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Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 3- Tango

The strange masked guy was somethin' that came out of my head. The one who keeps hidin' behind the trees. I must be seein' things after I dragged myself down from the f*ckin' lab. Anyways, I was still restin' in the cabin and thought of Silver Fox who just saved my life. I got up slightly just to see if I can move. I can move alright but I can feel the slight pain shootin' from my injured body. This healin' factor should have done the trick sooner but I guess it takes time. Thanks a lot, eggheads.

Silver Fox made some kind of sandwich for me. I can smell the food in the kitchen nearby. I wonder what other kind of food she's cookin' in the kitchen. I also wonder how long I could stay with a beautiful lady like her. She always had that smile on her face. I began to crumble up the sandwich as if I was a homeless person gettin' hungry all the time. Silver Fox was quite surprised that I was eatin' like this way. Yea, I was eatin' like an animal.

After I finish eatin' the sandwich, Fox gave me a glass of milk. I drank it but I smelled somethin' funny. I neva had this kind of smell before. Is it from the milk? It's not that the milk got expired or anythin' like it. It's just the smell comin' from somewhere. I can smell a rat. Not a real actual rat who keeps crawlin' in houses and cabins and stuff like that. I really smelled a big f*ckin' rat.


Silver Fox was terrified when she saw my adamantium claws sprouted from my knuckles. She asked who I actually was. But she's not supposed to asked these questions. Because, I know that somethin' is fishy goin' around here. If ya think about it, why would any woman keep me here for a while. You know why? Because, the milk was the answer. It wasn't the smell of the bad old milk. It was some kind of sleepin' drug. My senses could tell because it always does. That's how I got to know who the real culprit is. The beautiful lady ain't just beautiful but seductive and lurin' me into a trap. I should've known better.

"Who are ya workin' for, lady?" I asked. Silver Fox was stunned and pretendin' not to know what I was talkin' about. She said she wasn't workin' for anyone. She's tellin' a lie. Now I know why she put her nice perfume on her body. The perfume was meant to blocked my sense of smell. Nice try, Foxy.

While I was interrogatin' the lady, I heard the crackin' sounds outside the cabin. The footsteps kept rushin' in and the door got slammed.

"Freeze!" one of the guards said. I knew this would have happened. I almost got drugged by the Foxy lady here. These punks were meant to get me and bring me back to h*ll. Silver Fox then had no choice but to reveal her true motives. She was actually workin' for Project X. I neva knew that one comin' from her.

"You betta stand back or I'll slash your throats," I warned the soldiers. But the soldiers were not listenin' to a d@mn word I said. I guess it's time to teach them a lesson.


I slashed their front bodies and cut some of their fingers off. The soldiers cried out in pain. It wasn't pretty at sight but you just gotta do what you have to do.


"AHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the guards. They may not be tougher than they look. But they sure do know how to find me anytime. I'll give them some credit for that.

While I was finishin' off these lazy punks, there was one soldier standin' right in front of me. He was scared that I was about to kill him. But then he ran away like a cat sleepin' on the rug.

I turned back to face Silver Fox but she managed to hit me before I do anythin' to her. She kicked my d*ck and punched on my face. I tried to hold her off but she kicked my gut. I fell back outside her cabin.

"Ya got good moves, Foxy," I said impressively. The lady slightly showed a smirk on her face and went runnin' to attack me. I moved aside fast but Foxy here managed to hit me once again. This lady is pure fast, I tell ya. I wonder what other moves she had in store for me. I guess, I have to find out.

Before she took her gun, I slashed and broke it. Then, I used my left hand claws to slash her gut through. She screamed out in pain but she managed to stand still. While I was goin' to attack her, I saw her wounds were healin' fast. I guess, I'm not the only one who got a doctor on my back.

Foxy took out her another gun and shot several times to my body. I screamed out loud while being shot and ran towards her and knocked her gun out. She later jumped over me and kicked on my back. I fell down and she hit my back again. I took some of the dirt and threw it on her face. She was blinded like an old lady. She couldn't even see while I was about to attack her. But a guy came in and shot a red bullet at me. I neva knew what this red bullet was. But I felt quite a pain through my veins and fell to the ground. The guy had some kinda two swords on his back. I couldn't even tell who he was. Since my eyes were weren't clear enough to see the person standin' besides my weak body. The Foxy lady swept away the dirt from her face and she stared at me angrily. She then kicked my head and I became unconsious. I heard these two people whisperin' or talkin' to each other. The Foxy lady was calling this guy a name. A name which sounded familiar but I neva heard of it before. He was quite disfigured alright and has the skills of a soldier. His name was Wade Wilson, the guy with the mask.

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 4- The Merc.

Great! Logan found himself in a tough situation but nothin' like this. What was the red bullet which Deadpool had used? I think you know. Will Logan come out of this one? What will happen to him now? Is he already dead? Not yet, bub. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator: Wow, you're just crankin' these out ain't ya? XD Doing a great job!  
Silver Fox: Make me a damn sandwich! lol!
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@nomadicxnightmare: LOL! Thanks! Speaking of sandwiches, I'm really hungry.  :D
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@The Impersonator: Short, sweet and moorish! Excellent

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@4donkeyjohnson: thank you. :)

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