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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 10- Future Tense

We were walkin' towards the bar to get some drinks and ask questions. The brown-coated guy was still lookin' at me. As if he knew me somewhere before. The light sorta blinded me for a second there. I kinda blinked my eyes to see what he was tryin' to do. I stepped towards him and he still sorta ignores me. But I can smell him that somethin' is different. Yea, tell me about it. I began to ask him questions just to know the details of this strange guy.

"Hey, bub. Who are ya?"

He slightly looked at me and kept quiet for a second. He wasn't that type of person to chat with another person. Maybe, he neva had friends. But I sure do want to know what this guy is doin' in Mexico.

"That's none of your business."

"I see. Ya want to tell me what a person like you doin' here?"

"It's top secret."

I should have known this guy wouldn't answer some of my questions. I also asked him about the scientist who went missin' for the past year. He claimed he has not known Dr. Abraham Erskine at all. I showed the image which Psi-Borg has taken before. The cyborg sure knows how to keep his records checked everytime. He may have all the information that we need. But he's not the guy who would want to work with us. I really hated the cyborg who messed with me in the past trainin' session.

David and Victor were comin' behind me and see what was goin' on. I told them about this guy who refused to tell anythin' about his presence in Mexico. Victor came up like a big guy who wants to turn his tables around. He stared at the brown-coated guy with a smirk on his face. Victor also smelled him and found out that the guy was actually here for Abraham.

"Who are you?" asked Victor waitin' to see what comes up from the brown-coated guy's mouth. The strange guy never spoke much and he told Victor to f*ck off. Victor began to show a grin on his face and threw off the table and the chairs. He took the brown-coated guy's neck and continue askin' questions about his real identity. The guy didn't even scream and he looked tough as the way a soldier does. I wonder if he was some kind of a mercenary like Wade Wilson who neva shuts his f*ckin mouth.

Victor kept askin' questions to the guy but he still didn't answer. The strange guy took out his gun and shot on Victor's gut. Victor led out a scream and fell back on the bar. The Mexicans and foreign tourists screamed as they ran off from the bar. The brown-coated guy got up from his chair and walked off from us. David took his gun and took several shots at the brown-coated guy. But the guy used his gun to block the shots away from David's range of shootin' skills. I have neva seen like it before. I took out my adamantium claws and began to jump on him. Then the brown-coated guy took out some kind of staff weapon and send an electric shock through my body. I felt pain and screamed like a tiger wanderin' in the Indian jungles. I fell down to the Mexcian ground where the brown-coated guy was still standin' in front of me.

Victor woke up from the dead and got angry as ever. He ran through and almost pounce on the brown-coated guy. But the guy still used his staff weapon to knock the Sabretooth down. This is the first time I have ever seen the big tough guy got beaten like anythin' by a tough soldier.

I got up and shot him several times. But the shots got deflected from his back. It must be that steel arm he was usin' for protection. David threw plasma blasts at the brown-coated guy and went off like a big-bang. The brown-coated guy still survived since he had some kind of force field emantin' around his body. I wonder if this guy has these tech equipment on his shoulders. I had to find out his weakness so that I can beat him up for good.

Victor and I used our weapons and shot him several times. We kept shootin' but the bullets still got deflected from the brown-coated guy's force field. We even threw our bombs near the brown-coated guy and try to break his force field. But the force field is still active as ever.

"Who is this guy?" David wondered about the new stranger in a hot country. The brown-coated guy still neva said a word of what's happenin' here. He took out his big gun and shot a laser beam onto the nearby car where Victor and I were standin' near to it. We noticed that the car has no scratches in it and thought the brown-coated guy missed the shot. But a few seconds later, the car blew up and we screamed like h*ll. We were runnin' all over the place and try to keep out the fires out. But the fire kept burnin' our bodies like rotten eggs. Then we fell down unconsious. David found a water can and thew at our bodies. While he was bathin' us, the brown-coated guy gave a normal shot which went right through David's chest and our partner fell to the ground.

David was tryin' to get up and see what the brown-coated guy is goin' to do next. But he said somethin' we would have known before we even asked him.

"You guys won't get in my way. Otherwise, more lives will be at stake. Do you understand?"

While I was lyin' dead, I wondered what the brown-coated guy was talkin' about. I may have heard of what he said. But it sure sounds a mystery to me. Once my doctor recovers my burnt body, I'll sure want to give this strange guy a few slashes of my own.

While I opened my eyes, I tried to speak but the brown-coated guy finally answered some of my questions.

"You want to know who I am. I know who you are and what you're capable of. So don't try anything nasty on me. I will look out for you, Logan."

I wondered how he knew my name. These days, many people have already known me and yet I still can't remember if I knew them before. But this guy was different because I have neva known or seen him in my life.

"Who...are you?" I asked impatiently and still lyin' dead on the burnt ashes. I can still see the flashy light comin' from his left eye.

"The name's Cable. I have come here to save Dr. Abraham Erskine."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 11- Instinct.

Cable came back in time to save Abraham? But why? Does it have something to do with the formula which the scientist have created? You may find out in the next explosive chapter of Wolverine. You neva want to mess with the brown-coated guy from the future, bub. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator said:

"Who...are you?", I asked impatiently and still layin' dead on the burnt ashes. I can still see the flashy light comin' from his left eye.

"The name's Cable. I have come here to save Dr. Abraham Erskine."

Cool! Very, very cool! :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thank you. :)

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