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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 2- The Power

Cap and I fought the German soldiers one by one. It ain't pretty while finishin' them off. But it sure came in handy. I kicked one of the German soldiers' leg and pushed him over. I took the gun and shot him. The other soldiers were almost shootin' at me. But Cap managed to protect me from his shield. I wish I had a shield like Cap's. You neva know what kind of things can be useful these days.

Cap threw the shield and it came hoverin' which knocked each of the soldier's head. That gotta hurt there. I wonder how it can hurt me. I ducked down before the shield came and hit me. But instead, the shield hit the soldiers' legs. I kept shootin' the Red Skull's cronies on their heads. I told Cap if it was ok killin' these people. Since Cap is the "Greatest American Hero" here. Cap was fine with it. Because this is war and these soldiers will hurt ya real good.

After we finish off the soldiers, we jumped into the floatin' platform where the Red Skull stands. He was pointing his gun at us and shot. But Cap blocked the bullets with his shield. "Nice goin' Cap", I said impressively. "Anytime", said the Cap. Before Cap threw off his shield at the Red Skull, he picked up a shiny object from one of his pockets. He was holdin' this object and tellin' us that it was power. "What is that?" the Cap wondered. The Red Skull had a big smirk on his face and reveal what the object was and what it can do. We were quite unbelievable to hear it but the Red Skull wasn't tellin' a lie. "Do you see, Captain America? I'm holding the greatest power of all!" the Red Skull slightly shouted. Cap was still hesitant about the object and began to throw the shield at him. But the shield disappeared right in front of us. We were amazed of what just happened here. A strange magic trick which must have somethin' to do with the shiny object.

"Where's my shield?" asked the Cap. The Red Skull answered that he made it disappear by using the shiny object. I once remember he used to call it the "Cosmic Cube" which he discovered somewhere in the German soil. I wonder how the object got here in the first place.

"HA! HA! HA! You fools. I can make things appear and disappear. It is like an on/off switch," the Red Skull laughed. Cap couldn't believe it that his shield was gone and hoping that the Red Skull could bring it back. It seems that this object can change things. I was wonderin' where the Red head got that floatin' platform from. It sure looks different and I have neva seen anythin' like it before in my life.

"I should have known what you were up to, Red Skull," said the Cap. "You may have killed my partner. But you will never defeat heroes like us!" shouted the Cap. The Red Skull laughed as if that would neva happen. "Then come here and show yourself, CAPTAIN AMERICA!" the Red Skull shouted. Cap jumped over him and tried to steal the cube from his hands. But the Red Skull hit the Cap's back. The Cap fell down and the Red Skull kicked his gut like anythin' ever before. I interfered with the fight and tried to save Cap. But the Red Skull shot my leg and I fell down like a rock. "Logan. You may be a Canadian. But are you a hero like this puny coward here?" I was angry when I heard that. I was so angry that I couldn't even get up from my feet. I have the will to do things ya know. I got up, took my pistol and fired a shot on his shoulder. The Red Skull screamed and almost fell over the floatin' platform. I pushed him over and we both fell down. Cap was still lyin' in the platform and saw us fell to the crates. I managed to get up and still had my handy pistol. I took the pistol and shot him. I shot him, again and again. I was like an animal. I stopped shootin' and then I felt calm all of a sudden like a breeze in the air.

I took his object and began to somehow use it. I neva knew how it would work but the shield reappeared and been brought back to Cap's arms. Cap thanked for savin' him and I was glad to hear that Cap is on his feet like always. I went up to the Red Skull where he lay dead. Just like Hitler who got killed the same way. I took off his red scary mask and was shocked to see who it was. It was the Texan man. I didn't know what to say. How could this have happen? Cap was also shocked to see that his fellow man has been killed. Killed by me.

There was silence for a moment and then a laughter sprung up from the walls. "You do not understand, do you?" said the familiar voice. He explained to us everything. The cube here which I was holdin' in my hand. It was a fake. He deliberately used the Texan man to become the Red Skull. Somehow, the Texan man was brainwashed thinking he was the Red Skull. But the real Red Skull is somewhere hidin' behind these walls and kept laughin' as if we were dogs trying to get out of the cages. I shot an innocent man which I neva knew that he was being used. He was not the only one.

The laughter died down and the Red Skull claimed that he has the real shiny object. I was really mad. I went crazy and hittin' and kickin' the crates on and on. Cap was tryin' to calm me down. But I hit him unintentionally. I couldn't stop my anger. I couldn't even stop myself. I...


I felt a lot of pain and anger. Not just that, a pool of blood came out of my leg. I was feelin' dizzy all of a sudden. I fell down and slept away in total darkness. I could hear Cap screamin' and askin' if I was alright. He also told me to wake up. But...I couldn't. I just...couldn't.

I woke up and find myself in the cabin. I sort of knew where I was. The memory which I just had. It wasn't pretty alright. Sometimes, I get the feelin' that Cap was tellin' the truth back in that trainin' simulation. The Native American lady gave me a hot tea so that I can recover myself soon. Her eyes were pretty and I couldn't get my eyes off from hers. She was...beautiful.

"Who are you?" I asked. The lady gave me a smile. A smile which I neva seen in my life. "The name's Silver Fox," answered the lady. She also asked my name and where I have come from. I told her my name but I couldn't tell where I came from though. Sometimes, my memories always fade away out from existence. While I was about to drink the hot tea, I heard some crackin' sounds. I also smelled somethin' wrong here. I guess I was wrong since Silver Fox told me it was just a kettle. I can also smell her nice perfume too. I thanked the lady for takin' care of me. She smiled and I smiled back at her. I always hope to see that smile and once and every while. I should able to see that smile again. When I looked through a window, a strange guy with a mask was seen behind the trees.

"Sir, I have found our target. What is your response?" "Over."

"We'll just have to wait and see how these new love birds are doing their thing. William Stryker, over and out."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 3- Tango.

Unbelievable! The Red Skull is very cunning indeed. Logan may have experienced his worst past yet. But will he able to face unexpected dangers in the present? Find out in the next chapter of Wolverine. Sometimes, you may neva know what it will hit ya. SNIKT!

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