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I’m gonna rank this as M just to be safe. I do not own Spider-Man, Green Goblin or any of the items mentioned within the story.

The Final Crusade

Norman Osborn stood before his trademark green and purple armor, staring at it with his superhuman vision. It gleamed peacefully off his eyes. Norman smiled.

This was it. His final crusade against the Spider; his ultimate enemy. His greatest crusade as well. Greater than when he killed the wench, Gwen Stacy. Greater than the time he’d placed the Spider under grave danger due to the clones Norman had brought about. This would be even greater than the old scheme with forgotten affairs and lost children. No, this was by far the greatest crusade ever. And it would end with the ultimate prize: The Death of the Spider.

The millionaire laughed at the thought. His hands around the neck of the Spider, crushing the boy’s throat.

As Norman donned the emerald and purple armor he remembered the steps he’d taken to come to this point; his final crusade.

First, Osborn had used his resources to destroy Avengers Tower, and render them unavailable to New York. Next, he’d spread the family of Symbiotes across New York, forcing S.H.I.E.L.D. to institute a quarantine across the Big Apple, trapping The Spider; and bringing the esteemed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier as well. The Spider was there now, Meeting with his allies in order to combat the infection.

He had no idea that Norman had instituted the epidemic.

The subsequent phase was to unleash a Symbiotically improved version of the Sinister Six upon the Spider, forcing him to face his greatest enemies at their most powerful echelons. The Spider had succeeded of course, none could but the Goblin would be able to destroy him.

Finishing the armor, Norman stood upon his glider and flew away, to his Final Crusade.


There it was in all its’ beauty. The Spider was there, fighting one of his other enemies, The Dark Spider. They clashed atop the Empire State Building, in amassed grandeur. The greatest city in the world at stake. But the True Spider was winning; brutally so. Norman watched from afar as the Spider narrowly managed to kick the Dark Spider off the grand tower, and plummeting down below.

Not far though; the Dark Spider was far too cunning for that.

Instead, The Dark Spider caught himself with a pantheon of webbing, saving himself from certain doom. But the Spider ignored it. Instead, he continued his brutal assault of his antithesis. Norman smiled as he flew closer to the duel. They were near-equals at the least, each battle was brutal.

Norman zoomed forward in his suit, flying at deadly speeds. While, the two Spiders engaged in a ferocious duel of epic proportions. A duel, that would never resolve with a true winner. Instead, Norman flew atop his glider at the Dark Spider, and in a single fluid motion, decapitated it, placing a pumpkin bomb in the remaining portion. Two seconds later the bomb ignited, eradicating the Dark Spider and scorching the True One.

Norman cackled haughtily at the brilliantly orchestrated murder.

“How?” Whispered the Spider. “You’ll pay for that. You hear me?! You’ll pay for that!”

Norman cackled in response. But then noticed the webbing attached to the glider. All part of the plan. Norman flew up and away… to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

It took but a few moments to reach the giant aerial ship.

The Final Crusade had begun, and was nearing its’ climax.


They reached the Helicarrier together, thousands of feet in the air. The wind glistened through Norman’s ears as he ducked past the Spider’s blow, narrowly avoiding his punch. Osborn quickly leapt off the glider and onto the Helicarrier, rolling to mitigate the crash. Norman turned and crossed his arms, blocking the Spider’s third strike…. but still being thrown back from the strength of the blow.

Osborn smiled, this was living up to his greatest dreams.

Norman sprinted forward, intending on slamming the Spider to the edge of the ship. Ducking down, he slid into the Spider’s knees, knocking both back. But, the Spider quickly launched his webbing, attaching both combatants to the edge of the Helicarrier. Osborn’s blood boiled violently, and he reached forward, breaking the confines of the webbing and striking the Spider with all of his strength.

The Spider flew off the edge of the ship; a piece of his clothing ripped off. Osborn glanced over the edge, entirely sure that that wasn’t the last of the wall crawler.

Merely waiting a few moments, Osborn allowed himself to rest for a much needed minute. Unfortunately, it was taking longer than that for the Spider to return. Patience expended, Osborn summoned his glider, and flew after the Spider.

He found him quickly enough, sticking to the exterior of the Helicarrier, resting. Norman had forgotten that the Spider had just gone through a gauntlet of his greatest foes. Paying more attention now, Norman realized that the Spider was wounded, blood slipping out from his side. Osborn smiled; it was closer to the end than he’d thought.

He fired two missiles from his glider at the wall-crawler, seeking to remove him from the edge. It worked; the Spider launched a web around the corner of the Helicarrier, fleeing for one of the few times in his career.

Norman raced after him, aiming to bisect his greatest foe. It didn’t work.

Just as Norman rounded the corner of the Helicarrier, the Spider struck back, kicking him in the chest, and off his glider. Osborn grunted, and spat out some of the blood in his mouth.

“That actually hurt.” He commented as he began to fall.

The Spider was racing after Osborn now, hoping to save him probably. Fool. The glider was racing back to him now too. It took a moment, for the Spider to realize that he’d die saving his enemy, or maybe the web he was using recoiled.

Norman didn’t know, and he didn’t care. Instead he watched as the Spider was pulled back up by a web he’d spun.

