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Title: Red Steel #3: Showdown! Part 5

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: T - For strong violence

Summary: Now that Colossus has discovered the true motives of his new friend Jerome, he will soon be in an epic battle that will determine the fate of Earth as Nigel's plans come to light and an alien invasion is threatening the world!

Notes: Please be gentle with the criticisms! :D


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Chapter 5: The Alien Invasion!

Somewhere in space, near Earth’s atmosphere…

“Soldiers of the Gorkian Army! We are now this close to accomplishing our goals! Once we obtain the natural resources from the Planet Earth to power this army, nothing will stop us from world domination of this pathetic planet!” cried Commander Zoid.

The Gorkian Army then raised their hands in an army salute and cheered in elation for they believed that Commander Zoid will lead them to victory in dominating the Planet Earth. The Gorkian Army, which consisted of over four-hundred members, were gathered inside a giant black and blue spaceship that was heading towards the Earth’s atmosphere. Once the spaceship makes its landing in New York Harbor, the Gorkian Army will soon attack all of the earthlings inhabiting Earth and take over the planet. As the army prepared their weapons, Commander Zoid jumped off the podium where he gave his speech and started to prepare himself for the battle ahead. Commander Zoid then started thinking to himself about the deal he made with Nigel Faust, where he told Nigel that he could have full control of Planet Earth if he gave him the natural resources needed to power his army. However, after much thought, Commander Zoid decided that it was pointless in letting Nigel take over the Planet Earth since he knew that Nigel would do anything to become ruler of the planet and he had his own plans for Earth also. Once his army takes all of the Earth’s natural resources, he will give Nigel Faust the reward that he justly deserves.


The X-Men and the Avengers were traveling at top speed inside the X-Men’s Blackbird, trying to get to New York Harbor quickly before the alien army arrived.

“Wow! I’m impressed with the technology of this plane! No wonder you guys can get to the action so fast!” Iron Man said in awe.

“See? I told you it would be much faster to travel this way!” said Kitty proudly.

“It has been such awhile since I rode in the Blackbird that I almost forgot what it was like to ride in it,” said Red Steel.

“I know,” said Bobby.

“Look! Up ahead!” shouted Captain America.

Everyone on the Blackbird looked ahead and saw that the alien spaceship had finally gotten through the Earth’s atmosphere and was landing on New York Harbor.

“Oh no! We got to get there quickly before they start attacking the people!” exclaimed Jerome.

“Hold on everyone!” said Hank as he steered the Blackbird towards New York Harbor at break-necking speed.

Meanwhile, the Gorkian Army’s spaceship landed at New York Harbor and from inside the ship, Commander Zoid shouted to his army, “Now my soldiers! It is time to take this planet as our own! Gorkian Army, ATTACK!

The Gorkian Army then ran out of the spaceship and into the streets of New York City, yelling out battle cries. As they neared the buildings, they came to an abrupt stop when a young woman suddenly phased out of the ground and said to them, “You know, you guys shouldn’t be running towards this city yelling like maniacs. It’s really annoying on the ears.”

Kitty jumped into the air and then gave the alien in the front a swift kick to the head, knocking the alien unconscious. Then, she did a back flip, phased through the ground and phased back up through the ground, giving the next alien an uppercut. Even though the aliens were shocked at this display, they came to their senses and started shooting at Kitty, who phased herself to avoid the shots. The alien army continued running towards the city once more, only to be stopped by a steel man wearing a red costume. Red Steel then told the aliens in a booming voice that ranged throughout the streets, “I DO NOT THINK SO!”

Red Steel then ran towards the alien army and plowed straight through them, knocking each alien aside the street. As the aliens looked on with fright, they then noticed that the sky was darkening as a large jet plane came into view. Suddenly, the rest of the X-Men and the Avengers jumped out from the jet plane and landed on the street near the aliens, where they proceeded to attack the alien army head on. Captain America threw his shield towards the aliens, knocking them down one by one, while Iron Man started shooting his beam rays at the aliens, disintegrating them in an instant. Black Widow was shooting at the aliens hitting them in the heads and killing them, while Storm created windstorms to throw the aliens into the river. Iceman soared through the air and started shooting ice beams towards the aliens, freezing them in their places. Wolverine and Beast’s attacks were the most brutal since they were cutting up the aliens’ bodies with lethal accuracy. Wolverine used his claws to slash at the aliens, causing many aliens’ body parts to be thrown around the street with purple blood gushing out everywhere. Beast meanwhile was ripping limbs off of the aliens, causing just as much bloody mayhem as Wolverine.

