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Comic book villains have all sorts of reasons for what they do. Some of those reasons actually make sense, others not so much. But who cares about realism, it's comics for crying out loud? Ahem...I do.

I know you have to waive the realism when it comes to lots of things (physics for sure), but I prefer when realism goes with character development. I saw a TV documentary on the motives of young gangsters who were jailed. Many had beat up people or even killed people. When I learned the motive it made perfect sense.

These guys grow up in a poor town. Check. They are bullied. Check. They get tired of taking it. Check. They find access to a gun. Check. They have low income. Check. They feel powerless and want to feel powerful. Check.

Crime solves SOME of their problems so that is why they resort to it. The consequences may be awful but in their mind they have no other choice.

For most people, violence is the last resort. But when that is what you do from childhood on, then it becomes the first resort, which lands you in jail.

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I'd like to know what documentary you had watched for this

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@deathbymanga said:

I'd like to know what documentary you had watched for this

Don't remember, I think it was on the kvie channel. It was good though. Very informative. Goes to show that all of us have the ability to go south or be law-abiding members of society. Of course outside factors do tend to push us in a certain direction, but we still have a choice.