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Onca: Warrior of Xibalba #2 - The Glass Cage

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Cancun, Mexico

Onca awoke from the drug induced stopper she had been put in and looked across the room she was in. There were around twelve chairs bolted to the ground, including her own, each containing an unconscious man or woman, an intravenous drip plugged into their arms. Shaking slightly Onca snapped her shackles as if they were made of flimsy plastic and pulled the drip from her arm.

As she left the chair an alarm sounded and almost instantly a red haired woman dressed in a nurse's uniform came running. "Your not meant to be up yet." She announced in a surprised voice, "Not with just a hurk" Before she could finish Onca calmly grabbed the woman and slammed her into the chair.

"Where is Mariposa?" She hissed as she brought the drip closer towards the struggling nurse.

"The Auction Room, she's selling off batch 13-07 to her clients." The nurse squeaked. "Please just keep that thing away from me!"

"Funny," Onca snorted as she stabbed the intravenous needle into the nurse's forehead, "how many people asked you the same thing when they were in that chair?" She asked before morphing into her feral features, and walking down the line of chairs towards the ward's exit.


Despite the disturbance she had caused in the 'indoctrination chamber', Onca found it incredibly easy to move unnoticed by the guards to the auction room. Perhaps they had become used to people shuffling around the corridors, or maybe they were victims of the narcotics their employer was manufacturing.

Stepping into the 'Auction Room' Onca looked around the hexagonal chamber, the walls covered in one-way mirrors to prevent the slaves seeing the bidders. Under her mystically enhanced vision however, such things were transparent and the people they were meant to hide were open to viewing.

In chamber one was a middle eastern man, dressed in a suit with a headset clamped to his ear, in the second was a man dressed head to toe in jungle camouflage, the third was an overweight American man, his robe barely covering him whilst an oriental man dressed in a gold hoodie and pants held a camera up to the glass in booth four. The fifth room was empty and in the sixth stood Mariposa, bitterly arguing with an aide about Onca's unscheduled arrival.

"Gentlemen may I introduce lot twenty-three." Mariposa announced. "An exotic specimen from Nicaragua, we call her 'Rosy' due to the unusual tattoos on her face." She added, uncertainty lapping at the edge of her voice. Watching with baited breath she saw Onca put her hand on the glass before reciprocating. Seconds later a stabbing pain shot through both women's skulls as the world around them reshaped itself.


Los Angeles, California - 15 years earlier

Dr Elise Cartwright walked into her office, a cup of coffee and a raspberry scone balanced on top of her laptop. As she sat down something caught her eye, and peering into the half darkness she saw a woman dressed in an orange leotard and matching ballet pumps, a pair of stylized axes slung across her back, the weapons giving her the appearance of wings. Just to add to the menace the intruder possessed, clenched in her left hand was a gas grenade, a biohazard symbol sprawled across the canister

"Dr Cartwright." The figure purred, " I don't suppose you recognise me."

"On the contrary Ms. Sosa, I never forget one of my students, especially one as gifted and as troubled as you."

"I'm touched but it's Mariposa now. Sosa died the day you kicked me out of the university. But guess what I found a sponsor, was able to complete my work on synthetic ant pheromones." Sosa told her.

"Ms Sosa, the Dean decided to remove you due to your treatment of several other students, many of whom are still in mental health asylums after your 'tests'. " Elise announced. " Now leave my office before I call campus security."

"Not without my favourite lecturer." Sosa purred as she slotted a gas mask over her face before dropping a grenade onto the floor, colourless has leaking out into the room. Elise coughed twice before rigidly standing still. "Good, now strip and but these on!" She ordered as she handed Elise a duplicate of her own costume, with the added addition of a butterfly winged carnival mask and no axe wings. "Beautiful." Sosa purred as Elise mechanically got changed, just as a man in motorcycle leathers and a helmet walked in. "I'll leave you in Mr. Cataphract's hands. No doubt he'll find a place for you." She added as the world morphed again to reveal the glass cage and the perverse slave owners on the one side, already backing away from the vengeful demi-goddess.

"It's you?" Mariposa asked as she backed away to the door. "Oh god, someone, anyone stop her!!" She ordered before turning and running. "Security get down to the Auction Room now!!!"

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@impurestcheese: It had not even occurred to me to ask why Elise had been in that chain of women thrown into the ceynote (just because I like to just sit back and see where you go with your stories). So I wasn't expecting the flashback. Nice. Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

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@cbishop: Thanks for the comment. Did you see the PSOC reference in there.

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I loved this. Can't wait to see what other history Onca and Marsiposa have. Really good stuff Cheesy

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@wildvine: It's not just those two, all her targets have met her, and all of them, their bodyguards and their clients are in the crosshairs

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Its a very interesting evolution for the character and story.

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@cbishop: Thanks for the comment. Did you see the PSOC reference in there.

Nope, I missed it. Is it one of the auction buyers?

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@cbishop: Nothing Issue 3 & 4 have got past my focus group and are waiting for strategic release.

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@impurestcheese: "Strategic release?" I feel like I should have a really sick joke right about now, but I'm gonna let the moment slip by. "Strategic release." <shakes head, walks away muttering indistinctly>

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