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"You know those times where you look in the mirror, and it breaks beacuse of your dis astrously sexy jawline and dashing looks? Well yeah, I get that a lot" Stark chuckled to himself as he promptly finished off making his hair out-shine even the most awe-inspiring male models, checking himself out in the mirror vainly he spoke.

"Well Jarvis, I think we are going to need a bigger mirror budget at this rate" He laughed boisterously as he gazed at himself, it would have been the perfect example of narcissism to a class of pupils if they needed an exemplar to study.

Turning away from the mirror he put down his top of the range brush and screwed the top on the hair-gel back, he had used the perfect amount to give his hair that look of masculinity but also the look that made women's hears melt with a quick glance, not too masculine but with a hint of adorability in his pacific eyes.

Setting the hair-gel down gently he confidently walked towards the exit, turning around and giving himself another quick smirk in the mirror to check he was as good as he had remembered just 10 seconds ago. Placing his suited hand on the door-handle he peered outside cautiously to see if their were any fans or reporters wanting too disrupt his trail of thought.

Without warning he was bombarded by at-least 10 crazy reporters ran in and bundled Stark with a blitz of questions, "MISTER STARK IS IT TRUE YOU SLEPT WITH WONDER WOMAN" Before he could answer he was tackled with another hysterical question "SIR STARK, IS IT TRUE YOU CONTRACTED A NEW FORM OF AIDS?" And then another..."ARE THE RUMORS TRUE THAT YOU ONCE SAVED AN ORPHAN FROM A BURNING BUILDING WITHOUT YOUR SUIT TRUE?" He waved them all off before brushing himself down, couldn't let himself get pictures taken with a scuffed shirt now could he?

Walking over towards one of his many sofa he jumped onto it as his sleek yellow and red suits came out from specifically made pours that were running along his chest, arms and legs, These pours would give way to a liquid form of metal that was stored in the hollow of his bones thus giving him his suit constantly whenever the time was needed.

Before covering his face with his mask he shot the reporters one of his contiguous smiles - sure to be plastered all around the world on national TV tomorrow.

His robotic voice echoed around the room as he activated the speaking Sensurround in the apartment to give the reporters a nice little show.

"Welcome to my pent-house" He put his right leg over his thigh as he spoke, leaning back on his expensive sofa "I'm sorry reporters, but I will have to go very soon - I was in the middle of official US Military business, yeah you know...these days I work for the military, for free at that!" He clapped his metal hands together as a clang echoed around the room through the speakers "So I bid thee farewell my dashing and rather persistent fans, Enjoy the fruity concoctions in the fridge!" Upon saying these words he got up and smashed through the window as he flew at Mach two, creating a sonic boom in the room that knocked over some of the reporters and knocked everything onto the floor leaving a great mess for the cleaners to clean.

He spoke to Jarvis -

"Buddy ETA me a time to get to South Somalia so I can complete that peace-keeping mission in-time for the Stark international party that happens once a year, be a shame to miss it beacuse I am busy killing some Somalian pirates" He said this while flying faster than the eye could see, faster than a bullet could race through the air, any birds that saw him would be envious.

Jarvis -

"Sir it will take around 10 minutes until arrival, upon doing so I recommend a full battle plan a---" Stark interjected"And you to order donuts and a take-away ready for my return back to society would be nice"

Jarvis spoke -

"Sir, If I may - You are acting like you are able to annoy me, in-fact you know this is not possible so please refrain from doing so in the future" Stark chuckled to himself amused as he retorted back "Pretty sure I just did now engage repulsion units to max levels and let us cut that 10 minutes down to 5 minutes" As he said that his thrusters in his feet engaged 30% more charge than before, propelling him forward at an monstrous 3 times faster than the speed of sound.

Zipping through the air as the clouds parted like he was cutting them with a knife he finally saw the Somalian village he was meant to "liberate" from the pirates. Now using his red and yellow suit for a more iconic landing, he shot into the air around 2 miles into the before rocketing down like a meteorite, he smashed onto the group in his self-made iconic pose as the ground shattered under the very earthquake like force that had just caused the earth to rumble and grumble like it had an upset stomach.

Tony spoke loudly letting his suit amplify his words to be heard over the noise of over 40 Somalian Pirates began to circle him.

"Put the guns down and nobody will get hurt, Well I am lying" His shoulder mounted turret popped out from within displaying an extensive array of miniature rocket's, Jarvis has scanned all 40 Pirates as the rockets flew towards the encircling attackers, hitting each mans gun out of their hands they all ran at Tony attempting to simply fight him hand to hand.

Stark got to his feet as the first man came at him, Punching the man square in the jaw then spinning around and kicking another with a side-kick breaking his ribs instantly that will possibly causing some internal bleeding that may later lead to be fatal. He then performed a flight induced back-flip and landed behind another-man jabbing him in the back, breaking a portion of his spine as he suddenly clapped his hands together sending out a pulse that shattered every attackers ear-drums.

the pirates all clasped their heads in shear terror as they fell to the ground in agony, Stark stopped the noise as he walked over there now semi-conscious bodies.

"Don't ever try and prostitute little girls again" He put his hands by his side ready to fly off as his repulsion units in his palms started to charge, but suddenly he stopped as he saw an unusual amount of energy being emitted from a building directly in-front of himself after Jarvis had alerted him...He went to investigate....

Continued in Part two!

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I...I'm trying to read it but I noticed you didn't call me so my eyes are too full of tears, I can't make out the words.... :P

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@bumpyboo: You said you got a load of catching up to do! So I am gona let you catch up first before calling you out lol

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Never too busy for you mate, gonna give it a read now ^_^

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Awesome stuff, I can tell you are really comfortable with this character now. It is almost spooky hehe! Bring on part two!!! :D

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@bumpyboo: Thanks ^___^ I will be writing Stark more now! Love his character hehe, I just hope I don't give him my RPG persona by mistake, as that is not like 616 stark as-much lol xD

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Hehe, well I guess it is your universe so you can write him however you want, right? Or do you have set continuity rules about writing in character? :)

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@bumpyboo: Nothing, I can re-imagine him whatever, but I don't want to use that as an excuse to change his personality too much. I just want THIS stark to be a little more egotistical then usual.

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@pyrogram: Cool, well I like what you are doing with him so far :)

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I was laughing the entire time, but I have to say it was a bit like reading about you, Mr. Pyro! ;)

What a freaking JERK --- hahahaha but then again, you got him stopping child prostitution and knocking reporters on their @ss so I am liking him. I would still shove past him in an attempt to send him toppling down a flight of stairs but maybe, just maybe I would reach out to grab his arm to prevent that from happening.

Devastating good looks indeed. **rolls eyes but still smiling**

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Heheh, Maybe...I took a little inspiration close to home >_> <_< shhh!!

Well yeah! I am going to expend on his ironic douchebagness coupled with his heroic deeds, gona be fun!

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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Very very good. Write him like you want. like bumpy says.

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I very much enjoyed that! Love the new outlook on Tony and I didn't even think it was possible to add more arrogance to the man, but you managed to accomplish that while still making me somewhat admire the man! Well done good sir!

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Funny and action-y. (My word, you can't use action-y) Very good characterazation. I heard RDJ in my head. Though I usually do....heheh. Excellent job Boy.

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I laughed a lot. Then it was action packed. O_O

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PyroVerse bump

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