: You know I do.

Becky: I know we've only been together a year, but I... I've never felt this way about anyone before. My heart beats faster whenever I'm around you, you know. I feel... I feel safe around you. Happy. I... I love you more than anything.

Rose: Becky...?

Becky: Shh, let me get through this. I can barely think straight I'm so nervous. I realized something a little while ago, when I was thinking of you. I realized that I... that I never want to leave you, that I never want to be with anyone else but you, and that I want to wake up next to you everyday for the rest of my life.

A sudden jolt of surprise surges through Rose's chest.

Rose: Wait, Becky, are you...?

When a small weight presses itself into the palm of Rose's hand, she can't bring herself to finish her sentence. With Becky's hands holding her own, she swallows nervously and sucks in a deep, shaky breath.

Becky: So I, uh... I have a question for you.

She can't keep her eyes shut any longer. Slowly easing them open, she lowers her gaze down to her palm to see a small black box sitting there. A numb, anxious lump instantly knots its way into her throat. Becky smiles at her, then brings a hand up to gently ease the box open, revealing inside a brilliant, glittering diamond ring.

Becky: Rose... will you marry me?

Rose doesn't have to look at the ring another second longer, instantly lunging forward and wrapping her arms tightly around Becky. She brings their lips together for a long, long while, until finally pulling back and pressing their foreheads together, a wide, overjoyed smile on her face.

Rose: Yes, Becky... yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Chapter #108

Int. Ruby's Bridal Shop – Day

Ruby: Now don't you just look ravishing?

Rose: I don't know, seems a bit... restricting.

Ruby: Nonsense, it's wonderful.

Rose: Look, I may be nimble on my feet, but this is just... too much.

Ruby: Oh fine, fine. We'll try another.

Releasing a long breath, Ruby carefully works to undo the back of the wedding gown. Rose stands still, staring at herself in the mirror. More specifically, she's focusing on the nearly five foot long train trailing behind the dress. Sure, the gown looks nice, but it's far too elegant and superfluous for her tastes, and she doesn't need to be tripping over her feet, either. Nearby, Lillian leans back in her seat, one leg crossed over the other, and intently inspects the gown as Ruby removes it.

Lillian: I think the style is quite lovely, but it is far too large a garment. Perhaps something of a similar nature, but one not so long?

Rose: I'd prefer one that doesn't go past my ankles. Remember, I'm used to wearing skin tight armor and combat boots, I don't do well in flowery dresses.

Ruby: Alright, I'll see what I can find. Just hold on a few minutes.

Rose: Any chance you could make it one minute?

A cold shiver runs its way up her spine, as she stands there in her undergarments.

Rose: I mean, it's not that hot out. Do you really need to crank up the A/C so much?

Ruby: My store, my air conditioning. Besides, as my friends, I'm offering you both a sizable discount, so I'm sure you can endure it a little while longer.

Rose: Which I don't think we've properly thanked you for, yet... so thanks.

Waving off the comment nonchalantly, Ruby gently returns the gown back its place in the large back closet, and then quickly searches for a more suitable one.

Ruby: Oh, not a problem at all. I'm only surprised that after as long as we've known each other, you never once asked what I did for a living.

Rose: Well, I knew you ran a store... just not what kind.

Ruby: Fortunate for you, then, that I happen to have nearly everything you'll need to prepare for your wedding.

Pausing a moment, Rose glances over to the dividing wall of the fitting room.

Rose: Hey, how's it coming in there?

A brief moment later, three heads poke their way around the partition.

Circe: Coming along quite well, I think.

Lyta: Yeah, she picked out a great one!

Holly: But you can't see it! Not until the wedding!

Another voice follows from within the second fitting room beyond.

Becky: They're pretty protective, ah? Don't worry, you'll love it. How's it going on your end?

Rose: Oh, it's going... alright.

Raising her arms, Rose sucks in a deep breath as Ruby begins fitting her for another gown. This one, fortunately, doesn't rival a Persian rug in size.

Rose: I'll have something. Eventually.

Ext. Silverstone City Streets – Day

Nearly an hour later, the group of women pile out onto the sidewalk outside of Ruby's shop. Becky raises an arm high in the air, trying to wave down a taxi.

Becky: Oy, over here!

The cab zooms straight by them, without so much as slowing down.

Becky: Ahh, pandejo!

Rose: Easy there, Beck.

