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Super, Part 2

"Clark" said John "What happened, thats all I ask."

"Listen, they were robbing us" said Clark "I told e'm to stop, then one guy hit me in the head with a FRICKING crowbar!"

"Then... you turned red again" added John

"Yep" said Clark.

"Well, when police came to get the burglars the burglars told them the whole story. Now they know what you are" said John

"The burglars were probably drunk anyway" said Clark "Nobody would believe them."

"Then look at this" John showed Clark a newspaper story with a police sketch of him

"That looks nothing like me" replied Clark "I was way more handsome."

"Thats what they said you looked like" said John "And read the story. 'Burglars are brutally beaten by red monster'. That makes it worse."

"I'll deal with this" said Clark "I'll go to the Daily Planet and tell e'm that the red thing is innocent"

"You just called yourself a thing" said John


"Mr. Henshaw" said Dr. Willis "This will hurt. You sure ya wanna do this?"

"If its help the boss" answered Hank Henshaw.

"Okay, then" said the doctor "Fire up the machine, boys!"

Two men pulled some levers, and a metal cocoon formed around Hank, releasing steam and lasers.

"AAAARGH!" Hank cried in pain.

Suddenly, the machine opened up, and he fell out, horribly disfigured.

"What?" Everybody went to see if he was okay.

Hank, got up.

"Am I alive?" Hank looked around.

"Hank" said Dr. Willis "What are you?"

Hank looked at his hands, now scaly, green, and huge. He had claws. A tail. Yellow eyes.

"Are you okay?" Somebody walked up.

Hank pushed them back.

"I'm fine!" he said.

Suddenly, he saw the person was knocked out.

"AAARGH! MY HEAD!" He had the persons memories, and absorbed there energy.

"Bravo" Dr. Willis clapped her hands "Bravo indeed..."


Clark arrived in the building to see everybody all staring at some news paper

"What is it?" asked Clark

"Look at this" said Lois "Our biggest story yet!"

"Super-fast, odd-dressing racer calls himself Flash?" Clark read the head-line out loud.

"No" said Lois "This!"

"Man or Superman? Creature stops burglars" Clark read the other headline out loud

"You new here?" asked Lois

"First day" answered Clark

Lois smiled at him, then walked away

"I think I'm in l-l-love...." Clark silently mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, a huge explosion across the street got everybody's attention

"What is it?" "A bomb?" "Nuclear warfare?" several people were asking random questions, when a strange creature emerged from the wreckage...


Clark's jaw dropped, and he, along with everybody else, ran towards the nearest exit. However, Clark was actually heading for a place to hide.

"Here is good" Clark hid behind a dumpster "Now, SHAZAM!"

Nothing happened

"Powers ON!" he yelled

Still, nothing

"Go, go, crimson!"

Nothing happened.

Clark, angry, punched the dumpster, his fist going right through it, and his skin morphing to its true, red form.

"About time!" Clark got up and flew into the air, over the Daily Planet, and in front of Parasite.

"What are you?" asked Parasite

"What you never will be" said Clark "A hero!"

Clark grabbed Parasite by the throat and threw him into the air. However, Clark felt weaker.

"Coming in contact with me, eh?" said Parasite "Big mistake"

Parasite, using Clark's powers, flew right at Clark and sent him flying through the building.

Suddenly, the people inside saw him land right onto the front desk

"Its... that thing!" "The red monster!" Everyone started mumbling to each other, and Lois looked over at the newspaper, which fell on the floor.

The headline, "Man or Superman?", suddenly stood out.

Lois looked at him, as he tried to fight off Parasite, and suddenly said....


'"Superman" threw Parasite through the window, then jumped through the window after him, and started punching him.

"Idiot! No wonder Luthor wants you and your people DEAD!" Parasite grabbed Superman by the throat, and tossed him into the air.

"AAAAH!" Superman came crashing through the roof of some hotel.

"Your not dead yet, are you?!" yelled Parasite, so Superman could hear him "The party just started! Hahaha!"

Parasite ran straight through the hotel, coming out with Superman's body over his shoulder.

"Stop him!" a panicked civilian shouted "Only YOU can!"

Superman's eyes suddenly opened. He flew into the air and started blasting at Parasite from the sky.

"Your trying to get to me to stop, aren't you?" yelled Parasite "When America's in ruins, Luthor will give me permission to stop!"

Superman landed in front of Parasite

"Luthor?" asked Superman. Suddenly, Parasite punched him in the face with all his strength. "RRRG!"

All of the sudden, a red gas started coming from Superman

"What?" Parasite was confused

"When YOU are in ruins, I will give you permission to stop!" yelled Superman started punching Parasite non-stop, stronger and stronger each punch.

"AAAARGH!" Parasite, after several, countless punches, collapsed.

Everybody looked at Superman, and started clapping.

Superman smiled, then flew up into the air, and back to his home.


"What?" yelled Lex "Parasite is DEFEATED? He absorbs life from whatever he touches, NOTHING can defeat him!"

"Correction, Mr. Luthor" said Dr. Willis, handing a newspaper to Lex "Superman can"

"Superman?" asked Luthor "What is this... SUPERMAN?!"

"Apparently an american superhuman with power superior to Parasites" answered Dr. Willis

"Hmm..." Lex sat in his chair, thinking "Superman, huh? What if we were to create, say... an ANTI-Superman?"

"It is possible" answered Dr. Willis

"Get ready, Leslie, darling" said Lex, laughing evilly "Things will get bizarre..."


(Superman, John Kent, Lex Luthor, Hank Henshaw, Parasite, Leslie Willis, Lois Lane, Daily Planet, and Metropolis all belong to DC Comics, but this story belongs to me as I created it and this is me re-imagining Superman)

(The characters all pictured here are Superman, Red Hulk, and Killer Croc. I was using Croc as Parasite and Rulk as a police sketch of Superman. Killer Croc and Superman belong to DC Comics while Red Hulk belongs to Marvel Comics.)

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Great Job!

The Flash Easter Egg was pretty awesome too.

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Cool! Love the way Parasite looks.