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Bane's troops and henchman flooded the floor of his cellar as they prepared for their assault on Arkham. One of them stopped Bane to give him a package. "Psycho's new 'face' sir..." The henchman bowed slightly before him, Bane returning the gesture, as he opened the package. Inside it was a mask. It looked mainly like Bane's mask, with the basic design. (Only in Green and Red) However, the difference was that the nose area and the mouth holes looked similar to something on a hockey mask. Beneath the mask were tubes containing venom. The venom was different from Bane's: It didn't increase physical strength as much, though it did bring it to a fairly higher level. It focused on frighteningly increasing Psycho's telekinetic abilities. Psycho could know control entire groups of people, and throw trucks at enemies simply through the power of the mind. Bane laughed deeply, before looking up at the sky, reminiscing his first meeting with Wieters.

Bryant Wieters entered the abandoned cellar accompanied by two of Bane's henchman. They traveled through the twists and turns of the rusty old cellar until they finally stood in front of Bane himself. Bane turned around to greet the new recruit. "State your name and purpose, recruit..." Wieters bowed before Bane to the floor. As he looked up, his eyes were filled with determination. "My girlfriend was brutally murdered by her pimp 3 days ago...My entire family butchered when I was a child. My environmental protests are met with nothing but scorn and ridicule. I come to you to seek revenge...Power...Justice. You are the wisest and most powerful man I could come to you. I am your weapon to wage against your enemies, to bring punishment to the enemies of justice and Mother Nature.

Bane knelt before the new recruit. There was rage and passion in his voice...Perfect. "You have a passion that exceeds your inexperience in your voice. A drive to aspire to power and destroy your enemies...And above all a burning desire to achieve. I will take you as my apprentice, and we will break your enemies and all those who stand against you until they are nothing but dust. Bryant Wieters is your slave name, just as Antonio Diego was mine in Pena Dura. What is your name, strong one?!"

Wieters pulled a hockey mask out of his backpack. Emily had given it to him at a club where they first met, she was always a fan of slasher movies. "...I am Psycho...Unleash me."

Yes, if Bane was proud of anything in his life it was the training of Psycho, who when he escaped would be his right hand man. Every day, Psycho would practice his marksmanship constantly firing at targets until his fingers bled, his durability by purposefully having Bane beat him as he was strapped in a chair, his acrobatics by jumping the rooftops in Gotham for hours...And all without venom. Bane had dreams of his own...And they involved Wieters by his side.

"The submarines are ready Bane..."

Bane was about to say something, when he turned around to see someone walking out of the darkness. Poison Ivy, one of Psycho's old allies. "Have a change of heart, Ms. Isley?" Ivy closed her eyes and sighed, before looking back up at Bane and smiling. "My allegiance is to the Judges, my babies, and Psycho's dreams."

Bane laughed, he could tell she was indeed committed. "You'll be taking a boat with me, we sail to Arkham tonight...

To be continued...

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Great job dude! A lot of very important development and I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. Now... NEED MORE DOOMHOUND!!!!

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Great job dude! A lot of very important development and I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. Now... NEED MORE DOOMHOUND!!!!

Thanks, and I assure you there will be more of Doomhound. :)