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My idea: a whole new universe with Marvel and DC characters all together.

Let me explain better through questions:

Do you want to make yet another fan fic group?

- No. There are a lot of great fan fic groups here, and I'm not looking forward to create a new one. This would be just one title, "Marvel & DC United Universe" as you can see on the prologue. Of course, each story arc focusing on different characters.

What means “United Universe”? Another Amalgam?

- No. In this universe, characters from Marvel and DC coexist, but NOT merged.

What is canon?

- Nothing, it’s a whole new universe. I will try the most to stay true to the characters’ nature, and a lot of things will happen just like the comics, or like an animated series, or like a movie. But a lot of things will be completely different too.

How is the timeline?

- Floating. The story is set in present days, and all the important historical events happened, but not in their actual dates. The World War II didn’t happened seventy years ago, just “a few decades ago”. Iron Man and Black Widow really are from the Cold War times, that ended just “a few years ago” (not decades ago) and there is no magical explanation for the ages of heroes. It’s true a lot of them are retired and a little old, but they are still in condition to fight and make a comeback at anytime! (But it’s also true that there is a literally “magical explanation” for the ages of one or two characters)

- Any other questions, feel free to ask.

If you want to read the prologue story, click here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-dc-united-universe-0-i-dont-need-your-civil-war/674817/

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@TheCannon said:

Do the Avengers or Justice League exist? If so, are any DC characters on the Avengers or Marvel characters on the League?

Thanks for the question!

Not yet, as you can see in the prologue, this generation of super heroes is very recent and most of them still don't know each other. Although, as you can also see in the prologue, in the World War II times, Captain America fought side by side with original Flash and original Green Lantern, so you can expect teams with Marvel and DC characters mixed for sure!