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MR. WILSON GOES TO WASHINGTON Part One: Plane, Plane, Go Away

Deadpool... Merc With A Mouth, Crimson Comedian, Guy Who Kills Other Guys....

He was just a normal soldier named Wade Wilson who, when he came back to his hometown, met up with his old girlfriend, Mary Walker. Instantly he became the target of a terrorist named James Madrox. Madrox and his crew attacked Wade and Mary when they were walking in the woods one day, and shot them down. There was still hope, though. They were brought to a hospital. Mary was saved, but the trauma drove her insane. Wade, on the other hand, was.... lucky. But not lucky enough. He became terribly scarred when the project to save him went wrong. He had gained a healing factor in the process, and has since set out to kill Madrox, wearing a costume to cover his disfigured face.

"Well, dats da last of e'm" said the guard, getting all the luggage safely on the plane. "Waitaminut, who the?"

"You have bad grammmar. Thats frowned upon where I come from." said the shadowy figure

"Wh-where do you come from?" Asked the guard.

"A wonderful place where theres forums, fan-fics, a little group called Marvel Re-Imagined. Whats not to like? Oh--- where I come from in this... reality. A dead world, of dead people, its like a deadpool. Here, let me put you out of my misery...."



"Our plane, stolen by some guy... You know how good that makes us look? It makes us look as good as crap" said Robert Kelley.

"Look, Mr. Kelley" said Maria Hill "The governments having hard enough times. Those cheap illegal super soldier serums, the vampire zombie thing in Texas, and now this."

"Mr. Fury, what do you think?" asked Robert.

"Hmm..." Fury sat there thinking.


The plane landed in the secret military base, as they unloaded the contents...

"YEEEE-HAW!" yelled Deadpool, jumping out and attacking everyone. "I GOT YOUR WAR RIGHT HERE!!!"

He knifed a guard, slashed a soldier, shot a general... then he woke up and he was still on the plane.

"What a dream..." said Deadpool. "Whats in these crates anyway?"

Deadpool opened one using his sword as a crowbar. It popped open and he looked inside.

"A robot?" he thought "Cool!"

He looked at it, and suddenly its eyes started glowing red.


"Oh, crap"


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Very good. I loved this one.

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Am I the only one who is going to read this? It's a work of art.

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It is a fun read.

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amazing,a piece of art,loved the references about the real world,it was good you picked up DP,I couldn't have done it better.

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Made me laugh on numerous occasions.

Fast paced and clever. Looking forward to the next installment :)

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very nice dude I enjoyed it

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someday i will read my children to sleep with this story.

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@tmacximas said:

someday i will read my children to sleep with this story.

Tell the children of my heroics! All of them! Just run up to some family and tell there kids how awesome I am! :P

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Nice read lol.

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God I love this story.

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@TheCannon said:

God I love this story.