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Psycho’s Judges : Arkham Tales Part 5

Bane walked out of the tower, just about to enter his limo when he was stopped by Psycho. Psycho approached Bane stopping him from entering, "Bane, my outrage was unacceptable. I..." Bane turned around. "I taught you many things when you came to me as my student. But I didn't teach you how to be a leader. Your rage, hatred for crime and passion for your goals are an advantage when controlled. But these emotions must be taken in check if you are to gain the respect of your team." putting his hand on Psycho's shoulder. Psycho sighed, pulling out a cigarette, pulling up the bottom of his mask and lit it. "Easier said than done." Psycho grumbled, "You know my past more than anyone, and you know someone like me would have a lot of rage help up." Bane nodded, "Indeed. But these people have dark and violent pasts as well, and the best way to earn their trust is to realize your equal to them" Psycho bowed, "My apologies. I'll make you proud master. This city's time of reckoning has come." Bane entered his limo, leaving Wieters tower.

Ivy leaned against a beam on the top level of the tower, watching Wieters and Bane. She couldn't help but wonder what they had talked about. Psycho had told her, and the rest of the team, his darkest secrets...But she couldn't help there was something else he hadn't told them. It wasn't as if Psycho didn't trust her, or the rest of the team. It was like talking about it would cause him to simply mentally breakdown. "I think me and Captain Planet need to have a little talk"

As she was walking to her room, she was stopped by Harley. "Red, Red we gotta talk!" Ivy rolled her eyes, she rarely took Harls with a grain of salt. "What is it Harley?" She calmed down and raising her hands up and down over dramatically. "Picked up a new guy, seems a little to much of a boy scout, but anyways, he's feeling down about the whole robbery thing. Dad was a cop, probably has got something to do with it. But it's probably beyond that too." Ivy looked at Harls questionably. "Why do you need me? I'm not exactly what you'd call a people person?" Harls shrugged, "He's a huge fan of yours. Said your kinda like a...Role model of his? Plus he seems to kinda like me, so could you PLEEEEEAAAASE talk to him?" Ivy half smiled. "For you Harley. I'll talk to the kid."

So Ivy and Harley entered Sean/Doomhound's room, as Ivy planned to meet the new stranger...

Elsewhere at LexCorp

Doomsday woke up, filled with rage. He had noticed a small drop of blood from his arm. Someone had taken his blood, he didn't know why, being barely a sentient creature, but he was smart enough to tell someone was using him. He roared loudly, moving around violently and angrily. Suddenly, he heard a voice in the back of his head. "Doomsday...". Doomsday turned his head growling. He couldn't see anybody anywhere.

The voice continued, "How cute. I'll get to the point Doomsday. I am Bthodes, Intergalactic Demon God of Fear, I know someone took your blood. More specifically, they did. Sean Luthor and The Doomhound, an alien creation of mine who gradually adapts to the emotions of it's host Sean Luthor, granting them powerful abilites, have taken a sample of your blood. Normally, I'd request Doomhound to simply abandon or kill Luthor. However, he tends to take a liking to him. He's becoming pure, righteous and I can't have that. I'm here to make you a deal. I release you from your bonds, you hunt down and kill The Doomhound/Luthor and his friends.

Doomsday growled. He didn't take orders, even from intergalactic Gods. However, this guy was giving him a chance at not only the death of a worthy opponent, but revenge. "Yeesssss", Doomsday growled menacingly. The entity Bthodes chuckled malevolently. "Are you ready? I am about to amplify your abilities in order to break you from your chains. You'll need all the strength you can gather to defeat those traitors."

A black lights surrounded Doomsday, crawling from his feet to his head. It continued to glow brighter and brighter. Doomsday roared triumphantly, breaking his wrists from the strong grip of the chains. "KILL DOOMHOUND!!"

To be continued...

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Well... Doomhound is in trouble. Great story, a little short but very enjoyable!

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Thanks man! Yeah, Doomsday's got some major score to settle with Doomhound. Pretty equal fight though. Doomsday is significantly stronger, a better fighter and faster, but Doomhound is smarter, more durable and more agile.

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@spideyivydaredevilfan26: You should give Bthodes the spotlight in one of your later chapters. Alien gods of fear are interesting. Maybe even through him a Sinestro Corps ring if you think he needs something extra.