Becky: What can I say, ah? I'm starving. Sooner we get to the restaurant, the better.

Growing a wide, amused smirk across her face, Rose leans in and gives her fiance a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Rose: Have I mentioned how much I love you, lately?

Becky: Ha, not since this morning. But it's okay, I never get tired of hearing it.

Rose: Mmm, good. Because I never get tired of saying it. Anyway, I'll let you guys get going to lunch. I gotta leave soon.

Becky: Wait, where are you-

She stops mid-sentence, sudden understanding washing over her face. With a quick exhale, she smacks her forehead and chuckles to herself.

Becky: Ah, right, right. It's that day. You heading to the airport now?

Rose: Soon, got one more stop to make on the way. In any case, I should be back later tonight.

Becky: I'll make sure to wait up, then.

Rose's lips slowly curl into another broad smile. Leaning forward, she kisses Becky again, longer this time.

Rose: I look forward to it.

Int. Silverstone Central Police Station – Day

Sitting calmly behind his desk, Police Chief Gerald Palmer's attention lifts abruptly at the sound of a gentle knock on his door. He sits up straighter, placing his pen down and then folding his hands firmly in front of him.

Palmer: Come in.

When the door opens to reveal the visitor, Palmer relaxes slightly, sinking back into his seat and smiling.

Palmer: Wilson, come in, come in, sit down.

With a small smile of her own, Rose crosses the office and sits down in the chair across from the desk.

Rose: You know you can call me Rose, right? I think we've known each other plenty long enough.

Palmer: I know, I know. Just a habit, I guess. So how have you been, anyway? Been a while. I heard about the engagement from Chavez, congratulations.

Rose: Thanks, sir. We're very excited about it, trust me.

Palmer: How long you been engaged now? Two months, is that right?

Rose: Closer to two and a half, but yeah. The wedding is next month.

Palmer: Ah, coming up quick.

Rose: Yeah, we're not wasting any time with it.

Palmer's smile widens a little, as he leans forward.

Palmer: That's good, that's good. Hey, how's Holly doing? She going out for the school soccer team again this year?

Rose: Are you kidding me? It's all she'll talk about when it comes to school. Homework, forget it, but soccer... The season is still six months away, but she's already practicing for it.

Palmer: You got yourself a determined girl there. Don't find too many kids with that kind of discipline nowadays.

This time, it's Rose's turn to broaden her grin.

Rose: Hey, what do you expect when her mother is the Ravager?

Palmer: Ha, true enough. So what brings you here? You aren't the type to just drop by to shoot the breeze.

Rose: Well, I'm here to personally invite you to the wedding.

At this comment, Palmer's eyebrows lift. His posture straightens, hands folding firmly in front of himself again.

Palmer: Your wedding? That's... I mean, of course, that's wonderful. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Rose: But I don't just want you to attend the wedding.

Palmer: Come again?

Rose: I mean... you've been a good friend to me for a while now. You know me, you know my family -- hell, you practically are part of my family at this point. I know we didn't get along much at first, I mean back when I was still the new cape in town, not to mention the rookie cop, but... we've come a long way. We care about each other, but you're a tough son of a b*tch, too. You know how to tell me the things I need to hear, no matter how hard it is for me to hear them.

Furrowing his brow slightly, Palmer tilts his head curiously and gives her a long, confused stare.

Palmer: Wilson, what on earth are you getting at?

Rose: What I mean is, in the short time I've known you, you've been the closest thing to a real father figure I've ever had. And I... I want you to walk me down the aisle.

An abrupt silence descended over the two. Not an awkward silence, but a calm, peaceful one. Palmer straightens even further in his seat for a moment, only to then sink back in the chair and exhale deeply. When he finally is able to bring himself to speak again, his lips curl into a very slight, almost distant smile.

Palmer: You know, my daughter, rest her her soul... she'd be about your age now if she were still alive. I always imagined seeing her some day dressed up in one of those wedding gowns, walking her down the aisle with those little white flowers stuck up in her hair... just like the song. You know that song?

Rose: Can't say I do.

Palmer: Ah, don't know what you're missing. Great song. Used to sing it to her every night when she was a kid. She really loved that song... But I'm never going to have that chance now, am I? To walk her down the aisle, I mean.

Rose: Sir...

Palmer: Sorry, sorry.

Taking in a deep breath, he leans forward against his desk and gives her a stern, yet caring gaze..

