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Need For Speed

"You sure you wanna race, Allen?" asked the man "Last time you raced here you were so embarassed when you lost, and these ARE professionals!"

"I think I can outrun e'm" said Barry "Just let me race!"

"Okay, okay" said the man "Get over there. And whats with the ridiculous costume?"

"Just for fun" chuckled Barry, putting on his helmet.

Barry got over to the starting line, and the gun shot was heard.

Suddenly, everybody took off running.

Barry, to everyone's surprise, went at light-speed, his feet burning up the race-track, kicking so much dust into the other racers faces it started to bruise them.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Barry went straight past the finish line, and was going so fast he had to stomp his foot on the ground to slow him down enough fro him to stop.

Everybody was amazed.

"What is your name?" asked the news reporter, Iris West.

Barry knew Iris from High School. She was his prom date. He still liked her, though, and really didn't want her to know it was him.

"I'm... th-the..." Barry started thinking, then remembered the flash of light that gave him his powers "...the Flash!"

"Well, Flash, your quite the news story" laughed Iris "Would you mind if I interviewed you?"

"Uh, yeah..." said Barry "I mean, no.. I wouldn't mind..."

Iris smiled, which made Barry smile, too.


"Rrrrg!" Leonard was in his lab all by himself "Dr. Allen.... he didn't die!"

Leonard looked at the TV

"And there were no survivors. Now, on to a story thats got everyone thinking" said the anchorman "An unidentified man in a pretty much ridiculous costume was at the Abra Kadabra Race Tracks earlier today and, if your ready to hear the amazing part, that unidentified man an at light-speed! And, to add to this sensation, he even has a nickname, The Flash!"

"Allen?" Leonard said to himself "Thats got to be him! But, what do I do to beat a man with super-powers?"

Leonard looked over at his clipboard.

"Hmm..." he thought "Teleporter, Ultravision... Freeze-Ray! Time to stop him DEAD in his tracks!"


"So, Flash, light-speed, huh?" asked Iris "Tell me about that."

"Well, running at light-speed is such a rush..." said Flash "All you can see is a huge, bright blur of mixed-up colors..."

"So, a rainbow?" asked Iris.

"Yeah... an extra-bright, almost blinding rainbow that almost makes your clothes fly right off" answered Flash

"Okaaaay.... now, how'd you get these amazing... powers?" asked Iris

"Well..." Flash thought of an explanation "I don't know"

"You dont know?" asked Iris "How could you NOT know how you gained super-speed?"

"Its possible" said Flash.

"Oh, well" said Iris "I gotta HUGE story in Smallville involving burglars and a red guy."

Tina picked up her note-pad and pencil and walked away.

"So... seeya again?" shouted Flash, as she walked out the door.


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Great issue. This is even better than Superman #2.

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@TheCannon said:

Great issue. This is even better than Superman #2.

Thank you.

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@GR2Blackout: I like the overall plot, but I need some backstory. Why was Barry here at the racetrack? Why does Leonard hate Barry? It's a good story, I just got lost on some parts.

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I really enjoyed reading it great job!

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@MrMightyBro said:

I really enjoyed reading it great job!

Thanks. The new issue is up ("Behold: Captain Cold!")