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Bridget the librarian was on vacation at the beach. As she began to wade in the surf, a large squid reached out with one tentacle to hold her. Another tentacle was used to tickle her. She cried for help and fortunately for her the Fantastic Four were at the beach and ran to the rescue. When the squid saw The Human Torch it let Bridget go and retreated in to the sea. The Invisible Girl helped her back to the beach and tried to comfort her. Prince Namor strode out of the water and addressed Mr. Fantastic. "I demand that all humans leave the ocean. You have two weeks to do it!" Mr. Fantastic responded "Why are you so angry this time Prince?" Namor said "If you meet my demands I will meet you here in two weeks. Otherwise my subjects will drive humans from the oceans. I can sink all ships and boats and you have already met one of my squid who can drive humans from the water." After making sure Bridget was okay, the FF headed to Washington, DC and New York City to persuade the U.S. and the U.N. to get everything and everyone out of the water. Gentle Ben Grimm asked Mr. Fantastic if he was surrendering. Mr. Fantastic said that he was getting to work on a way to prevent Prince Namor from carrying out his scheme. -- To be continued.

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@theik2: Short but good. You might want to space this out a bit but on the whole I look forward to reading more and finding out why Namor is being such an @ss about people in the sea...actually he's an @ss all the time but this time he seems to have a reason

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He was playing the battleship game with Deadpool,and deadpool sank his battleship and began laughing and teleporting around the room . Namor couldn't catch him, so he became enraged and went out and sank a real battleship. Kids don't ever play any games with Namor, this is how wars start. Now they have amovie about it out now, Namor is behind it all!