Palmer: Just... reminiscing is all. Wils -- Rose, it would be my honor to give you away at your wedding.

A pleased smile curls its way across Rose's face.

Rose: Thank you. I'll see you there.

Ext. Titans Tower - Day

Six hours later...

Rose stands just outside the main entrance to the tower, tilting her head back to stare up at the top. It's been nearly four years now since she last stepped foot on the island. Four years since she left the Teen Titans to start a life of her own, to find her own place in the world. The irony of ending up back here again after so long, even if only briefly, does not escape her. Glancing back behind her, she carefully examines the destroyed security turrets. The twisted scraps of metal spark and hiss in disrepair. In retrospect, she probably should have called ahead...

When the doors open, Rose inhales deeply. She watches as Tim Drake, fully garbed in his Red Robin outfit, walks out of the tower and approaches her, arms folded across his chest. He stares at her for several moments in silence.

Rose: Uh... hey, Tim. How is everyone?

Red Robin: They're good. Been kind of a crazy week for us, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Rose: Oh, that's good. Glad to hear it.

Red Robin: So... what brings you here? First visit in, what, three years?

Rose: Closer to four... but yeah. I, uh... I'm here to invite you all, the Teen Titans that is... to my wedding.

The comment actually causes Tim to falter slightly. His weight shifts, eyes widening and arms lowering from his chest.

Red Robin: You... you're getting married? To who?

Rose: Rebecca; you know, you've already met her.

Red Robin: But I thought she was-

Rose: Yeah... it's a long story. But she's been back for a while now, and better than ever.

Red Robin: Well that's- I mean... that's great. Really, congratulations.

Smiling softly, Rose shifts her stance, briefly lowering her gaze to the ground.

Rose: Thanks, Tim... that actually means a lot to hear you say.

Red Robin: Uh, now no offense or anything, but... couldn't you have just sent us a regular invitation? I mean, you didn't need to come all the way here... and destroy our security system. Should really look into upgrading, now that I think of it...

Rose: No, you're right. There's actually a different reason I came. I, uh... I need to talk to one of you.

Int. Titans Tower - Day

The initial silence is beyond awkward. It hangs over the pair like a heavy smog, forcing them both to shift uncomfortably numerous times before bringing themselves to say anything. When she came here, Rose had things prepared she wanted to say, but now... now she can barely find the words.

Rose: I... well, I... um...

Fortunately, the other woman speaks up with words of her own before Rose can make a bumbling fool of herself.

Cassie: I'll start. Please.

Rose: Yeah, alright... go ahead.

Cassie: I... I'm sorry, Rose. For everything, really. I treated you like crap before... and you were right, it was because I already had you pegged as bad news, from the moment you walked into the tower. I was so... so certain that you were a bad person, I never gave you much of a chance to be anything else.

Rose: Well, to be fair, I didn't really help my case much...

A soft chuckle finds its way out of Cassie's throat. She smiles, looking away momentarily.

Cassie: No, no you really didn't. But still... you've changed. A lot. I was loath to admit it for a while, but... you're a great hero, you know. And person. Kinda wish I knew more of that firsthand, to be honest, instead of hearing about it from everyone else. Also, uh... for what happened with Rebecca back then, I'm... I'm so sorry about that. I was angry at you, and I wasn't thinking, I just... acted.

Bowing her head, Cassie exhales a long, deep sigh.

Cassie: I was a real b*tch, wasn't I?

Rose: Yeah, well so was I. I mean, hell, I always did my best to provoke you. To tell the truth, I got a real kick out of making you angry... probably why we never got along very well. You always wanted to be mad at me, and I always gave you a reason.

Cassie: Match made in hell, right?

Smirking widely, Rose bows her head and utters a brief, amused laugh.

Rose: That's one way of putting it, yeah. But, in any case... I'm sorry, too. I kinda had this bad habit of overreacting to a lot of things, especially when it came to you. I mean, I was always just... looking for approval, I guess. But I always failed, and it really had a way of getting to me.

With a soft breath of air, Cassie's face contorts into slight confusion.

Cassie: Approval?

