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Who doesn't love a good found footage movie? There is truly nothing more frightening. Be it (REC) or The Blair Witch Project, found footage films manage to terrify us because they take out the 4th wall factor of Horror Movies. Since we already have ourselves a HORROR Inc., I give to you...

Found Footage Freakout!

This is a horror story.movie poster show off for everything involving a low budget camera and something that goes bump in the night. For now, we're focusing on just film posters and screenplays/scripts. The goal is to create an entire library of terrifying Found Footage movies from horror movie fans tired of all the Devil Insides or Silent Houses. Simply Sign Up here, get started on your stories, and I will post them (In their separate parts) in this library.

This probably won't get too many views, or sign ups, but if it does, we could really have something special here! :)