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It was simple job it would have taken me five minutes to be in and out. But I just had to run into the red and black f$&;@. 11:00 PM I walked down to strip club with a big overcoat that hid my body armor and weapons. I had been having nightmares from my days back in Nam. I had to do something something to clear my head, and taking down a blooming mafia boss was definitely the way to go. I entered the Strip club and looked around. Then I saw him. Mr. Adonis had taken over the Adonis family after his fathers "accidental" death.

He was young and full of pride, (those are the most dangerous ones) and he was ready to expand his business. But the only thing expanding right now was in his pants as him and his boys watched a starving blond stripper dance on a pole. It made me sick and as I grabbed hold of my Mpk-5's. I realized how much I loved this job. I threw off the over coat and let the machine gun fire wash away my fears and doubts. Strippers ran, gang bangers yelled, and a lot of killing was done. I only stopped after I heard the click of an empty magazine. The room was empty no noise at all it was.... Bliss. I closed my eyes and opened them only to see him.

"Hey what gives you the right to shoot up my favorite place! Hey! Wait.... FRANK!"

Standing there bleeding from at least ten bullet wounds in full costume was that crazy bastard Wade Wilson.

"Dude funny to see you here before you came here I was getting it on! But seeing you is much better than any old whore!"

I never understood Wade's relationship with me. He loved to see me always recommending we work together even though I hated him, And I wanted to end his miserable existence. But no matter what he thought we were friends.

"You know I am so glad to see you! I need your help!"

"Of all the... Wade why would I help you?" "Cause it is about those recent zoo kidnappings!" I couldn't help to burst out laughing. Deadpool started laughing with me then said,

"What are we laughing at."

"Listen 'Deadpool' I have much better things to do than chasing stolen tigers and lions, so excuse me I have work to do. And besides do you even have a lead on who it is?"

I turned to leave when Wade yelled


I turned around aware of the not so distant police sirens and asked

"Who? What kind of villain is stealing animals?"


I looked at Deadpool about to speak when a officer burst in "Freeze!"


And with a quick swing Wade had just taken the head of the NYPD officer.

"God people these days!"

I stared at Wade for five seconds before popping one in his head. With a loud thump his body hit the floor.

"You don't kill cops asshole."

I was about to leave before Wade jumped up shouting

"Jeez keep your head on! I just need your help....please."

I heard SWAT vans pull up and knew it was time to go. I grabbed Wade and ran out the back door.

"Wade tell me why do you need my help huh! What's so damn important about this job!"

Deadpool then said;

"Okay, it's cause I need your sleuthing skills to help me catch this animal thief! The person paying me is loaded and says I have a week to catch the bastard or I don't get paid! C'mon man... I split it with you, and plus you've cleaned these streets good is there anyone else left to kill?"

Wades comment left me dazed like a ton of bricks. I had cleaned up and now criminals were getting to pissed pants to make moves. Shouldn't I be happy? But all I feel is emptiness....

"Frank? FRANK!"

"Huh, oh yeah ummm yeah I'll help your sorry ass, c'mon lets go back to my base and sort this whole crap out."

Deadpool then said, "SWEET! Also remember we have 7 days..."

"Hah that's all the time I need!"

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for PUNISHER AND DEADPOOL #2

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: @joygirl @irishlad Does this happen before, during or after Astonishing X-Force? I know in Marvel Wolverine, Spider-Man & Deadpool get around onto multiple teams every week but how about here in Mayhem? I only ask coz I was going to reference this, but in publishing order Astonishing X-Force came first (and I made a Venom, San Fran ref) so which is it?

Issues with your story: 1) "Mr. Falcone had taken over the Falcone family" that's Batman dude. The Falcone family is possibly even trademarked to DC. There's a mafia name generator http://gangstaname.com/names/mafia/generate which isn't great, but its better than mashing a DC into a Marvel.

2) 10 bullet wounds. Now this is my own personal gripe. You wrote everything else in that sentence with words so why use numbers. Ten is easy to write. Just ask @pyrogram how much it irks me :)

3) "Kraken" did you mean Kraven the Hunter or is Kraken someone I just don't know

I liked it but I think you need to word on your Deadpool (@joygirl has him down pat) with his inner monologs & madness.

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@batkevin74: 1)I knew that and then forgot it I will change it...

2)I will edit it

3) It is Kraken the hunter

4)Me and Joygirl have talked about the usage of Deadpool this is before her story... Also about deadpools crazy head stuff this was told in punishers perspective so it's not Deadpool yet. I may not even do deadpools perspective since he may be out of the picture soon.

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: Cool, it's just my petty thing (there is nothing wrong with that, it just $#!t's me is all), cool and okay, that makes sense actually. Is Kraken your own creation?

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Think either you mean Kraven or your phone/laptop is autocorrecting you.

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Think either you mean Kraven or your phone/laptop is autocorrecting you.

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@joygirl: yup it is thanks didnt see that!

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I know it was stupid auto correct!!!

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Isn't there a Commander Kraken that was a high ranking HYDRA agent before Scourge killed him?

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bump Bump BUmp BUMp BUMP!

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Really great stuff. Pretty funny. However I am in no way a fan of Deadpool but I don't think he kills cops. Really good anyways. Hey... don't Bullseye and Punisher have a history or something?

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@tommythehitman: yes Bullseye and Punisher do have a history. Also Deadpool has killed a cop once, it was a guy.... Pretending to be a cop

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Hm. Not sure how I like Deadpool killing a cop.

Its not bad otherwise.

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