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Icarusflies already started a forum like this with RPG characters. But in this forum, you can create a rebooted origin of any character in comics. Except RPG characters `cause there is already a forum for that. I wrote this in there.     
Wonder woman 
Diana Prince use to be a normal 22 year old young woman (with large natural breasts, that had caused her the kind of trouble that women with large breasts get), who got sick of  "the mens world".  She decided to find the mythical paradise island, with the help of a woman archeologist named Bobbie strong, the home of the amazons. She and her archeologist friend looked for the paradise island for a year, until they finally found it. The paradise island was truly a paradise, and  Diana decided to stay there, like also did Bobbie Strong. Diana and Bobbie became the sort-of-adoptive daugthers of Hippolyta of paradise island, who once tryed to have a daugther, but didn`t get one for some reason. Later, the reason is revealed. The first daugther of Hippolyta, who was  born of clay, suddenly became insane. This daugther ran away from the Amazons, fearing and hating them. She wasn`t heard of again, until she resurfaced as a villainous Cheetah, and was planning to kill all the amazons. She almost succeeded in this, because she knew all their weaknesses. Diana Prince couldn`t stand to see all the madness the Paradise island was going thru, and decided to bath in the water of rebirth, which changes anyone or anything that bathes in it. The way Diana changed, was that she had superpowers (all powers that Wonder woman of the current DC-earth  has), because she concentrated on them. But her clothes and the rope that she was carrying also changed, to the costume of wonder woman, and the lasso of truth.  She defeated Cheetah, who later became the archnemesis of Wonder woman. All the amazonians were truly touched by Dianas deed, and she was made an honorary Amazonian.  
Current status 
Wonder woman has been both the protector of Paradise island, and rest of the world for 12 years now. She sometimes feels that she would want to be normal again, and has actually became normal a few times. She has a boyfriend named Steve Trevor.  
Wonder woman once had a crossover adventure with Thor. 
Her littlecousin is Bill Gates, who in this universe is an astronaut. 
In this universe, Wonder woman is a brunette. 
(Hope you liked it.)  
Ok, now it`s your turn.

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Because I like making these up... 
Captain Nazi-man 
Lars Rhudorth was a nazi party member who got powers, similar to Captain america of universe 616 from a cosmic cube. He was trained to be Germans supersoldier, and did serve German for two years during the war. But then, his archenemy American Skull, made him travel forward in time. He ended up to the year 2007, where alot has changed from the times of Nazi Germany. These days, he protects the world, even though he sometimes wonders why, as an anti-villain. He has turned to villainy many times (reasons: he wanted to fight against America, he wanted to cause WWIII, and he wanted money), but each time has goed back to being a hero. He has a gay-aboriginal-mutant-sidekick (Super-Bucky), who has taught Captain Nazi-man, that you can live in the world where all these minorities live. 
Current status 
Currently Captain Nazi-man is fighting against American Skull, who is going to destroy all of Earth (except USA) with 10 cosmic cubes.  
American Skull 
An American version of Red Skull. He goed to the future when German started to crumble, to destroy almost everything. 
Baroness Porcupine king 
The baronezz-king of an alternate Earths Europe, who has many times tried to rule all the other alternate Earths, but has failed each time. Once killed Captain Nazi-man. 
LAGO-figure army 
Sort of like legos, except that they`re 10  feet tall, and can shoot fire. Their leader is yet unknown. But it`s suspected that it`s Nerman Esbern, the Blue caserol goblin II.  

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interesting idea...

how about:

Toy Man

Tony stark was the son of a tech giant who decided to change the family business to focus on toys (because he is childish at heart). However, when his girlfriend is kidnapped by the lone technology giant known as Obadiah Stane to force Tony to sign over his company, Tony resorts to using his toys as weapons. Thus he becomes Toy Man. he fights for peace, liberty, and the prosuite of 5 more minutes worth of play time!

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@The Poet:

Sounds fun!

Is he a sodaholic? Or chocoholic?

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The Hulk

Hulk was a mystical monster created in the and off the universe.Bruce Banner young scientist working on cosmic radiation works in his laboratory when Hulk attacks the campus he is working in but when Hulk try to kill him he accidentally turns on a machine to sense cosmic radiation and he morphed with hulk.Now Banner got a light green skin and turns in too the hulk when he is angry and he got a purple aura around him.


The same as the original hulk but he have a cosmic aura which makes Banner stronger and they can use his aura to burn down hes enemies and this aura give them mystique powers . He's aura based powers can rival Galactus one.

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Dr. Donald Blake was a genuis doctor with a vast intrest in Norse mythology because his grandparents came from norwegian. Doctor Blake helped lots of people until on a night lightning struck. Dr. Blake survived but he was wounded (after the accident). Since that accident Blake suffered from paranoia and angst. He lost his job and his wife. He doesn't understand why th lightning didn't kill him. In that moment of madness blake decided that the lightning struck was a sign and an action of the gods to set him back on his heroic quest. He believed he is the reincarnation of the God Thor


Blake doesn't have any powers, he has a suit that grants him superstrength and protection. He also made a weapon that can shoot lighting and gives him the ability to fly (Mjolnir).

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Interesting idea...I shall see what I can come up with...

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these are all coolios.

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Oh me again


Jimmy Darnell was a scientist who was working on old x-ray machines (you know with the white board) he was testing it on him but then a lightning crashed in to the machine (the same which attacked Loki9876 's Thor) since he was exposed to the rays he changed. His skeleton was visible through his skin like he was still exposed to the x-rays. He discovered new powers and turned mad and slaughtered his family. He found an old skeleton costume he put it one and started his career as a supervillan.


He can shoot electricity which is also cutting ,he can see through walls, turn invisible ,float , super strong,agile, durable and fast ,walk through walls and he got healing powers.

He can make people see through walls and can turn people and things invisible.

One day he was exposed to the cosmic energy off my Hulk reboot and he can turn in too Omega X-ray he get claws and he turn a bit more animal his strength,speed,agility and durability. In this form his electricity is going through his bones and release some every time he moves.

His costume makes him even stronger


His costume is a modified Halloween skeleton costume (you know all black with a whit skeleton remember you always see Jimmy's skeleton even without his costume) which gives him more strength and protect him from injuries and attacks

I hope you like it

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Thanks! These are pretty cool, and I enjoy the fact that my thread begins to get noticed, at least a bit.


Reminds me of Ultimate Thor, a bit.


Of course I do. I like the X-ray one the best. The Hulk-one is a bit too much like Captain Marvels (MARVEL-version), but that`s one of the reasons why it`s funny.

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Rocket Raccoon

The last of his race of alien raccoons created by a mysterious source of power known simply as The Void, Rocket went out to avenge his species by killing the very being that destroyed it: Garrax. Garrax is a huge, blob-like alien life-form who can devour any mass. It set out to eat Earth, but Rocket beat him to Earth. Upon Garrax's arrival, Rocket sent a huge nuke flying into the air. The nuke hit Garrax, who devoured it. Suddenly, Garrax exploded, and Rocket became the savior of Earth. Rocket took off to go through the galaxy, preventing any planets from suffering the same disaster his planet did.



  • Firecracker - an alien made of fire who can blow things up with his mind.
  • Planet - A living planet who uses black hole-like technology to trap unfortunate travelers into its death-trap of an atmosphere.
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I was thinking about to make one of Rocket Raccoon! Not kidding.

But now I don`t want to.