Rose: Well, yeah. I mean, you were Wonder Girl. You could do no wrong, and let's face it, most of the alerts we responded to, you could have solved by yourself just fine. But then there was me, the new kid, just a little ball of hate with swords trying to impress everyone else. You'd never know it since I always kept my feelings bottled up back then, to the point where I couldn't even admit them to myself, but... I cared what you all thought of me. I cared a lot. Part of why I kept leaving so much after every time I screwed up, because it could never be a little screw up, no, it was always a big one, always a cause for you guys to want to kick me out on your own. I just... I couldn't deal with that. So I left, ran away so you didn't have to deal with me.

Cassie: Rose...

By this time, Rose has her head pressed against her hand, gaze pointed at the floor. She breathes in deeply, swallowing back a hard knot in her throat and trying to hold herself together.

God I'm such a wuss, wearing my emotions on my goddamn sleeves now. Was so much easier when I hid them all.

Rose: And another thing, Cass, I'm... I'm sorry... about Bart. I'm the reason he's gone, and I spent so much goddamn time hating myself for it, I just... I never should have walked through that door. I should have listened to Tim, I... I acted like a child and it got one of our friends killed. That's not something I can ever make up for, but I am sorry... more than you can ever know.

Cassie's arms suddenly wrap firmly around her shoulders. Rose stands there stupidly, blinking in surprise and disbelief. For a long moment, she does nothing, only shifting her eyes to look at the woman now hugging her.

Cassie: It's alright, Rose... I promise, everything is alright.

As the seconds melt by, however, she gradually lifts her own arms to return the embrace.

Rose: Thanks... I... I needed this.

Cassie: I know.

Rose: It's kinda funny... there was a time when I would have sooner fired a bazooka at you than give you a hug.

Cassie: Yeah... I'm pretty sure you actually did that once.

A sudden laugh bursts past Rose's lips. She grins widely, bowing her head.

Rose: Right... I did, didn't I?

When the two pull away from each other, Rose folds her arms across her chest and shifts her stance, giving a long look at the woman across from her. Cassie returns the gaze, hands lowering to her hips.

Cassie: So... we good?

Rose: Yeah, we're good. I mean, I know we might never be best friends or anything, but... I'd still like it if you came to my wedding. There's a spot open for another bridesmaid, if you're interested.

Cassie: Depends... the dresses aren't hideous, are they?

Rose: Ha, no. Becky picked them out herself, and she actually has a lot of fashion sense. More so than I do, anyway.

Cassie: Well in that case... I'd be happy to.

Chapter #109

Ext. Silverstone City – Evening

Leaning over the edge of the rooftop, Ravager gazes down at the back alleys below. Her eyes focus on a thug wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sprinting across the nearby basketball court. She doesn't make a move on him yet, waiting for the proper moment. After all, she's not about to let impatience ruin two hours of stalking. If she jumps the gun, then she might lose the big catch.

As the man turns a corner, Ravager straightens herself and leaps across the alley to the next rooftop, keeping him in sight. The abrupt sound of a beeping alarm, however, draws her attention away momentarily. Glancing down at her belt, she reaches into one of the compartments and pulls out her cell phone, glaring at it intently. First warning.

Ravager: Still got time.

After returning the phone to her utility belt, she quickens her pace and races across the roof in pursuit.

Ext. Silverstone City Park – Evening

A lot goes into preparing a wedding, especially with only a few months advance notice. Everything from determining where to hold it, when to have it, what food to serve, what catering service to use, who's invited, what decorations to use, what music to play, make-up, jewelry... it can be a real nightmare trying to get it all perfect. Fortunately, not only is Ruby the owner of a wedding shop, but she also happens to double as a professional wedding planner on the side, when she isn't teleporting around the city fighting crime. When Rose and Becky needed to put together a wedding in three months, she happily stepped forward to take on the task for her friends.

The where had been easy enough to decide. Silverstone Park, easily the most elegant and beautiful place in the city. Reserving the use of it for the ceremony and following reception hadn't exactly been cheap, but it was well worth it. Near the center of the park, over in front of the pond, the ceremony would take place. Rows and rows of chairs had already been set up in two sections, one on either side of the carpeted walkway. Quite a few people have already gathered themselves in their seats, waiting for the ceremony to begin, despite the fact that the event isn't due to start for another hour.

Towards the other end of the park, the reception area stands ready and waiting. Multiple tables with silks cloths, each with a flowered centerpiece, sit in front of a raised dance floor and stage, where the selected band of the evening will make its appearance later on. Throughout the park, large trellises had been erected, each decorated with a variety of elegant ribbons and flowers. Then there were the swan ice sculptures, objects of great intrigue to the guests. While the soon to be married couple had been reluctant about overdoing it with the decorations, Ruby had spared nothing to make this day one that they would remember forever.