The glider zoomed forward and caught Norman with plenty of time to spare. The genius flew back up to the Helicarrier, his final crusade not yet extinguished.

Norman reached his old foe in no time at all. Flying onto the near-empty deck, Osborn stepped off the glider as he approached his old enemy.

“Why are you even doing this?” The Spider questioned.

Norman grinned. “You killed my son, ended my company and destroyed my life; what more could you do?”

“Harry’s alive; your own schemes destroyed your company and your life, not me.” The Spider claimed.

“Tell it to the devil… you’ll meet him soon.” Norman jumped backwards as he activated the glider and sent it crashing towards the Spider.

The Spider just managed to duck, as the tip of his costume was cut. Unexpectedly, the Spider reached up, and in a swift blow grabbed the glider, slammed it into the ground, ripping it in two.

“I’m done holding back Norman. Give up now, I don’t want to hurt you, but this has gone far enough.”

Norman cackled darkly. “This has been what I’ve wanted.”

The Spider rushed forward, faster than Norman had ever seen, with blows stronger than Norman had ever felt. Even with his enhanced physiology, Norman could just barely block the mighty blows. The rally of blows was beyond anything Norman had experienced, stronger than he even knew the Spider capable of.

With a final surging strike, Norman was sent flying back to the edge of the Helicarrier. With an sigh of defeat, Norman knelt.

“You’re done?” The Spider questioned.

“Osborn is… now you must face the wrath of The Goblin.”

The Spider appeared confused, lacking the terror that he should feel. The Goblin could feel his physiology morph further as his armor tightened, and his eyes turned emerald green.

Moving faster than ever, The Goblin rushed forward; striking a hundred blows all at once. Most of which, the Spider blocked or dodged… except for the final one. The Spider was sent flying onto his back.

The Spider stood back up, his costume ripped up. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done Osborn.”

The Spider rushed forward, reached the Goblin in record times. Swinging a fist forward, the Spider threw his punch, but the Goblin caught it, stopping the blow entirely. The Goblin responded by ducking forward and grabbing the Spider’s neck, crushing the air out of him, and knocking him back ever so slightly. Then, the Goblin swung out his hands striking the Spider’s wrists, and tearing out the metal gauntlets, and blood.

The Spider screamed in pain as he looked at his blood soaked hands. The enemy reached forward, striking the Goblin in the sternum and hurling him back forty feet to the opposite edge of the Helicarrier. The Spider ran forward, to launch a further attack, but the Goblin stopped him, plunging his fist through the Spider’s stomach.

The Goblin was mildly angry that he’d missed the heart thanks to the lousy Spider-Sense. Still, The Spider was standing there stunned.

“I’m dying.” He said simply; his blood and guts pouring out of his stomach.

“By my hand.” The Goblin replied.

“I’m putting an end to this.” The Spider commanded.

“And how will you-” The Goblin was interrupted as the Spider leapt forward and wrapped his arms around the Goblin; leaping off the Helicarrier, and to death.

Together, the Goblin and the Spider fell through the skies just as they fell through life.

When the Goblin dropped the blonde off the Brooklyn Bridge, that was their wedding. From that moment on, their lives were forever enter-tangled in marriage. The honeymoon was that clone epidemic, where they’d stayed together so much that the Spider had nearly lost his sanity. That old forgotten tale of lost children and forgotten affairs? That was the break up scare, where the Goblin and the Spider had nearly been divorced. And this was the anniversary, the last one. Never would they be separated, instead they would be bound together. Anytime one thought of the Spider, they’d think of the Goblin, and when they’d think of the Goblin, they’d think of the Spider.

Together, the Goblin and the Spider forever united, in death.


Thoughts anyone?

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I loved it. Could use a little more dialogue, but I still loved it

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@TheCannon: Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm quite proud of that last paragraph to be honest. about the Marriage

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That was really great. It showed how much both of these guys hate each other and why Green Goblin is way more awesome then Doc Ock can ever hope to be!

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This was not bad, I especially liked the end. Very poetically said. I do wonder why you didn't call them Spider-Man and Green Goblin. If this was from Normans point of view, then there should be his thoughts, his impressions. And I agree with Cannon. Should have been more dialogue, Spider-Man is talkative, and smack talk is important in comic book fights. Otherwise, a fun read.

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@TommytheHitman: Thanks Appreciate it!@wildvine said:

This was not bad, I especially liked the end. Very poetically said. I do wonder why you didn't call them Spider-Man and Green Goblin. If this was from Normans point of view, then there should be his thoughts, his impressions. And I agree with Cannon. Should have been more dialogue, Spider-Man is talkative, and smack talk is important in comic book fights. Otherwise, a fun read.

I appreciate you reading it! The way I saw it, Norman's insane, so he's consumed by the Spider, and once he goes fully into his Green Goblin mind, he calls himself the Goblin (also calling him The Goblin sounds way more poetic than Green Goblin in my opinion)

It was indeed supposed to be from Norman's view; again my opinion is that he's consumed with hatred of Spider-Man, and therefore seeks to destroy him. As for Spider-Man not talking there's two reasons; 1). I suck at comedy writing, and 2). Spider-Man's just gone through a gauntlet of foes, and is weak and tired and dying. He's not gonna be making many jokes in that situation. (Look at his fight with Morlun)