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Shear Strength

"Why are you doing this?" that one question was stuck in Calvin's head. "Why?"

Calvin was a lonely, bullied orphan. His one friend was Jessica Drew.

Calvin was later adopted by a nice family at the age of 13, but he was already in trouble with a crime-lord named Hammerhead.

He thought he owed Hammerhead.

So, to make cash, he started selling chemicals on the street. This earned him the nickname "Chemistro".

One time he got into big trouble. All of his barrels and buckets of chemicals were thrown into the sewers, only to be found later on by Luke Cage.

The chemicals had an effect on Luke... that was amazing.

The chemicals hardened Luke's skin... made them bulletproof.

The chemicals increased the size of his muscles as well as his strength.

But Luke wasn't the only one to find them.

A while ago, the mysterious Silvermane took some of Calvin's chemicals.

He worked on special serums to sell on the street.

But of course, he needed test subjects.

So then came mutates like "Mister Fish".

But something was special about Luke. Luke could outmatch any superhuman Silvermane could cook up.

But this isn't Luke's story... this is Chemistro's.

Hammerhead recently caught up with Calvin... asking for a favor.

Silvermane tested his new serum on Calvin.

Calvin was suddenly stronger and could shoot electricity and energy from his hand, yet parts of his body were deformed.

So Silvermane gave Calvin a metal exoskeleton to cover the deformed parts of him.

Calvin had become something powerful... presumably powerful enough to destroy Luke Cage.

Hammerhead and Silvermane asked Calvin to kill Luke Cage, but Calvin refused.

When Calvin refused, Hammerhead revealed they had Jessica Drew trapped in a warehouse.

Calvin went to find Luke Cage to make sure his only friend could stay alive.

But by then Luke Cage had already found Jessica.

Both Calvin and Luke loved Jessica.

Jessica was Luke's ex-girlfriend, and Calvin's only friend... ever.

Calvin tried to kill Luke Cage, but the battle caused a huge fire to start. The fight continued, and the fire got worst.

"AAARGH!" Luke Cage shouted out as Chemistro blasted him across the fiery room

Luke got back up and ran straight at Chemistro, elbowing him in the face and knocking him backwards into the huge fire.

"GAH!" "UGH!" "OOF!"

As the two battled, all you could hear was yelling and grunting.

Jessica snuck out of the building through the window.

She looked over and saw the police, an ambulance, and several fire-fighters with a hose.

The fire-fighters turned on the hose.

Inside the building, the two were still fighting, except now soaking wet instead burnt and bloody.

"Hey!" Jessica ran up to a police officer

"What was going on in there?" the police officer asked

"There's these two men fighting" she said "One's an old friend of mine and the others my ex-boyfriend"

"Ah" he said "I get it now"

"No!" she yelled "One of them has some sort of cyborg thing and the other is suddenly really strong!"

"What?" he said "You must've been hallucinating from all the smoke in there."

"No!" she yelled

Suddenly, the two came crashing out of the building, punching each other

"Oh, God" said the police officer "You were right!"


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Wow. This. Is. Awesome.

I would post the excellent pic, but I don't want to hear that it's overused.

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@TheCannon said:

Thats overused >:)

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Overused even more >:)

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@TheCannon said:


Overused even more >:)

At least I dont post that EVERY TIME I COMMENT ON A FAN-FIC! All you ever post is "excellent".

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@GR2Blackout said:

@TheCannon said:


Overused even more >:)

At least I dont post that EVERY TIME I COMMENT ON A FAN-FIC! All you ever post is "excellent".

1. I don't every time.

2. this was over. Why restart it?