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Nick Fury’s hover craft slowly approached a worn down landing pad, Fury was probably its first visitor since the Skrull invasion. The dark haired pilot turned to Fury and questioned "what are we doing out here anyways Fury, there is no sign of life anywhere near here except some deer?" Fury smiled and said " even though I have left the international spy game I still do have old loose ends I deal with." the pilot turned his head away thinking can't be too bad if Fury is talking about it. The hover craft landed with a slight thud as Fury took a deep breath of fresh air. Fury then signaled the pilot to follow him while saying "come on agent Max" Max cautiously followed, he was already breaking orders by giving Fury a lift, Max proceeded to ask "where are we going Fury." Fury just kept walking as an underground entrance opened. Max followed while thinking now I’m in trouble, Fury is not saying anything.

The two arrive to a brightly lit room with an old man working on something behind a glass window. Fury walks forward while saying "long time no see Joe, I have brought what you were looking for." Max looked over Fury, he didn't look like he had anything with him, what’s going on. Joe lifted his head and said "come around Fury subject 24,999 has just been finished" Furry and Max walked around the glass to see a Skrull on the operation table, max almost vomits. Fury smiles and says "The Skrull invasion has proven invaluable to your work Joe It would have taken us another 30 years to get all the volunteers." Max looks at Fury and blurts "volunteers for what sir" Fury Quickly turned around while quickly zapping Agent Max with a hidden gun, Fury calmly answers "for this".

Joe smiled and said "and my final subject right on time Fury, the era of the super hero is about to end" Fury calmly walks out of the underground base as Joe lifts max on to the operation table. As Fury leaves the base he lights a cigar while holding a purple vile "I don't know about the end of super heroes but this will be a time not quickly forgotten Dr. hall your legacy lives on." Fury stomps out his cigar and takes off in the hover craft heading off to deal with other loose ends.


Meanwhile on the west side of Jacksonville, Florida Paul Ferrell aka The Crimson Knight was watching the clouds past by his 2nd story apartment. He never considered himself a hero and his only real good feat was stopping a terrorist organization, called Vita et Kira, from sinking the District of Colombia. In his opinion, if he was anything he was a monster. He looked down from the window to see his neighbor having a fight with her boyfriend. He was about to turn when he saw him raise his hand to hit her. Paul was suddenly holding his hand while saying “we don’t hit ladies on this street” her boyfriend quickly pulled his hand away and started a scene but honestly Paul wasn’t interested enough to listen. The boyfriend drove off and she began to thank Paul when she asked “by the way I didn’t see you come up where did you come from” Paul just smiled and said “you were probably to distracted to notice me walking by” Paul walked away while thinking well isn’t this exciting.


Max awoke to a searing pain his entire body on fire as a blur of a man cut into him. He quickly realized he was on an operating table. He tried to move but his body was too heavy it was as if the table was holding every part of him down. “Ah your awake, there is no reason to struggle young shield agent my friends power over there wouldn’t let you move any ways” Joe said while leaning in close. Max strained his head to see what look like a skrull holding out his hand, the skrull saw this and suddenly maxes head was forced back in to position by an unseen force. “You see agent” Joe chuckled. Max flicked his pinky releasing a dart aiming for the skrull but it landed flat to the ground with no momentum at all. Joe smiled “oh you are a stubborn one max but don’t worry, soon you won’t even know who you are.” Joe sticks a needle in Max’s neck and everything goes dark in Max’s mind.

Joe grabbed a rag and cleaned his forehead while saying “finally it will begin in mere hours, take him to the radiation room under settings 3” Joe then walked out the room coughing as a dying man would “soon”


“Ironman hey tony are you listening” tony turned to look at his best friend while saying “no not real I was busy ignoring calls from ex director Fury” “What Fury’s contacting you and your ignoring him Tony” war machine replied while stepping out of cover. A quick blast drops war machine as Tony flies in. “I’m sure whatever it is can wait plus I wanted to beat you in this training match first” Tony answers . “Sir Fury seems to be persisting he says it’s urgent” Jarvis replied. Tony then gave in saying “fine patch him through, hey Fury I know you missed me but I’m a little busy at the moment so…” Fury chuckled “you can cut the bull, Tony and get to your training later, this takes priority, you remember graviton aka Dr. Frank Hall I assume?” Tony interrupts Fury, “if it’s just some super villain get some other hero on it today’s my day off” Fury in an uneasy voice “His accident that created him apparently wasn’t so accidental Tony and the man responsible has just made a gigantic army of gravitons do I got your attention yet stark.” Tony questions “wait how, do you know this Fury something dose not smell right about this.” Fury closes the conversation with “The armies located underground in the Canadian Rockies just north of where it all started have fun stark” The line disconnects. “This feel like a trap Fury, I better get some sort of team for this and inform any other hero groups.” Tony begins to fly away, when war machine ask “wait Tony what’s going on, what did Fury say?” Ironman turned and said “Graviton a lot of Graviton”

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@hulk_post_absolute_power: Try to write more next time. When chapters are this short it kind of feels more like a teaser than a full issue.