And in regards to the attending guests, invitations had been sent out to a large majority of the superhero community (in addition to those normal family members from Becky's side). Anyone that Rose had worked with over the years, whether she knew them well or not, had received an invite, and every single one of them chose to attend, including the entire Justice League. Of course, with costumes replaced by dresses and suits, few would be able to actually connect any of them to their superhero aliases, except for those with more obvious identities.

Standing at the center of the park with a headset around her ear, Ruby stares down intently at the clipboard in her grasp. Pursing her lips, she absently smoothes out the front of her scarlet bridesmaid dress. While the other guests mingle amongst themselves as they wait the ceremony to begin, it's Ruby's job to make sure the whole event goes off without a hitch. Glancing up quickly from her clipboard, she carefully scans the dining area.

Ruby: Seventy-five... eighty... eighty-five... yes, I'm sure there's enough seats. Forty tables, five to a table... wait, we're missing two tables. Damn it, Nickie.

A hiss of static comes in over her headset, followed by a timid female voice.

Nickie/Headset: Oh my, I'm sorry. I was sure we had all the tables out! I'll go find them right away.

Breathing out a small sigh, Ruby slowly shakes her head.

Ruby: It's alright, just have them out before the reception begins. Plenty of time to get it done.

Nickie/Headset: Right, of course. Sorry again.

Ruby: Nickie?

Nickie/Headset: Uh, yes?

Ruby: Stop apologizing.

Nickie/Headset: Oh, uh, sorry. I mean -- um...

Chuckling softly to herself, Ruby curls her lips into a playful smile.

Ruby: Just get those tables out, Nickie.

Nickie/Headset: Yes, right away.

A small pause comes in over the headset, until Nickie's voice abruptly reappears.

Nickie/Headset: And, uh... we're still on for tomorrow night, right?

Ruby: Wouldn't miss it for the world, darling.

The excitement coming in from the other line is practically tangible.

Nickie/Headset: Oh, awesome! We'll have so much fun, I promise. I- I'll... tables, right. I'll take care of it!

Ruby's smile widens, as she turns her attention back to her clipboard. She carefully checks off various items on her list, only when she's certain that they're taken care of. Her attention, however, is quickly drawn away at presence of another woman approaching.

Circe: You really should take a break from the clipboard, Ruby. Stress and all that.

Ruby: I'll be fine, Circe. Everything is almost all taken care of... once the ceremony begins and I'm standing up there with the rest of you bridesmaids, then I can put the clipboard down.

Circe: Ah, ah, ah, I'm not a bridesmaid.

Rolling her eyes slightly, Ruby breathes out another sigh.

Ruby: Yes, yes, maid of honor, I know. Are the other bridesmaids ready, though?

Circe: Right over there.

Turning her gaze, Ruby squints across the grass to see a group of women standing there and talking amongst themselves: Zatanna, Cassandra Cain, Renee Montoya, Abigail Chavez (Becky's sister), Cassandra Sandsmark, Karen Starr, and Raven. Lyta, too, though not a bridesmaid herself, stands in conversation with Zatanna, learning a variety of magical tips from the much more experienced magician.

Ruby: Hmm... certainly looks like all of them. And bridesmen?

Circe: They really don't like you calling them that, you know. They've been quite adamantly referring to themselves as groomsmen.

Ruby: And if there were a groom, I'd refer to them as that, as well. Where are they?

With a casual gesture, Circe points out the group of men hovering around the snack table. Ruby counts them carefully, making sure that not a single one is missing. Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Roy Harper, Cyborg, Joseph Wilson, Conner Kent, and of course the best man, Dick Grayson.

Ruby: Alright, good, and how are the brides coming along?

Circe: Oh, you mean Rose and Rebecca?

Ruby: Who else would I mean? Are they ready to go?

Circe: Well, I suppose they would be... if I could find them.

Ruby pauses, blinking a single time and clearing her throat. She leans forward ever so slightly, her eyes slowly widening

Ruby: You... want to run that by me again?

Circe: I'm saying I can't find them. They're not here.

Int. Crack House – Evening

Drug Dealer: No! No, please!

