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Sorry for the long wait readers, but it took a while to get a cohesive thought going (along with being out of the house for most of the day as of late :P). Hopefully by the end of my vacation I'll have enough room to write faster, along with my original story universe called Geotrix (probably done in a series of stories starting with Evolution, ending with Extinction and prequel it in Resurrection. Plus a bunch of side stuff I want to do, like time traveling, Frankenstein's Monster having a son built and zombie vampire werewolf Nazi monsters.)

But before I can do that, I need to continue on with this trip of mine (boo) before I come home (yay!) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this newest chapter.


Flashes appeared before him, unfocused and rapid. Voices bounced in his head…he couldn’t even tell if they were real or not. All he could really feel was his body was on something soft and moving, the sharp jerks of wheels on a hard ground hard to mistake. He looked with unfocused eyes at his arms and saw tubes running from his veins and into a series of bags; his yellow blood being pumped with something that kept him in a lethargic state. Course fabric held his limbs tight against each other in a hug, and he weakly tried to pull, only to find the cloth wrapping tighter against his frame. As he felt himself being wheeled, a sinister laugh echoed inside his head, bouncing around his throbbing brain like a hyper active rubber ball.

Dear Thaddeus…all dressed up and nowhere to smash. Do not worry my pet, we’ll find someone else to do the smashing for you. Then you and him can get re-acquainted…in blood and tears.

Ross heard thick doors opening and the whirl of gears as the air around him chilled. Despite the drugs in his, his skin began to darken red instinctively, his eyes widening in fear.

“No…no please! N-not…not there….any place but there!”

He was wheeled into a heavy duty room, small in circumference but with a massive ceiling. Censor-filled tiles beeped with the pressure of the table and attendants. Ross began to shake violently, his muscles beginning to buckle and bulge despite the jacket holding him back. With the crack of his bones, the attendants panicked and ran out, fumbling the controls to lock down the door as the Red Hulk emerged from his puny human body, screams of rage and fear emanating from him as he struggled to tear himself free from his restraints. With a sickening snap, he managed to wrench his arms out of their sockets, effectively loosening the hard grip of the straitjacket. He then shimmied out of the restraints and popped back in his joints…before aiming strait for the technicians panicking at the door. Luckily for them, the strengthened doors locked in time as the red beast smashed into them. The hulk pounded into the steal with all of his strength, denting the metal. But it held firm, since its overlying structure was adamantium. A metal not even a raging red behemoth would be able to destroy. His howls sounded through the walls, sounds not or rage, but of fear and pain.

Above the viewing platform, hidden from sight via a one-way glass, was Captain America. Standing next to him was the original incredible hulk, however currently regressed into his civilian form. Both watched silently as the Red Hulk beneath tried to slam through the walls, his thick nails leaving claw marks in the areas weak enough to be penetrated into.

“He’s gotten worse Bruce. First threatening civilians, and then taking down Hulkbuster Mechs without even touching them. Maybe letting him out of the cage from the get go was a mistake on both of our ends.”

They watched as the Red Hulk began pacing, his hands hooked into his hair, his back shaking. The sounds of his footsteps reverberated throughout the area, even affecting where Cap and Banner where hiding out in. As the two talked, Red Hulk began pacing even more, his enlarged gamma charged heart beating faster and faster.

Oh Thaddeus. Scared of a little room are you? Why don’t you look in the mirror? The world is a lot bigger on the otherside.

Glancing at the reflective glass of the walls, Red’s heart stopped a beat. What he saw was himself, yet not himself. His face began to distort, his yellow pupils blackening into dots. His sharp teeth grew longer, yellow blood dripping from his gums. Suddenly, the reflection jumped and grabbed him by the neck, lifting the half-ton giant into mid-air, throttling him. Cap and Bruce saw Red Hulk being lifted up suddenly and they panicked. Banner grabbed the control panel for the room and tried to open up the doors, but the receiver was jammed. An unknown force was fusing the gears, keeping them from opening.

“Seraphic embrace!”

The glass cage holding Rulk blasted open and the giant dropped like a wet towel. Gasping, he coughed hard, sharp claw marks burned into his trachea and vocal cords as he struggled to gain back his air. Red She-Hulk and Doctor Strange materialized from the shadows, magic still bouncing around the two. Betty Ross ran to her father, hugging him tightly with worry as the beast managed to gain back his composure. Arriving downstairs from the loft above, Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers where shocked to see several of the Defenders team members standing there in the wreckage of an impregnable holding cell.

“Strange? Betty? What are you guys doing here? What happened?”

“We came here just in time, directly from Monster Metropolis as a matter of fact. What happened to the monsters there is directly connected to whatever has infected Big Red here. And I believe it has to do with the villainous newcomer that stole equipment from Michael Morbius and his cohorts.”

Bruce rubbed his forehead, trying to keep his nerves down lest he go green at the worst time possible.

“Hold on, back up. What new bad guy? What equipment? Strange, you aren’t making much sense!”

Doctor Strange went up to the winded Red Hulk, placing a gloved hand over the giant’s heart.

“Before I explain, I must ask a favor to your fellow radiation being here. Red, you must turn back to human. It will protect you for a time from the influences that have forced you to mutate.”

Red shifted his glowing eyes, baring a tooth. A deep voice hissed through his lips.

“Why should I listen to you? This all started back in my human form! How can it help my predicament?”

“It’ll show my how much damage has been created from your interaction with this thing. Also, it’s a lot easier to cage a human than it is for an angry hairless werewolf!”

Red shut up, but steam started filtering out of his nose as his anger grew. His body began to thin and shrink; his bones popping painfully back into their default positions as he reverted back into Thaddeus Ross. Betty gasped at what she saw emerge from her Hulk of a father. Instead of the aged general, a black haired man appeared, his eyes rimmed in gold irises. His skin was pale and his build was lanky rather than robust. Thaddeus looked at the shattered glass and saw himself different, almost completely changed. He lifted his hands, his nails a dark black/grey as they were in his transformed state. He looked back up, his yellow eyes wide in fright as he stared at the group.

“Wha? Wh-What’s happening to me? What’s GOING ON?!”

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Cool chapter.

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Thanks. :)

Now to engineer the rest of this story's plot (may take a while :C).