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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 5- Shattered

I was walkin' past the trees and aimed my gun at the Shiva robots. I kept shootin' several of them one by one. The Shiva robots are everywhere includin the ones hidin' and watchin' you. These things were useless but I heard that they were upgraded by top scientists. I have a partner here who's also joining these tin-can battles. His name is David Nord also known as Agent Zero or Maverick. Heh! I liked that codename. Maybe, I should change my codename into somethin' better. Anyways, I had to team up with him in order to beat down these strong ones. These machines know nothin' about human life. That's because they ain't human.

David was born a mutant actually. Yea, a mutant like me. He had the ability to absorb some kind of kinetic energy and convert it into plasma blasts. Science wasn't my favourite subject by the way. Well, if I had to join some science club, I would definitely know what science is all about.

"Logan, watch out for those big ones," said the new guy. "I bet they're much stronger than us." I noticed a giant Shiva robot standin' near a big rock. I bet this Shiva robot has somethin' up its sleeve. I want to know what it's up to. I walked slowly like a turtle and stopped. The giant Shiva robot somehow woke up from its dormant sleep. I didn't know if the tin-can was sleepin' or not. But I guess I wasn't careful enough. David got his big guns ready. He always liked the big stuff. Yea, pretty much big if ya ask me.

David and I took out our guns, begin to fire at the giant tin-can. But the Shiva robot neva got a scratch. It began to move slowly and scanned at us. Then the robot shot a laser beam and we carefully ducked down before we got hit. The laser beam was still on and I tried gettin' up to see if I can slash that tin-can myself. Unfortunately, David used plasma blasts and hit the giant tin-can. The tin-can's body got a bit of scratch and the laser beam stopped. David was moving fast and threw off a bomb at the tin-can. I watched the bomb tucked slowly near the robot's legs. The explosion evaporated like a gas steam comin' from a chimney. We stood for a while to see if the tin-can still survived. I hate to say this but the tin-cans ain't alive.

The Shiva robot began to move faster that we thought of. It rammed into us and we fell down into a mud pool. We got up and fired the shots at the back of the Shiva's body. It swiftly rotated its front body and caught our necks. We were being choked out and I tried to slash it's arm. But it neva worked. David creates one of his plasma blasts and hit the Shiva robot again. The Shiva robot fell down and we got released from his force grasp. I took out my adamantium claws and kept slashin' through its body again and again. There were scratches all over the place and bein' broken down into pieces of $h!t. I led out a scream to finish the Shiva robot off. Our trainin' session was over.

We were called back to the Project X facility and send our detailed reports of the trainin' session. The young former general, Stryker was proud of our success. It seems a good sign that tough guys have done a good job like us. But there was somethin' wrong here. Sometimes, I can't tell whether I'm in the right place at the right time. I usually had bad dreams about it but I can't seem to remember what's it all about. I bet my own mind is playin' tricks on me. But is it?

"I have a mission for both of you," said the general. "It may be a tough one. But I'm sure you'll get the job done." I wonder what this kind of mission was. Until, Stryker told us that the mission has somethin' to do with Project Rebirth. Yea, tell me about it.

"Project Rebirth?" asked the new recruit who neva heard of the government program before. David may be a new recruit to become part of the Team X operations but he sure got skills of a mercenary. A mercenary like Wade Wilson who just doesn't keep his f*ckin' mouth shut.

"Yes, it's a highly classified program. I want you two to kill Captain America. I'll upload the details on your microchip so that you know whom are you dealing with." Stryker always have some kind of information which comes in handy during missions. But this killin' Cap thing sure sounds a lot familiar but I couldn't quite catch it. We have to respect Stryker's orders anyway since he's the big head around here. I wonder who this Captain America was. I wouldn't ask more questions about it. It's the job that matters the most. Even David neva asked more questions after learnin' a bit info about Project Rebirth.

We went to a laboratory room where several hypersleep/healin' chambers are bein' kept. These chambers were meant for our recovery since our artificial healin' factors don't quite work much as they used to. We entered into our chamber units and slept for unknown hours. Our microchip implants got activated for a while. It would mean that the Captain America's information has been sent through our shattered minds. While, I was learnin' the info, I noticed somethin' familiar about his face like I have knew him somewhere before. Like I said, I wasn't sure if it was my mind playin' tricks on me. But I do know that I have to kill Cap one way or the other. Sometimes, ya gotta do what ya meant to do.

The next day, we woke up from our chambers and came out of the laboratory room. Stryker was comin' towards us and said that we have another recruit to join the mission. "Wait, a minute! I thought, David and I are the only ones who are meant to kill Cap," I said out of the blue. But Stryker has other plans about the mission. He needed a backup Team X agent to cover our dirty tracks. Stryker then introduced the guy besides him. He had blond hair alright. He showed a slight smirk on his face which his sharp tooth was shown. His claws were big as mine and he was taller than me.

"David, Logan. This is Victor Creed also known as Sabretooth. He will be your backup agent for this mission," said the big guy proudly. This was the first time, I have eva met the big animal. He sure looks strong though but neva said a word. Until, he moved an inch closer in front of David and me.

"So, you're the one who they called Wolverine. I guess I have to call you Logan then. Huh!" Victor may not sound what he seems to be. But he sure got guts, I can tell ya that. "We'll make a great team, Logan. Especially you, David." David neva spoke a word in front of him. He seemed not to have any interests in this new second recruit. But anyways, we'll just have to see how skilful Victor can be.

After gettin' ready to pack up our weapons and whatnot, we went on a chopper where it will drop us to a checkpoint. I feel I was bein' sent to attack the enemies in Vietnam here. Victor kept quiet as usual and took out his big war knife. He sort of licked the knife which sorta makes you think it's sick. David was watchin' the new animal enjoyin' his taste as if he didn't trust him. Well, we have to earn each other's trust. Don't we?

Later, we heard some kind of missile being thrown at us. We neva knew whether it was the actual missile. But we found out that it was a rocket launcher bein' used to target at us. The chopper got hit by the rocket launcher and we struggled to maintain our survival. We went down along with the chopper and its pilot. The explosion went a big bang on us. We were then find ourselves in total blackness.

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 6- The Entry.

Whoa, what just happened to Logan? First, he tried to run away from Project X, now he's working for them? Something's not right here. Who caused the chopper to go down? Will the Team X members survive? Will Logan survive? Find out in the next chapter of Wolverine's history. You have to always expect the unexpected, bub. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator: You weave a twisted tale, familar but completely new, I LOVE IT! Great work, now onto the other 96 parts :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: thanks!

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