A vicious fist to the face abruptly cuts off the man's voice. He stumbles backwards, tripping over a wooden end table and crashing to the floor. A pained groan surges past his bloodied lips, as he crawls weakly through the shabby, near dilapidated living room. Above him, water stains blotch the ceiling, while thick streaks of mold and mildew paint across the walls, filling the place with a musty scent pungent enough to induce nausea.

Drug Dealer: I'm telling you... don't know anything!

Ravager folds her arms firmly across her chest, glaring down at the sad excuse for a man. He cowers there on the floor, shuddering violently in his fright. Or maybe it's pain? Same difference.

Ravager: I'd be more inclined to believe that if I hadn't been following you since you met with the others. You know the ones, your buddies. The ones selling to kids!

Drug Dealer: That's them! They do that, man, not me!

Ravager: But you know who they work for, who they associate with. Where's their base? Who's their boss?

Drug Dealer: Oh come on, I don't know!

Ravager: Sure you do, and if you don't start talking, that broken nose of yours is going to be the least of your problems.

Drug Dealer: Man, screw you!

The thug suddenly reaches into the back of his pants, pulling out a pistol and taking aim. He fires three times, and each time Ravager effortlessly dodges, leaning casually out of the way of all three bullets. She watches as the man scrambles up to his feet and sprints towards the back of the building, intent on escaping through the rear exit. She could easily chase him down, but doesn't bother. She doesn't need to.


The drug dealer suddenly reappears, flying straight through the decaying living room wall in a cloud of plaster. He hits the floor hard, rolling to a stop right in front of Ravager's feet.

Ravager: Well now, that wasn't too smart.

Poking her head through the newly created hole in the wall, Becky stares down at the man in surprise. The pale moonlight streaming in through the window shines brilliantly off the surface of her silvery, metallic shell, bathing her in an eerie, yet beautiful glow.

Becky: Uh... I may have overdone it on that one. Wasn't actually trying to put him through the wall.

Ravager: I wouldn't worry about it, wasn't your fault.

Bending down momentarily, she lifts the man by the shirt collar and holds him up at arm's length.

Ravager: These damn walls are practically falling apart already. I'd have been more surprised if he didn't go through it.

Drug Dealer: Ungh... don't know nothin'... I swear.

Ravager: In case you aren't aware of what just happened, my friend over there put you through a wall. If you don't tell us what we want to know, you'll see firsthand what else she can do. Understand?

His gaze slowly turns over to Becky; she simply folds her powerful arms across her chest and smirks at him. Cringing, he gulps down the knot in his throat and whimpers out a frightened breath.

Drug Dealer: Alright, alright... the one you're looking for, his name's Big Tony. Works out of an old warehouse near the abandoned toy factory. That's all I know, I swear.

Ravager: Hmm... that's all the way on the other side of the city.

Throwing the guy back to the floor, she takes the phone back out of her belt. Forty-five minutes.

Becky: We got time?

Ravager: Yeah, we got time.

Ext. Silverstone City Park - Evening

Deep breaths, just take deep breaths, Ruby.

Inhaling a large gulp of air, Ruby paces back and forth, one hand clutching her clipboard close to her chest and the other held anxiously against the side of her head. Her heart thumps rapidly in her chest, pounding like some kind of demonic drum.

So they're apparently not here, and neither of them are answering their phones. But knowing those two, they probably just snuck off somewhere for a quickie before the ceremony. Hahaha, yes, yes, that's probably what they did... no way they could actually be missing, not on their wedding day.

A hiss of static abruptly startles her out of her panic.

Nickie/Headset: Any sign of them?

Ruby: No, nothing yet... I have a search team engaged, however. If they're around here, we'll find them.

No sooner than she says this, two members of the aforementioned search party appear behind her: Fellow bridesmaid, Renee Montoya, and her partner, the scarlet-haired Kate Kane. She turns to them quickly, daring to let out a relieved breath. This must be good news, of course, they couldn't possibly be back to tell her that-

Renee: No sign of them.

Or maybe they could.

Ruby: You're sure?

Kate: Well, we've looked everywhere we can think of, searched for any clues we could find, followed all leads-

Renee: -and yet all trails run cold. Curious, don't you think?

Ruby: Not the word I'd use...

Breathing out a frustrated sigh, she turns back around to face another approaching pair: Lillian Worth and Gerald Palmer.

Ruby: Please tell me you have something.

Palmer: 'Fraid not. Doesn't look like they're around.

