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Power Man and Iron Fist – What’s in a Name?

The following takes place in the year 2104 – 5 years after 2099 (obviously).   Previously, Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 has discovered that all of the corporations that rule the 2099 world fall under the control of just one man - Mr. Hikaru, CEO of Stark-Fujikawa.   As such, Mr. Hikaru rules all of North America.   He is not a kind dictator.   The following scene is the first time Miguel and Mr. Hikaru meet each other.   Miguel has crashed into Mr. Hikaru’s office via a window.


1. Miguel O’Hara stands in his Spider-Man suit.   His mask is off.


You’re through ‘Power Man’.   Or ‘Iron Fist’, or whatever name you’re going by now.


2.   An elderly Japanese man stands in an expensive office.   He looks both feeble yet threatening at the same time, dressed in traditional Japanese wear.   Both of his hands are behind his back, with splinters of glass from Miguel’s entrance littering the floor surrounding him.   This man is Mr. Hikaru CEO of Stark-Fujikawa, and as Miguel has only recently found out, the man his late father reported to when he ‘owned’ Alchemax.

Behind Mr. Hikaru is a desk, with the Avengers symbol predominately on display (note: This is the symbol for the man’s company, Alchemax.   It is identical to the Avengers symbol).   A large window stands behind the desk. Out that window we can see the world of 2104 – cars flying past, large skyscrapers, etc. There is a large hole in the window where Miguel has broken through.



I prefer Master, young O’Hara.   Something your father learned to call me.   As will you, in time.


3.   Miguel is coiled into a classic Spidey pose.   Close to the floor, ready to pounce.   He is angry.


I am not my father, and you are anything but my Master!


4.   Miguel is in mid-air, talons outstretched, ready to strike.


5.   A fist which appears to be made completely of metal has punched Miguel across the jaw.



6.   Miguel is crumpled on the ground, holding his broken jaw.   The fist of iron is visible in the right hand side of the panel.


The names ‘Power Man’ and ‘Iron Fist’ do not only refer to the way I rule this company, and this country, young O’Hara.


7.   Mr Hikaru is standing, smirking with his fists clenched.   Both of his arms are coated in metal, with a yellow surge of power, almost looking like electricity, covering him.   It appears to be emitting from his eyes.   He looks powerful.


No, unfortunately for you the meaning is quite literal.




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Good start. Would love to see it illustrated.

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Thanks man. I too would love to see it illustrated. Any takers? I'd put it up at and everything :P