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Wakanda - the most technologically advanced country on the planet that was the peak of mankind's struggle and vision to become the ultimate species, this country was hundreds of years advanced in technology compare even the "Great" United States of America , technology to rival that of even alien empires that controlled hundreds of planetary systems.

Wakanda was for all intent and purposes, the pinnacle of human excellence and innovation. Some-say that the country is built on magic however those were the naive and ignorant, scientific prowess as responsible for this countries success however some would further say, that this country had only gained it's marvelous technology because fate had destined so....

Over ten thousand years ago a great meteorite which was made out of raw unrefined vibranium had crashed and the locals of the once poverty engulfed country had found this giant rock however they thought it was from the Gods because of the purple glow , this was radioactive in turn slow exposure generation after generation had altered the Wakandans DNA, making them ever so slightly smarter than the average man - Giving this tiny African country the edge that they took with eager arms and taking this gift as a second chance after the thousands of years of poverty.

They instantly sent hundreds of travelers around the globe, gathering information to bring back home to fulfill the ambitions of the current Black Panther - ensure Wakanda never falls into poverty once again, the populace agreed with their undivided attention into fulfilling this vision, the country worked together like a colony ants for over a thousand years, generation after generation they gave this ideology everything, hoping to never fall back into that poverty, the horror that the country had once known.

The hundreds of years following these promises, the country had slowly over-taken the western society in technological advancements and developments, they had found the cure to the common code in 1963, they had invented the modern computer in the 1980's. Some in-side the country who were a little cynical of this country-wide ambition of trusting nobody, thriving to becoming the best country the world would ever know, said Wakanda was a selfish nation, this rebellious group called themselves the "White Gorilla Cult" Named after an ancient God that lived ruing the poverty of the country, this God was now known as the "devil" type entity, if compared to Western standards. But the Black Panthers and general country agreed that they were terrorists. Led by the "God" Man-Ape.

The Sovereign, King, God of the country that commanded ultimate control, in a dictatorship fashion but with the populations agreement thousands of years ago, was known the Black Panther - Named after the ancient and sacred Panther God he commanded over the entire country, was the supreme ruler and the high priest. No woman had ever been the Panther. Yet.

The year was 2013, the current Panther in the modern industrialized world - T'challa. His role was simple, Protect the country, ensure that the ideological ideals that the country had made an oath to protect over ten thousand years ago were followed and fulfilled for his time in power, stop anybody infiltrating the country and respond to threats with vicious retaliation and no mercy, simply kill anybody who disturbed the natural order of the countries survival and thriving nature. This challenge, for T'challa was seeming harder than previous Panthers jobs, he did not have simple poachers , the white man trying to enslave, and steal the countries vital vibranium.

The bigger threats were emerging, Meta-Humans capable of planet-wide destruction, Satellites, other modern technology that was capable of finding this hidden nation, to any on-lookers, they would simply look like another starving and under-developed country, that is the way it was going to stay. No country had ever helped Wakanda without a personal agenda, Wakanda had never even negotiated with another nation since it's birth out of deprivation, maybe they were a little too suspicious, in this modern age maybe you needed allies....T'challa would learn this the hard way.

Next time....The Birth of T'Challa...


Thanks for reading! Was bored at College and thought, hey! Why not write a short prequel to Black Panther! Thanks again ^__^ Part ONE will be up whenever! Next a Punisher Fic awaits :D

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Nice story telling here. One gripe. It doesn't flow because you use way too many comma's this time.

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@wildvine said:


Nice story telling here. One gripe. It doesn't flow because you use way too many comma's this time.

Good call! lol

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@wildvine: I'm actually correcting the mistakes now. You'know, I listen too feed-back! :P

Na, I too lazy >_>

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@pyrogram: Thanks for the heads up, will read it this weekend

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Nice write-up -- lots of information presented in a way that stuck so that's great. There was one type that had me giggling though and I hope you never fix it:

they had found the cure to the common code in 1963

**giggles** It reads in a person's mind as though the writer has a cold -- quirky.


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@lykopis: Dough! >_< This was full of little mistakes! hehe xD Thanks for reading!