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Behold: Captain Cold!

"Test 1" Dr. Snart was testing his freeze-ray, a gun and a suit that pumps oxygen into it. Inside the blaster is a small chamber that exposes the oxygen to deep freeze and then releases the cold air into a second chamber full of water, then with the press of a button it blasts ice.

However, this blueprint didn't work...

"AUGH!" Leonard screamed. Something malfunctioned... glitched... the cold air and the water... the ice shot backwards straight into the suit, freezing Leonard! "So cold.... SO COLD! Help me!!!"


"Pay your rent or your out on the street! How many times do I gotta say it?!" Barry was in another argument with his landlord, Sam Scudder.

The reason Sam is so angry all the time is because he used to work for a scientist named Jesse Chambers at her company, Quick Inc.

He was fired for flipping out on several board-members, including Jesse, when they said his dream of teleportation was crazy and impossible. And he knows Barry's a scientist, so every time he sees Barry it reminds him of the whole incident at Quick Inc.

"Listen, Mr. Scudder, I'm sorry. I'll have enough money tomorrow, I swear!" Barry tried to get himself out of the situation, mostly because Mrs. Gertruary was next door, and she practically WORSHIPS peace and quiet, and when she's upset, who ever's causing the racket is upset.

"Okay, Barry, your a good person, and I'd honestly hate to kick you out, but its the rules" That certainly calmed down Mr. Scudder, because he was doing the whole 'good person' speech all of the sudden.

As soon as Mr. Scudder left, Barry dived for his dresser, and opened it as soon as he got to it. He grabbed his "Flash" costume, and climbed out the window.


Barry heard police sirens.

"What could this be about?" he thought. He slowly went to where the police sirens were coming from, trying not to attract any attention.

At the crime-scene, he realized it was the laboratory where he works. He also noticed how there was a maniac in some fancy suit shooting snow-flakes all over everybody.

"JUST TRY AND STOP ME!" the maniac laughed "HAHAHA!"

Suddenly, Barry tried to sneak off, but heard something that caught his attention

"Try and stop me, Flash!" the maniac started shouting.

Barry realized it was Dr. Snart, and suddenly didn't feel like leaving any more...

"YOUR FUNERAL!" Barry ran straight towards Leonard and punched him in the face.

"Augh!" Leonard fell backwards, and pulled out his blaster "Its time you know what it feels like to get the cold shoulder!"

Leonard blasted Barry, who was suddenly frozen.

"What are you talking about?!" Barry broke right out of the ice, and attacked Leonard

"You know... middle school?" Leonard answered

"We were kids, get over it!" Barry pulled the blaster right out of Leonard's hands and blasted him "Or do you still wanna be the COOL kid?"

"SHUT UP!" Leonard hit Barry's jaw with an uppercut, almost breaking it.

Barry kicked Leonards leg, knocking him down, then grabbed his head, and through him backwards

"Whats your name, 'Captain Cold'?" Barry taunted Leonard, seconds before punching him in the stomach

The fight got more violent every second.

Suddenly, Iris West came to see what was going on

"Everyone, stand back!" police chief Jay Garrick ordered the civilians

Everybody backed away as Flash was knocked backwards into the crowd.

"And everybody said I was the loser!" Leonard punched Barry in the face again, this time knocking him out. "HAHAHA!"



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Amazing. Added to the library.

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@TheCannon said:

Amazing. Added to the library.


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That was really good.

Wait is there more of Flash? Or the "TO BE CONTINUED..." referring to other stories?

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@MrMightyBro said:

That was really good.

Wait is there more of Flash? Or the "TO BE CONTINUED..." referring to other stories?

TO BE CONTINUED is referring to the Flash story.