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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 86- Kestrel, Part 2

Washout came through the jail cell in seconds. I was glad he came just in time so that the guards wouldn't notice a thing. John Lopez turned his water form back into human and untied the chains from the chair. He had a key stolen from a guard while sleepin' outside the buildin'. I got up from the chair and ready to take out any guard that comes towards us. I said to Washout that Fred Dukes and Kyle Creed were secretly goin' to enter the president's mansion. Because John Kestrel seem to be teleported there. I could smell the right tracks from him. Even though he could be teleported anywhere at the moment. If ya think about it, a mutant teleporter could be hard to catch. A plan had to be sorted in order to catch Kestrel before he escapes from this dry country.

Morocco wasn't a place where any visitor would want to visit these days. There was power struggle occurrin' at this time and it ain't pretty for the tourists to visit. It also hasn't been rainin' since then. Even when Kestrel and I used to come here and perform the dangerous mission. Somethin' tells me that these Black Muslims might get their hands on us. And yet, the president might also find out what we were capable of. I bet ya anythin' that Kestrel must have told him already about it.

I contacted Fred Dukes through the radio transmitter to see where he and Wild Child was at. Wild Child may not able to talk but he sure can handle the slashin' part. Yea...kinda like me and Victor Creed. When the contact was made, Fred said the president's house had been tightened due to security. I also made sure to tell Fred that Wild Child had to be quiet because he can growl all the time. I disconnected the contact and we head out into the open sun. Even wearin' these kinda clothes in this tough and dry weather, we had to seach for a place for a nice change. Otherwise, these Morocco citizens would notice us and cry for help. We sneaked into a warehouse where no one seemed to be guardin' all over the place. John changed his clothes into a civilian robe. I wore the same thing and felt kinda embarassed since the clothin' style ain't fittin' myself right. Then we put the clothes back into the suitcase, which Washout had bought. We went outside the warehouse and acted normal as if nothin' happened.

There were so many people comin' through the markets, buyin' clothes, jewelleries, and other precious items. I begin to notice that there were also a few White Muslims living in Morocco. Yet, they seemed to live peacefully with the Black Muslims. I heard that there was a racist war in this place, which happened like hundreds of years ago. A time like that kinda war must have went on and finally stopped. Who knows how many people got killed due to racial discrimination.

John Lopez was kinda sweatin' due to the toughness of the heat. I can see the sweatness comin' from down his head. I neva thought that John would be feelin' this way. He can turn himself into water though. But he still sweats like a normal human being. I guess he should have turned into a water form so that he didn't have to be thirsty. It's just that he wouldn't want to do it because anyone could notice the water which floats around out of nowhere. He also needed to do it time wise in order to hide his special ability from the citizens of Morocco. Surely, most of the tourists were not allowed to enter Morocco due to the strict laws. Yea, these strict laws were made by Al-Muhammed Rasheem himself. He may not have been like his father who became a hero of North Africa. But he sure knows how to take care of everythin' around the dry place.

We finally reached the president's mansion. I contacted Fred Dukes again and find out what's the current situation. He said that he took care of the guards and Wild Child did the rest without the growlin' sound. I told John Lopez to transform into water and went through the front gate. Washout opened the gate slowly and I walked into the mansion complex of the Morocco president. As we walked in silent mode, a gunshot was heard out of nowhere. I looked up to see who was shootin' at the moment. John Lopez took out his gun. But I told him to put the gun down and not to shoot yet. We went inside the president's mansion by openin' the front doors. The place was quite fancy where any rich person could come and visit anytime. The place ain't that big enough but it was fairly large though. While searchin' around the place, Fred Dukes contacted me.

"Logan. Where are you?"

"Washout and I are in the living room. What was that shot we heard just now?"

"I have no clue."

"Tell Wild Child to smell him. We're on our way to search for the motherf*cker. Over and out."

I ended the contact and we walked upstairs to see if any of the remain' guards were watchin' us. John held his gun ready and went each of the separate rooms, I checked the other rooms and there were none whom I would have expected. John Lopez came to back to me and confirmed there weren't any guards or other people stayin' in the room. I also smelled strange in the room itself. It's like someone was already here before. But the thing is that anyone could enter this place. At that moment, I realized that it was John Kestrel. He must have been standin' here and shot outisde even without aimin' properly. It didn't make any sense of what he was tryin' to do. But there was somethin' fishy about it though. While I gave it a thought, a figure just phased out of the blue and shot one round through Washout's left shoulder. He cried out in pain and fell on the floor. I looked up at Kestrel, unleashin' my adamantium claws, and waitin' to pounce on him.

"You b@$t@rd!" I shouted.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! It's just like old times, Logan. We sure had fun those days."

"Yea....those days are over, punk! But I'll make sure you won't leave here any time soon."

"I'm not going anywhere, Logan. The game has just....started."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 87- Kestrel, Part 3.

Whoah there! It looks like Kestrel knew what Logan was planning to do. But what about Kestrel? What kind of game he's going to play here? Find out in the next chapter of Wolverine. I sure hate teleporters. There ain't a doubt about it. SNIKT!

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