Lillian: But I wouldn't worry. This is their wedding day, after all. They'll be here.

Ruby: Your confidence in endearing, I'm sure, but if they don't show up in the next fifteen minutes, we're really going to be cutting things close. I swear, if I have to delay the start of the ceremony...

Palmer: Relax, they'll be here.

Ruby drops her head into her hands. So help those two if they're late to the wedding that she'd gone through so much trouble putting together for them in such a short amount of time...

Palmer shifts weight slightly, while bringing his hands up to straighten out his tie. He clears his throat briefly, then casually turns his gaze over to Lillian.

Palmer: So, uh... you're Rose's mother, correct? Mrs. Wilson?

Lillian: It's Miss Worth, actually. I'm not married. You can call me Lili, though.

Palmer: Right, of course. Lili, then.

Lillian: And you're Mr. Palmer. Or Chief Palmer, as I hear. My daughter speaks very highly of you.

Palmer: Does she? Well, I have to say I think the same of her. Remarkable daughter you have. Oh, and it's just Gerald.

Lillian tilts her head slightly, smiling a very subtle smile at him.

Lillian: Thank you, Gerald.

Returning the smile, Palmer shifts his weight awkwardly and scratches the back of his neck. He stands there for a moment, remaining silent, until finally clearing his throat and working up the nerve to speak again.

Palmer: So, uh... can I get you a drink, or anything?

Lillian: I was wondering when you'd ask.

Ruby watches only briefly as the pair leave for the bar, soon being interrupted by another pair tasked with searching for brides. She doesn't look at them right away, instead sucking in a deep breath of air and holding it for several moments. When at last her nerves have calmed, she slowly exhales and turns to them: the best man, Dick Grayson, and his date for the evening, Barbara Gordon.

Ruby: Before you say anything... please know that I'm liable to spread my misery to everyone in the park if I get anymore bad news. Have you ever seen an empath freak out before? It's not pretty.

Dick: Uh... I have, actually. And no, it's definitely not pretty.

Barbara: But we're afraid we haven't found them, either.

Ruby: Oh you must be joking.

Groaning loudly, she bows her head in her hands again and tries to calm her breathing.

Barbara: I do think I have a way to find them, though.

A jolt of hope surges through her body. Slowly raising her gaze, Ruby blinks several times at the woman. A hard knot begins forming in her throat, but she swallows it down.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Barbara grins knowingly, leaning forward in her wheelchair.

Barbara: All I need is your cell phone.

Int. Abandoned Warehouse – Evening

Ravager: So, you're Big Tony, huh?

Arms folded firmly across her chest, Ravager glares at the large man standing across from her. He doesn't falter, aiming his pistol straight at her and cocked sideways, gangster style... as do his ten buddies, all standing around him. At such odds, the only thing she can bring herself to do is grin.

Big Tony: Yeah, well wassit to ya?

Ravager: I hear you're the one running the local drug ring. Been selling to kids, haven't you?

Big Tony: I sells to whoeva wants it. No questions. You got a problem withat?

Ravager: Yeah, see, I really do have a problem with that. I happen to like this city... what I don't like, is guys like you slowly killing it like a bad case of cancer. So, as long as scum like you exist in Silverstone, I'll be here to stop it. Any of this getting through that big dumb skull of yours?

Big Tony: Right, and yous gonna stop us. Ya hear that boys, she's gonna stop us.

A series of amused chuckles cackle out from the group. They glance at each other, shaking their heads and smirking in disbelief. They aren't afraid... they should be afraid.

Big Tony: Ain't nobody stoppin' this operation, ya dig? Bad move, ya costumed freak.

As he pulls the trigger, Rose is already leaning to the side. By the time the gun fires, she's well out of the way of the bullet path. A long moment of silence descends over the warehouse, coupled with dumbfounded stares by the group of drug dealers.

Ravager: You're right... bad move.

With a simple flick of her fingers, she tosses down a single smoke pellet, quickly filling the room with a thick smog. The men backpedal in panic, firing off their guns at her repeatedly. A lot of good it does them, as she easily evades every shot and drifts into the smoke like a shadow. Before they can work out a plan to defend themselves with those tiny brains of theirs, they find themselves under attack from behind. Becky crashes through the roof of the warehouse, landing with a thunderous quake. Several more shots go off, each one deflecting off her armored skin.

