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Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 1- The Wild Side

I was runnin' away as far as I could. I couldn't let go off my mind. Sometimes, you wonder where you're goin' these days. But it ain't happen like this. I always get confused of who or what I am. But am I seeing it for real? I just don't know. All the surroundings in the jungle...I can hear voices, screaming or shouting somewhere near me. It sounds like an animal voice. But no...It sounds like a big bad wolf.

I saw the wolf attackin' a young woman near her cabin. She was beautiful alright. I neva knew what she's capable of back then. But her beauty striked me. It's as if I have neva seen her before. If you ask me, I neva get along with such beautiful ladies. Yea, tell me about it. I have bad and tough luck with them.

The wolf was tearing half of her clothes apart and then I jumped and slashed the wolf. The wolf cried out in pain. After screaming in agony, the wolf ran off like a puppy. It's lucky that I was in this d@mn old jungle. Otherwise, the Native American lady would have been torn to shreds. The lady thanked me for saving her life. I didn't know what to say. Sometimes, my mind is too hazy and I couldn't think of such words. I was about to say it until I felt down. I was so tired runnin' and gettin' injured by those men from Project X. I hope they don't find me here. I may not know if what they will hurt the lady as well. The Native American lady told me if I was ok. But I kept feelin' dizzy and slept away in total darkness. I don't know how long was I out. But there is one thing for sure, is that I neva missed a beautiful daylight and a beautiful lady right in front of me.

I woke up and find myself battlin' the German troops in the 1940s. Yea, it was the time of World War 2. I used to join with the Americans to stop Hitler from conquerin' the American soil. I felt bad for the Jews who got tied up and beaten like Jesus Christ. Heck, I would have slashed the Germans' throats myself if I had the adamantium claws. But I had to use weapons and lots of gadgets on my back. Cap was there at that time. Yea, he came here to finish off Red Skull and his cronies. I neva knew what the Red Skull was up to. But he sure has somethin' up his sleeve. I wanna know what's going on in his skull.

While I was coverin' my men, a Texan was helpin' me out. He asked whether I was an American. But he could tell that I wasn't one of them. He sure knows a lot of things even for a man coming from Texas. To be honest with you, I neva been to Texas all my life. But I wish I could go to places at this time if there wasn't a war. Maybe after this war, I could go there for a change. I have been in the Canadian soil for too long. It's time to move out in the States.

The Texan man moved up to me and said, "Howdy partner, it sure looks like ya could get a hand with these toys." I said to him, I can handle it. Even though I had trouble usin' these weapons. "Hey bub, it's your responsibility to look out for your post. You may neva know what those German heads will come and hit ya." He was sort of stunned of what I said but he sure ignore those words. Anyways, he light out a fire to smoke. "You're not from Texas, are ya?" said the Texan soldier. "Yea, you're right. I might as well wished I was born an American. Although, I do like being a Canadian. But I'm pretty sure you have no problem with that." The Texan soldier smiled as always. I don't know why he would smile as if things are turning out ok for him. But he told me he left his family behind. I was like ok. Why would you do that? He said this, "Well, I had to become the best there is. You know what I mean, right?" That was my first motto from hearin' his mouth. Yea, I always wanted to become the best but I neva thought about it that way. "I see, bub. So you intend to die for your country?" The Texan guy answered truthfully. He was a honest man and I couldn't even get enough outta him.

Suddenly, Cap came by and see how we're doin' things. But there was an urgent mission that Cap has to face. He asked me if I can help him and take out Red Skull. "Logan, I infiltrated one of Red Skull's strongholds. I believe that he found something big." I thought about it but I wonder what Cap was talkin' about. I had to find out for sure. This could mean the defeat of the Americans who were trying to fight for their country. I had to join Cap in an unknown quest. I gotta say and I gotta say it now. There's always a risk behind enemy lines. If you don't accept these risks, you may neva know what consequences will they bring. I always have to accept these big risks. That's what war is all about. A total f*cked up risk.

I told the Texan soldier to cover the rest of the men and his tracks so that the Germans won't get them. I followed Cap through the wires and tunnels and whatnot. These days, I have been keep on goin' and neva stayed behind. Cap and I were close friends by the way. I helped him and his friend, Bucky to outwit the Germans from attackin' our men. Unfortunately, Bucky was presumed to be killed by the Red Skull. It's the only reason why Cap wanted to finish the Red head off. But there is more to it than that. I wished Cap would open up and tell me what's the Red Skull is plannin' his scheme. I sure ain't likin' it.

"I have a bad feeling about this, Logan," Cap said. Yea, I have a bad feeling too. Not that I'm scared of what might happen, but it's just that things go unexpectedly. You may neva know what might hit ya. Yea, that's my old saying of how you should be careful these days.

We reached one of the Red Skull's strongholds. We were in the underground alright. These Germans have a good hidin' place and they sure did a good job here. But not good enough.

Cap throws his vibranium shield at the steel door and it was smashed through. The shield came back to his hands. I wonder how it does work that way. He must have some kind of magnetic control device attached somewhere near his body or arms or whateva. Anyways, I'm with the "Greatest American Hero" yet. Unfortunately, my time as a hero would come sooner or later.

While we were walkin' through some old crates, I heard some crackin' sounds. The German soldiers were everywhere and we felt right into their trap. Cap said that this stronghold was empty as it should have been. But somehow, the Germans have found out that we're comin' here. What tough luck! You can add that to your resume. The Red Skull appeared from some kind of platform and starin' at us. "Well, Captain America, you have entered my trap. I see you have your friend, Logan here." He sure looks scary to me. Scarier than I thought. But I neva got scared due to the fact that the Red Skull was just a man. Underneath the mask, I couldn't even tell who that person really is. All I could say is this that he's the devil in the ranks. Cap came here to finish him for good.

"What are you planning, Red Skull?" asked the Cap furiously. He wanted to know that bad especially me. The Red Skull was hesitant and showed a slight smirk on his face. Cap was right, there was some kind of plan what's about to happen here.

"You really want to know, Captain America?", "Or is that you just came here for revenge?" I gotta tell ya. This Red Skull guy is somethin' which came out of a big old rug. Cap was seemed to be angry about Bucky's death. Sometimes, I wonder if revenge is always the answer. Huh! I just hope it ain't happen to me.

"I'll kill you, b@$t@rd!" said the Cap angrily. "Then, come and get me, the great Captain America!" the Red Skull laughed and told us that he had something precious that he will usin' it for power. I wonder what that precious somethin' is and what he will be doin' with it. But it's time to find out.

"Logan, are you ready?" said the big Cap.

"I'm ready as you are, bub."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 2- The Power.

Whoa, some things ain't turn out what they used to be. Who was the Native American lady whom Logan just saved? And what is this power the Red Skull will be using. Hmmmm. I think you know. Can Cap and Logan fight off the Germans and stop the Red Skull from accomplishing his goals? Find out in the next chapter of Wolverine. Revenge is neva sweet. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator: Very nice. The action scene were very well written and entertaining. It looks like it's shaping up to be an interesting story.
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@The Impersonator
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@primepower53: Thanks man! Chapter 2- The Power is already up.
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Thanks! Chapter 2 is already up.
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@The Impersonator: Excellent! This is shaping up to be onbe of my favourites :)

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Now or or if you're doing your reviews, even you take a look at this under-read, under-loved, exceptional piece of work by @The Impersonator !

It's really good, bit epic in length of the overall series but check it out!

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