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The rhythmic dripping of water onto the cold stalagmite formations on the bottom of the cave was the only sound to keep the beat caged. His mind, on the brink. The Guardians were merciless people, and they would pay. Hal Jordan would pay.....They would all pay.....


The creature screamed as his body burst into a bright soure of fire, the thick layer of hair which covered his body sparking. Flinting. He leaped into the air and swiped at the caves floor, taking out a fairly large rodent. The small, innocent creature lost it's bottom half from his top half, squirting it's innards across the ground. The furry orange hands of the beast closed around the rodent as he raised it to his long snout of a mouth. It opened and the rodent was gone, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, only to be licked at, as a subtle reminder of the small, yet momentarily satisfying meal.

A thump echoed through the cave as a thin layer of dust fell from the roof. A large stalactite fell from the roof of the cave, shattering against the ground. It only shook the foundation more, causing even more of the strange formations to fall. A sick, satisfied grin spread across the Avarice stricken beast's face as he raised his head to the roof of the cave. His furry body materialized the Orange Lantern suit around his abdomen as he screamed to the heavens.


One of his long fingered hands wrapped around The Orange Power Battery at his feet. Suddenly the sound stopped. Everything was silent in this hoddle of a prison. Then only a bright light. A bright light of Orange.


The Guardian's sat silently in their seats. Eyes closed. In a meditative state. The state was broken as the lead Guardian, Uatu's eyes snapped open. A surging of power within his heart. His head became light and his mind a blank.

"......Agent Orange is gone......"


The Simpson's conneciton is lost. Static is seen, families across the country fiddle with the remote, although something happens. Their regular news anchor appears on the screen. He stares into the camera. The connection still fuzzy.

"Hello North Carolina, this is Steve Dépez, and I come to you with breaking news. West Kentucky is gone. One eye witness says that they witnessed a flash of light before a large seismic reading, although no Earthquake. The remaining areas of Kentucky are being evacuated, although all we know is that West Kentucky is a baron Wasteland, questions are swirming about where this strange occurence began. We have the answer.....Mammoth Cave National Pa-"

The connection is lost. All electronics stop working within the area's around Kentucky. They are plunged into darkness.


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