Becky: Yeah, that doesn't work so well, ah?

She darts at the first several men, flipping them over with little effort and battering them into unconsciousness. By now, the men run aimlessly like frightened rabbits, desperate to get away. Ravager doesn't allow it, lunging through the smoke and delivering a series of crippling, yet graceful attacks that drop each man to the ground. Within seconds, the soon to be married couple are the only two left standing, surrounded by a pile of unconscious bodies.

Ravager: That was almost anticlimactic.

Becky: Si... if it didn't feel so good to beat some sense into these pandejos, I might have been disappointed.

Ravager: Oh well, time to give the station a call, get some cops down here to clean up the scene.

Becky: Then we should probably get going, ah? How much time we got left?

Ruby: Ten minutes. You have ten minutes.

Whirling around suddenly, Rose and Becky come face to face with their friend and wedding planner, Ruby. She stares back at them, a scowl on her face and hands on her hips.

Ruby: You two are going to be late to your own wedding! The wedding that I put together!

Becky: Oh, uh... hey, Ruby. We were just on our way now...

Ravager: How did you even find us?

Ruby: Oracle hacked the GPS signal on your phone. Fortunately, my teleportation range extends across the entire city. Now, you have approximately...

Her eyes briefly glance back down at her watch.

Ruby: -nine minutes to get to your dressing rooms, get dressed, and get ready to walk down the damn aisle!

Shifting uneasily on her feet, Becky leans close to her bride.

Becky: We should get going, shouldn't we?

Ravager: Would probably be a good idea, yeah.

Ext. Silverstone City Park – Night

Priest: Rose Wilson, do you take Rebecca Chavez for your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?

Rose looks across from her, taking that single moment to truly appreciate Rebecca's beauty, dressed up in that elegant wedding gown of hers. She can't remember a moment that she ever felt more nervous, more anxious, and yet quite so overwhelmingly happy as that moment right then. The words almost don't find their way out of her mouth, with her heart pounding as thunderously against the inside of her chest as it is. But with a deep, calming breath, she smiles a deeply loving smile and breathes those words out with finality and conviction.

Rose: I do.

In the eagerly watchful crowd, Holly sits up straighter on her seat and grins widely.

Holly: This is awesome! Isn't this awesome?

Lillian: Shh, my dear. Let's not spoil the moment.

Priest: And Rebecca Chavez, do you take Rose for your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?

The same caring smile curls its way across her face. She takes in a deep breath, reaching forward to gently take hold of Rose's hands.

Rebecca: I do.

Back in the crowd, Holly practically jumps out of her seat.

Holly: Oh I almost can't believe this is happening... I have two moms now! Could this day get any better?

Lillian: Holly, settle down.

Priest: Then I now pronounce you woman and wife. You may kiss the bride.

They finally come together, arms wrapping gently around one another as they lean in for their first kiss as a married couple. When their lips meet, an explosion of euphoria races through them, fueled only stronger by the eruption of applause and cheers from the guests. For several long moments, they hold the kiss, neither wanting to let go.

Holly: Yes! Now we get to go on the honeymoon! Bermuda, here we come!

Lillian: You do know that the honeymoon is just for them, right?

Holly: Wait, what?

Lillian: The honeymoon is for the married couple. You're staying here with me.

Holly: What?! Awww, man! So not cool!

As the new brides walk hand in hand down the aisle, Becky leans in close and smiles.

Becky: Looking forward to later tonight, ah?

Rose: Ha, you have no idea.

So, I can't say I ever thought my life would turn out this way. It's been a wild ride, to say the least. There were moments when I thought I wasn't going to make it, that I'd end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Just another statistic.

Rose waves to her mother, as they walk by. She waves to Palmer, too. And Holly. And all the bridesmaids, and the bridesmen, and everyone else. She can't remember another time when she's ever been surrounded by this many people who care about her.

But I survived. I didn't give up, I didn't back down, and I persevered. I made something of my life. I've made friends, I've found family, and I've come to love them all. I am my own woman now. I'm a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a mentor... And above all else-

When they reach the end of the aisle, Becky turns to her again and tenderly holds both of her hands. She steps forward, leaning close, and embraces her with another long, loving kiss. She pulls back several moments later, touching their foreheads together and grinning.

Becky: We got a whole new life ahead of us. You ready for it?

Rose: More than you know, Becky. More than you know.

-above all else... I'm happy.

The End.

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