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The Way It Is And Always Will Be, Part 2 of 2

Hey, I'm Johnny Blaze. I was in love with the mayor of my towns daughter, Roxanne Simpson. I was a rebel, and the only thing that kept her father, the mayor, from freaking out on me was we shared a love for motorcycles. And he liked some classic rock. Well, I was framed for the murder of an old lady named Mrs. Gerklichi by someone I still dont even know. All I know is that I saw when the whole thing took place. The mayor thought it was me and the cops were out to get me. I left the town and became the second 18-year-old fugitive my town ever had (Guess who the first one was). While on the road I crashed my motor cycle into a tree, but I didn't die. I just fell off the cycle when it hit the tree. Well, a rock broke my fall. It had crazy paintings and designs on it. Like a prophecy of some sort. Well I picked it up, and accidentally freed Mephisto, some demon, from it. In return Mephisto granted me one wish.... so I wished back my father. That was a mistake, because he became a vicious zombie demon. Well, my end of the bargain was my body. The deal was I get my father back (Not really) and he gets to store the soul of his son inside of me. Apparently the prophecy was that his son would overthrow him. With the son of a demon inside me, I gained the ability to transform to the demon and back at will.

Johnny found himself in a long, dark hallway...

At the end, a huge painting of Ghost Rider, and standing in front of it... his reflection... which quickly transformed into something hideous...

"Who are you?" asked Johnny

"I am your inner demon. My father put me inside you when you freed him from the Soul Stone..." the creature answered

Johnny looked straight at him and mouthed the words "black heart".

"Oh, please, brother, you know its just one word"

"Brother?" Johnny asked.

"Yes" answered Blackheart "For we are one..."

Before Johnny could say anything, he woke up in the hotel room he was staying at for the night.

"Oh, morning..." Johnny mumbled.

After eating breakfast and checking out, Johnny walked outside.

He was going to find Mephisto.

"Searching for my father, huh?" Johnny heard Blackhearts demonic voice in the back of his head.

"Yes" Johnny answered "Whats it to ya?"

"I can help" Blackheart replied

"I dont need your help" said Johnny

Suddenly, Johnny felt overheated, and his eyes were turning red.

"Let me out, Johnny!" Blackheart said

"No.... noooAAAAH!!!!"

Suddenly, Johnny morphed into the rider.

"You cant fight it, Johnny!" yelled the Rider "This is the way it is!"

Suddenly, the Rider morphed back to Johnny

"No! Shut up!" yelled Johnny, morphing back into the Rider

"Stop fighting it!" yelled the Rider, morphing back into Johnny.

It went back and forth, back and forth, until Johnny crashed right into a grocery store.

"Oh..." Johnny woke up, passed out on a pile of apples.

Now I know... me and the demon will never be able to live at peace with one another... I guess thats the way it is... and always will be.

But I still feel like theres something big coming... something powerful...

To Be Continued In "Spirits of Vengeance, Part 1"
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