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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 6- The Entry

I woke up from a cold and dark sleep. At times like these, I neva had a f*ckin' nap. I always have trouble sleepin' since my mind always go berserk. I gotta tell ya that things don't work the way as they should be. Maybe, I should have stayed back in my hometown for a while. At least, I can put my mind at ease.

I was searchin' for David North and the big new guy, Victor all over the crash site. It's a good thing, I survived but I have no idea if my new teammates are still alive. I was smellin' their tracks but they were nowhere to be found. I stepped upon a dead corpse who was turned out to be the chopper pilot. I felt sorry for the guy who tried to flew us to our checkpoint. We were sent to infiltrate the Project Rebirth facility where the legendary Cap was bein' kept. So that we can kill the "Greatest American Hero." But it sounds to me that this hero ain't turned out what he used to be. It's the fact that David and I used to believe. We were given orders to kill the super-soldier. If things go wrong, who knows what we're fightin' up against.

While I was still searchin' for the guys, I noticed a shiny armor behind the trees. It looked like a Shiva robot but it couldn't be. Since, we fought off these tin-cans back in the trainin' sessions. There was no way these tin-cans were sent out here to ambush us. I wonder if Stryker had planned all of this. Sometimes, I hated when he comes up with his wild ideas. You neva know what will hit ya. That's the part, I really don't like.

The shiny figure came towards me. But I neva quite catched the details of the figure. I began to move fast and suddenly stopped. I couldn't even move my legs and arms. As if I'm frozen alive in cold and thick ice. I felt the control and pain over my body. I led out a scream but I still couldn't move. I wanted to know what's goin' on here before I go really mad.


The shiny figure came closer step by step and began to scan me. The shiny figure wasn't a Shiva robot at all. But it looked more human than machine. Unless, it was the other way around. I neva seen this part man and part machine before. I tried to speak but the pain still shoots through my body. The figure said a word to me. I guess you could say that this cyborg was intelligent. I had to find out what he's up to. I just wished David and Victor would help me out here.

"Your name is Wolverine, isn't it?" the cyborg asked me. I told him the truth but he still couldn't let me go. I was wonderin' how he knew my name. Unless, Stryker send some guy to outwit me. But I highly doubt it. I was still under his control and wanted to slash him as fast as I can. "D@mmit!" I shouted furiously as I tried to move an inch closer to the cyborg. But the cyborg was still standin' in front of me and doing nothin' at the moment. I wonder what he was going to do to me next. I neva want to know that for sure.

"D@mn You! Let...Me...GO! I still struggled to move and try to slash the f*ckin' cyborg. The cyborg still controlled my body. He began to show flash of images into my head. I was receivin' these terrible flashes and I saw what just happened in the past. Terrible wars, $ex, and violence are all happenin' in my mind. It's like goin' on a roller coaster ride where the passengers got scared of fallin' down and down under. I saw full of horrible deaths which people used to kill each other includin' themselves. I wished the cyborg could stop showin' these terrible things to me. I wish he could stop. I wish....


I finally broke off the cyborg's control and slashed its body. The circuits began to tear apart while I was slashin' the f*ckin' cyborg. But the cyborg still controlled my movements and I fell down. I stood up and slashed his mechanical body again. The cyborg led out a slight and cry-out pain. It began to use some kind of laser beams and shot my body. I fell back and later recover myself thanks to the healin' doctor. I stood up again and ran like a cheetah. I jumped high so that he couldn't control my body movements. But the cyborg was able to control my mind. I slashed through his front body and the cyborg fell like a rock. I was about to slash the cyborg's body again but he was still controllin' my actions. I asked him about the whereabouts of my other teammates. The cyborg said he had no clue. I could smell he was tellin' a lie. So I tried to move as soon as I can to hit his f*ckin' head.

While I was tryin' to hit the guy, someone shouted at me. It sounded like Stryker. I should have known he was into his wild games. A piece of f*ckin' bull$h!t.

"The training session is over!" The general led out a scream and called David and Victor. They came out of the trees and surprised me. This was all a f*ckin' test and I neva knew about it.

"What is the meanin' of this, sir?" I asked angrily at the general's face. Stryker said he wanted to see what I was truly capable in unexpected combat situations. Even though he told David and Victor earlier before me. Sometimes, I wonder why I was being left out. Now, I know the answer. They wanted to see if I was one of the best there is. Yea, tell me about it. Somehow, I can recall those old words. If only I wish I could remember the d@mn whole thing.

I also asked about the new nearly broken tin-can here. Victor joined in our conversation and said the cyborg was actually a telepathic mutant. I was surprised about the fact that this cyborg was also part of the Team X operations. But the cyborg was just meant to put myself into a dangerous test while David and Victor went out missin' as if nothin' happened. The new tin-can's codename was Psi-Borg. Get it? Yea, a mutant who got himself drafted into Project X so that he can have his own healin' factor. Unfortunately, he began to age much faster than the eggheads thought. I don't know if the healin' factor experiment has some kind of side-effect. But the Psi-Borg neva seemed to get angry about it since he had other ways to make himself nearly immortal. I wonder what his real name was. I guess it wouldn't matter if ya ask me.

The trainin' session was successful and we went back to our base. I rested durin' my hypersleep and sometimes, I wonder when we're goin' to get out there and do the real f*ckin' d@mn thing. Anyways, I tried to sleep calmly as I heard voices in my head. I neva knew where these voices were comin' from. I really begin to wonder if these voices are comin' from that cyborg d*ckhead. I just wanted to rest in peace.

"Aldo, are you sure they won't remember a thing?"

"I'm pretty sure they won't recall anything, Mr. Stryker."

"I would prefer you would just call me sir."

"I was part of your team until your experiment failed me."

"What other options could you have?"

"Like I said, I'm only doing this for your own benefit. Not myself."

"I see. Well, you better lay rest for a while. You're in a bad shape."

"You don't have to worry about me."

"Huh! You managed to pull off the chopper pilot trick."

"Yes, I had to project his illusion. One more thing, Mr. Stryker."

"What is that?"

"Do not call me Aldo. He doesn't exist anymore."

"What should I call you, then?"

"Just call me Psi-Borg."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 7- Trespassers.

What? What is going on here? I think you know. What's more to tell since you have read it so far? Tune in for the next slashing moment of Wolverine. I ain't like playin' mind tricks, bub. SNIKT!

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Who is Psi-Borg? I am unfamilair with this "person" Good work

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