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I got bored on a plane ride from , so I decided to write down some stories for a prequel to my Ultimate Superman series: Ultimate SuperBOY.    



Scene One:

  always knew he was different. Even before he knew he could fly, he was strong, invulnerable, and had various breath and vision powers, he just didn’t know how. Once he had discovered his newfound powers, he went to ask if he was adopted. Both of his Parents were evasive, which made feel uneasy. He was almost thirteen now. He wanted answers.

Scene Two:

knew how to use his powers, but he had trouble controlling them. This…doppelganger had his powers down to a science. He could use his powers with deadly force. With a but a hesitance, the two clashed and—

Scene Three:

The man said he was saved by a flying boy in street clothes. Perry White, upcoming reporter for the Daily Planet, had some questions for him. […] “How would you describe this man?” Asked Perry. “I’ll tell ya! The man said “He was probably in Middle School, no more then fourteen, at most, broad shoulder, probably from some farm. Only this boy could fly, he somehow blurred his face so nobody could find his identity! I’m telling ya, this boy is super!” Perry raised his eyebrow “Superboy?”  

Scene Four:

Clark remembered his imaginary friend, Lara, when he was little calling him “her little Superman.” The press decided to name him Superboy. suddenly had an idea! He’d be a hero! But he knew he could never be anyone big. He wasn’t allowed to leave Smallville to after High School! He couldn’t be like anyone in the JSA, and Smallville was, as the name suggested, small, everyone knew Clark . Nobody knew Superboy. He wouldn’t be like that blond Green Lantern, or the fast guy with the helmet. He chuckled a bit at the thought of who was faster.

Scene Five:

Punch after punch, grew weaker, as his opponent grew stronger. “You can’t beat me!” He shouted, “I’m INVINCABLE!”  The boy’s voice shook the room. got up, wiping the blood from his lips. “No, you’re not.” He said. “And I’ve had enough!” The two lunged at each other and—

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@primepower53: Very nice. Looks like it should be interesting.
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Thank you very much! I did the "imaginary friend" bit as his memory as a baby on Krypton (In Ultimate Superman, Lara's last words to him were "our little Superman.") was projected on Earth as imaginary friends. Basically, he thinks he made up Krypton as a kid.

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That seems really good. I think I will be reading this when it starts coming out. Great preview!!