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Stark walked out of his bath happily getting ready to surprise Pepper Pots with a special form of attire...bubbles.

She was a cheery news reporter that was always trying to catch him unaware and frame him for anything that could cause public outcry, Stark knew this. He also loved teasing her and making her feel awkward in-doing so.

Today - He had his best plan yet.

Climbing out of his extravagantly and excessively priced bath he did not bother to put cloths on as he instead simply walked out as Ms Pots walked in. Jarvis alerted him that she was going to enter so the second she was out-side of the door he opened it, revealing everything to her - now a normal woman would have reported him for indecency but Pots was another matter...she only done this to Tony for attention beacuse she secretly had a "crush" on him, but Tony in all of his unparalleled intelligence had never figured this out.

He strut over to her with an iconic smile suited perfectly to his face, winking playfully as trousers formed on his lower body to cover his parts he stopped in-front of her before speaking in a sincere and heart-felt tone.

"Pepper...I know we have not always seen eye-to-eye but.." He moved in closer to her as he took her hand calmly - Peppers heart almost skipped a beat as she started to feel a nervous feeling creep throughout her entire body in an exited anticipation.

Tony looked into her eyes with a fiery passion, He then slowly let go as he placed his right hand behind her silky hair and spoke affectionately "I love you Peps" He brought her face closer to his and kissed her smooth lips sensually before retracting himself as he took her by the shoulders "Only joking" He winked at her teasingly as he walked away, back into the bathroom to get ready for the Somalia mission unaware of what he had just done.

As Stark walked back into the bathroom, Pepper looked at him unable to breath as if her entire world has just descended into an abyss and her very heart had been ripped out of her body. A passionate tear ran down her cheek as she slowly walked away, broken hearted and humiliated by the one she held unrequited love for, Her heart longed for Stark...It made her miserable to even want him, but he completed her....

Back in the bathroom

"You know those times where you look in the mirror, and it breaks beacuse of your disastrously sexy jawline and dashing looks? Well yeah, I get that a lot" Stark chuckled to himself as he promptly finished off making his hair out-shine even the most awe-inspiring male models, checking himself out in the mirror vainly he spoke....

Continued in - http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/pyroverse-tony-stark-1-superficial-perfection-1460473/#22

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NICE. Love the set up. Very funny...but poor Pepper!

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:O Great !, short and sweet.

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You have just effectively made me want to kick him sharply in his "parts".

**goes out to buy Pepper some Ben and Jerry's triple chocolate ice cream for a girls' night in**

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HA! Friend-zoned for the win! Good stuff though!

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