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Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 15- The Game


A loud explosion came somewhere across the hotel. It was a smoke bomb just to scare everyone off. Somethin' tells me that his old guy neva wants to hurt innocent people.

"What's your game here, Cable?"

"This isn't a game, Logan. I'm only doing this to save Dr. Abraham Erskine."

"Why? Tell me one good reason."

"If you want to know, you should...."

"Yea. Yea. I got your words, old man. I don't have time to play stupid games."

While I was about to take my adamantium claws out, Cable was pointin' his gun at me. He sure was a tough soldier alright. I just wished what this guy is all about. I betta be careful because Cable almost brew my brains out.

"What's it going to be, Logan? I know you can still remember of what happened recently."

"What do ya mean? I ain't remember anythin' before. I only remember when I met you and you f*ckin' blew my head."

"Yeah. I had to do that."

"Hold on right there, Cable," said the Foxy lady who just arrived in time. She had her guns ready to shoot the old man. She neva first said a word to him. But Cable managed to tell her that everythin' is about to explode. I mean everythin' here.

"I see you already have your stuff ready, Silver Fox."

"How do you know my name?"

"It's not important. What's important is that I have to save Abraham no matter what."

"Really? Why do you have to save him?"

"Don't ask him that question, Foxy. I don't think he'll spill his guts out."

"Shut up, Logan. I'm taking charge here."

Silver Fox was still pointing her guns at the old man. If she had asked more questions, it would be a total f*ckin' waste of time. I decide to take my adamantium claws out and slash his body. Cable moved instantly and shot at my chest. I fall back on the floor screamin' in pain. Silver Fox starts shootin' at the old man.

But the bullets got deflected from Cable's force field. I slightly got up and took one of his bullets to analyze Cable's information. I'm pretty sure the bullet ain't the same as the other ones. But I might have to get his other equipment just in case.

The Foxy lady was runnin' and shootin' at Cable. While runnin', she jumped over the table and threw a knife to see if she can disable Cable's force field. But the force field was still active as before. Silver Fox tried her other moves as she have learned in her trainin' sessions. She sure knows how to fight like a tough lady. She neva gives up tryin' new things. It's a challenge that she always like to take.

I got up on my feet and ran over screamin' like h*ll at Cable. I kept slashin' through his f*ckin' force field. The force field was weakinin' at the moment. At this time, I slashed through the weakenin' force field and hit near the Cable's gut. Cable almost felt the pain and I can smell his fresh blood. When his force field was deactivated, Cable kicked my gut and punched me. I fell down again to the floor when Cable was about to hit me. Silver Fox was runnin' to save me but it ain't looked like it. Since she neva liked me in the first place.

Silver Fox jumped like a ballerina girl and hit on Cable's face. The old man got quite a scratch there. But he neva stops gettin' beaten by a fight. He always kept goin' and figurin' our next move. I wonder how he knew that we would come to this place. He must have followed us. But I don't think he would ever do that. Unless, he must have some kind of sensor technology like David's to track us down. Maybe, we should have David to back us up. Unfortunately, he's still recoverin' from his recent injuries. I felt sorry for my partner. I'll have to take care of Cable myself. If Silver Fox can't handle it, then I'll f*ckin' do it.

We both tried hittin' and punchin' him several times. But he kept hittin' back at us. He also disappeared out of thin air. He then appeared inside the restaurant and shot at us from a different angle. It seems this guy was well-trained by some other guys at the boot camp. This old man neva f*ckin' quit.


I screamed like an animal and jumped through the cookin' counters. I hit the Cable's front body and he fell back on the heat stove. He sort of screamed in pain and hit me on the head. I felt a doozy for a while and hit him back. We were both hittin' each other for a while until Silver Fox interfered with our fight. But Cable managed to pull out his other toy and flame-throw at the Foxy lady. Silver Fox screamed in pain while the fire was burnin' her beautiful skin. I knocked his flame thrower and slashed through his gut. Cable felt the pain and the blood was drippin' on the floor. I went to find some water to pour out the burnin' Foxy lady. But Silver Fox kept runnin' everywhere and ran outside the restaurant. She still screamed in pain while runnin' through the streets. She kept runnin' until she got hit by an Mexican police car. The Mexican cops got out and took out their guns. One of the cops took off a coat and covered Silver Fox's burnin' body. The other cops came rushin' in and see what the f*ck is goin' on. When the cop arrived, we saw him and he kept tellin' in his Spanish language which I couldn't even understand. Cable was about to shoot me. But the Mexican cop shot Cable several times on the chest. Cable fell down to the floor like a dead waste of $h!t.

Later, Cable's body disappeared and I was wonderin' that this Cable ain't the real one I was fightin' with. I felt angry at this moment when the Mexican cop was about to arrest me. It was another stupid trick which I and Silver Fox hadn't seen it comin' before us. I felt like an lion who roared through the jungle and couldn't stand another failure.


To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 16- The Terrorist.

Oh my goodness. Another defeat for our future X-Man. Will Logan ever beat Cable? How will Logan get out of this whole f*cking mess? Tune in for the next chapter of Wolverine. It looks like my own rage is about to take over my mind and body. SNIKT!

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great story man, enjoy it

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@nonfiction91 said:

great story man, enjoy it

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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