When Commander Zoid saw that his alien army was brutally being beaten by the X-Men and the Avengers, he yelled out in pure rage, “NO! NO! THIS CANNOT BE! HOW COULD MY ALIEN ARMY BE DEFEATED BY MERE EARTHLINGS?!”

“Beats me, buddy, but I guess they never went up against mutants and super beings before,” said Jerome. Jerome was then running towards Commander Zoid while materializing daggers out of his hands, planning to finish the alien commander off. Commander Zoid then whipped out his plasma gun, but was quickly tackled down by Jerome, who then started slashing at Commander Zoid’s face. Commander Zoid started screaming out in pain as gushes of purple blood sprayed out of his face and onto Jerome. However, Commander Zoid then reached for his gun and shot Jerome in the arm, causing Jerome to fall back with a pained yelp. As Jerome tried to get up, he was suddenly jumped on by Commander Zoid who started squeezing Jerome’s throat in a painful manner.

Commander Zoid then said sadistically towards Jerome, “This is the end of the line, mutant!”

Commander Zoid then started squeezing Jerome’s throat even harder causing Jerome to gasp out in pain. Just when Jerome thought that he was done for, Red Steel suddenly came barreling towards Commander Zoid and punched him hard in the face, causing Commander Zoid to fly three feet away from Jerome and crash into a building. Red Steel then checked on Jerome and said, “Jerome, are you alright?”

Jerome was gasping for breath before he answered, “I’m fine, although if you had come a moment later, I would have been nothing but a blue faced corpse by now.”

Red Steel just smiled and then he heard the X-Men and the Avengers approaching them.

“Everything alright?” asked Kitty concerned.

“Sure, Red Steel just saved me from being throttled to death by Commander Zoid; although he gave me a good shot in the arm,” said Jerome.

“Hmmm…we need to attend to this arm,” said Beast. “I’m sure I got some bandages right…”

Just then, a loud crash came from one of the buildings and Jerome, Red Steel, the X-Men and the Avengers all turned their heads towards the sound in shock. Commander Zoid suddenly came out of the rubble and started breathing heavily as he stood to face the superheroes. He then started laughing manically and said in a loud and menacing voice, “FOOLS! YOU ARE ALL FOOLS! YOU MAY HAVE DEFEATED MOST OF MY ARMY, BUT YOU HAVE NO HOPE OF EVER BEATING ME! I AM THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE AND ONCE THAT STUPID NIGEL FAUST BRING ME THE NATURAL RESOURCES I REQUESTED, I WILL DISPOSE OF HIM JUST LIKE I WILL DISPOSE OF YOU…!?”

Commander Zoid then started choking and immediately fell to the ground, as a large knife was protruding from his back. It was then that the superheroes saw that Nigel Faust was standing over the dead body of Commander Zoid, breathing heavily. Nigel then spoke in a low and threatening voice, “So, this…idiotic alien think that he could trick me into giving him the Earth’s natural resources and then destroy me in the process? Well, it seems that he was quite mistaken since he couldn’t protect himself when I approached him. No matter, now that this alien scum is out of the picture, I will take his remaining alien army and use them to rule this planet! But first things first, I will require some “energy” to become more powerful than ever before!”

Nigel then jumped towards the superheroes, his hands spread out wide as he was prepared to steal some energy from them. But then, Jerome yelled out, “I DON’T THINK SO, LOSER!”

Jerome then quickly materialized a dagger out of his hand and then, using his good arm, he threw the dagger towards Nigel. Nigel then abruptly stopped in his tracks, as the dagger hit him in the throat and blood started to slowly dribble down his neck. Nigel then staggered around a bit and then fell down to the ground, dead as a cold corpse.

The X-Men and the Avengers looked on in shock as Jerome lowered down his hand and said, “I was hoping that it didn’t have to come to that, but there was no other way to stop Nigel.”

Wolverine just looked at Nigel’s dead body and muttered, “Man, everyone’s is getting stabbed in the back lately.”

Meanwhile, the remaining alien army, which was only up to fifteen members left, looked on in shock as they not only saw their fellow alien members be slaughtered by the X-Men and the Avengers, but witnessed their powerful alien leader being killed by one mutant. The remaining alien members then realized that they were no match for the combined forces of the X-Men and the Avengers. So, they all ran back into the spaceship in fear and then the spaceship started taking off high into the air and then flew into warp speed towards space, never to be seen again.

“Well, it didn’t take long for them to turn tail when the going got rough,” commented Iron Man.

“Well, I suppose that everything has been taken care of now,” said Storm.

“Not quite. There are still some things we have to take care of,” said Captain America looking at Red Steel.

Everyone then looked at Red Steel, including Jerome, and Red Steel just looked at Captain America and said, “Yes, I suppose we do have some things that must be taken care of.”

Next Chapter: Part 6