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After being tortured by The Joker, Poison Ivy wanted to go straight. Wayne Enterprises had recently bought a large tract of land in the Amazon watershed. They wanted to create a wildlife refuge and offered the caretaker's job to Ivy. Superman asked Power Girl to go with Poison Ivy to set the place up. In a couple of weeks Wonder Woman would join them to finish the project. PG was shaken up a little because she felt attracted to both Ivy and WW. Now she was going to be with both of them in an isolated location. First PG flew down to Brazil and created a clearing large enough for a helicopter to land. A few hours later Ivy piloted a helicopter and landed it safely. Before nightfall they set up a tent and cooked dinner. Night fell quickly in the tropics. They slept on the floor of the tent since they didn't have cots yet. PG woke up in the night and found that Ivy had her arm around her. PG went back to sleep after a while but she had to control her emotions. The next day PG started felling trees for a landing strip. Ivy had to hide at first because seeing trees falling down upset her. They were both becoming fond of each other. Ivy flew out with the chopper and picked up some equipment for grading the landing strip. WW came a week early, which was good. So far PG hadn't embarrassed herself. Now they had three cots set up. WW needed mosquito netting. One night it got chilly so the three of them were huddled together for warmth. PG was sleeping between Ivy and WW and found herself embraced by both of them. PG focused her mind on other things so she wouldn't fall in love with either of them. Daily the three of them went skinnydipping in a nearby stream. Finally they finished the airfield. Now cargo planes landed carrying parts for a modular house. They also delivered a massive amount of fencing supplies for the perimeter fence. The house was a great improvement. And finally the job was done. After a tearfull farewell PG and WW flew out. They had developed a very close relationship. PG found herself crying as she flew home, but she was proud of herself that she maintained her self-control.

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Nice. I had to read this once I saw Wonder Woman and Power Girl. Nice work.

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@TheCannon: Thanks